Jared Brennan: 4-6 weeks

My heart sank when Jared Brennan was carried off the ground on Saturday night. Not only had one of my forwards who was doing well went down, I realised it was serious and I would be trading one of my favourite, and must have, Dream Team players out of the Warne Dawgs.

We now have the news that we needed to know. (Real) coach Michael Voss said he will be missing for 4-6 weeks with a torn ligament in his ankle. This is better news than first thought, but in Dream Team terms – you have to get rid of him!

What should we do?

As I have just said, 4-6 weeks out is worth the trade. According to Fan Footy, he will be priced at approximately $350,000 after lockout later this evening. You can get a fair bit of value around that price (Leon Davis is my hot tip, but Buddy Franklin could be a go too?).

If you’ve got a few dollars in the bank, head on up to a gun. Grab Alan Didak while he’s still relatively cheap. Maybe Matthew Pavlich? Stevie Johnson is probably underpriced.

But what I am faced with, and the thinking I have, is that I have already used quite a few trades (down to an unlucky 13) and maybe keep him. The thing is, I have James Podsiadly on my bench. Yeah, I know. He is a friggen superstar. So, I’m thinking jPod can play out the year in my 7th position. I could keep Brennan until he is back.

Or I could be smart…

Trade Brennan down to a rookie (no idea who… maybe Gary Rohan? Help me Chook!), net well over $200K and then look at upgrading Dustin Martin in my midfield to a superstar? That would mean the jPod plays out the year on my ground – which wouldn’t at all be a bad thing. The jPod is a superstar and will probably end the year in the top 10 forwards. What a superstar!

Hmm… at least we know that it’s at least 4 weeks, and that means I will need to trade.