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Chop’s Chopping Block: Round 7

It is around that time of year when people begin getting frustrated with theirs teams, and increasingly angry at late withdrawals and injury. Several people mentioned in the article below could well be injured and that is why they are getting the chop, but others could be simply getting the chop because they suck donkey nuts.

Jared Brennan– Is like the 10th beer that you have before you head out on the town. You know that it has the potential to make your night one to remember but at the same time, it could be that one that brings up the late night Kebab that you try to smash down on the cab ride home. Jared was ripe for the picking early in the year after 121, 119, 108 it definitely look like the one arm bandit was due to have a break out year. Now he has been suspended and now he has gone down with an injury but wasn’t it inevitable? Everybody that got him, you should have know that this would happen, build a bridge and get over it fellow DT coaches because I am in the same boat.
Options:Alan Didak ($392,800) Avg: 97 – Steve Johnson ($381,400) Avg: 92– Adam Goodes ($377,200) Avg: 88

Barry Hall – I know that this guy pops his head into my posts every week and if I chopped him as often as I say then he would be walking around with more cuts than your typical run of the mill EMO. He scored another dismal score of 42 on the weekend to take his average for the season up to a massive 65. This guy has not even gone over the $300k, in fact he has only gone up $1500. He has earnt that over 7 weeks, if I got paid $5 every time I got annoyed by the female commentator on Channel 10 then I would have earnt more than this boxer disguised as a footballer. Get rid of him…. You may as well have a rookie earning you coin.

Options – Anyone that is a whole lot cheaper and that can actually get a touch

Daniel Bradshaw – Ever watch ed a game of footy and thought I could do better than that guy, knowing really in the back of your head that you probably couldn’t. That didn’t happen to me on the weekend, I actually believe that 60% of the people in this great nation of ours could have done better than this fool. He avoided the pill like he was trying to trick his girlfriend into getting pregnant and after coming off his best game for the year he was a massive let down.

Options – Let’s face it, you shouldn’t have him. If you do, give yourself an uppercut, and let’s be honest, he’s not worth trading.

Justin Kosheshitzme– Another one of my bitches, and another serial pest on the football field. It must have happened again… what happened Chop I hear you say…. Great question…. he must have either got high-fived in the face or head butted a team mate on the way off the bus. This guy was running around like he needed a seeing eye dog, and in all reality the dog could have quite possibly shown him up. You would think that with the Voldt out that this guy would step up to the plate like he has in the past. Step up Kozi or step out brother…..

Who are you going as your captain for Rd. 9?

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