Our Boag’s Draught Group is Huge!

Well, well, well… our Boag’s Draught Group that we set up in the preseason has gone bonkers! There are well over 1000 people in this group, which is much more than most of the AFL Clubs have in their groups! Thanks heaps for joining. If you haven’t joined yet, click here and then login and accept the invitation.

Our favourite beer, Boag’s Draught, have put up a $500 prize for the winner and there will be plenty of other prizes throughout the season to be given away!

Join in the Boag’s Draught Quest, as seen in Pre-Season Episode 4. Win heaps of awesome prizes just by finding our mate, the Boag’s Draught knight around the country. Become a fan of Boag’s Draught on Facebook.

Here are the top 5 so far this year… let’s get a whole heap up there!

1. Baby Porpie Rhys 3 $8,335,900 2136.33 1,915 6,409
2. Team Rohypnol Rohan 3 $8,473,700 2134.67 1,867 6,404
3. Petoria Peter 3 $8,500,000 2134.00 1,896 6,402
4. Benjvw Blues Benjamin 3 $8,538,000 2133.33 1,885 6,400
5. Back@Ball David 3 $8,527,000 2131.67 1,992 6,395

Have you seen Warnie in the Boag’s ad? See if you can spot him?