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Midfielder Draft Rankings 2017


LAST UPDATED: 2 March, 2017.






1Rockliff, TomBLMID111132
2Dangerfield, PatrickGEEMID222211
3Treloar, AdamCOLMID333423
4Mitchell, TomHAWMID486364
5Merrett, ZachESSMID545797
6Pendlebury, ScottCOLMID10611648
7Parker, LukeSYDMID797886
8Neale, LachieFREMID81241175
9Kennedy, Josh P.SYDMID658101010
10Hannebery, DanSYDMID9109959
11Steven, JackSTKMID11111051112
12Martin, DustinRICMID14713181411
13Fyfe, NatFREMID122415141313
14Bontempelli, MarcusWBMID152216121215
15Heppell, DysonESSMID161914162416
16Sloane, RoryADEMID171318311514
17Sidebottom, SteeleCOLMID221420201617
18Coniglio, StephenGWSMID202524172218
19Beams, DayneBLMID132023153226
20Gibbs, BryceCARMID191719252723
21Ablett, GaryGCMID182626132919
22Priddis, MattWCMID242117301921
23Lewis, JordanMELMID261521223122
24Viney, JackMELMID213622212120
25Selwood, JoelGEEMID232725291724
26Zorko, DayneBLMID272329192525
27Mitchell, SamWCMID321612233827
28Barlow, MichaelGCMID341828333532
29Wines, OlliePAMID293727273329
30Cripps, PatrickCARMID303830382028
31Gaff, AndrewWCMID313137263431
32Stanton, BrentESSMID472833282638
33Hunter, LachieWBMID253345412830
34Goddard, BrendonESSMID433940371834
35Hall, AaronGCMID543041352333
36Shuey, LukeWCMID334636244336
37Shiel, DylanGWSMID414131344035
38Crouch, MattADEMID382938523040
39Curnow, EdCARMID283447453937
40Cotchin, TrentRICMID375334324441
41Ward, CallanGWSMID464032364839
42Gray, RobbiePAMID354349434642
43Prestia, DionRICMID484735474245
44Ziebell, JackNMMID513553444547
45Murphy, MarcCARMID404246405654
46Ross, SebastianSTKMID395452553644
47Ellis, BrandonRICMID444854573748
48Shiels, LiamHAWMID523239496755
49O'Meara, JaegerHAWMID364444654760
50Jones, NathanMELMID455251535149
51Kelly, JoshGWSMID576843504150
52Duncan, MitchGEEMID615042544953
53Zaharakis, DavidESSMID495656515252
54Scully, TomGWSMID505557595051
55Mundy, DavidFREMID555948466157
56Tyson, DomMELMID626366425546
57Jack, KierenSYDMID586455486056
58Grigg, ShaunRICMID604965606361
59Thompson, ScottADEMID694564625963
60Boak, TravisPAMID566958566461
61Watson, JobeESSMID736779395764
62Armitage, DavidSTKMID595860646969
63Menegola, SamGEEMID536168618158
64Newnes, JackSTKMID637167665862
65Crouch, BradADEMID795761677159
66Hanley, PearceGCMID656050738667
67Picken, LiamWBMID667263587866
68Selwood, ScottGEEMID5177686875
69Hill, StephenFREMID676569697368
70Lyons, JarrydGCMID687072835465
71Liberatore, TomWBMID728262716670
72Ebert, BradPAMID717559807472
73Robinson, MitchBLMID767674756274
74Gibson, SamNMMID706682708273
75Griffen, RyanGWSMID787770727771
76Parish, DarcyESSMID429689915395
77Swallow, AndrewNMMID807875638588
78Crisp, JackCOLMID776285828776
79Swallow, DavidGCMID828076886578
80Gray, SamPAMID648383768980
81Blicavs, MarkGEEMID757473849084
82Miles, AnthonyRICMID7473-787577
83Wells, DanielCOLMID868684797682
84Rich, DanielBLMID817986878081
85Guthrie, CameronGEEMID878471948383
86Blakely, ConnorFREMID948787778485
87Whitfield, LachieGWSMID99-81748886
88Dumont, TrentNMMID-9480967292
89Fiorini, BraydenGCMID-81100957090
90Redden, JackWCMID84-788679-
91Kerridge, SamCARMID88859090-89
92Rosa, MattGCMID939293939687
93Cunnington, BenNMMID919596859993
94Masten, ChrisWCMID85979489-94
95Bastinac, RyanBLMID908992100-97
96Atkins, RoryADEMID83100--9391
97Pearce, DanyleFREMID899391--98
98Polec, JaredPAMID-91979898-
99Rischitelli, MichaelGCMID92--9291-
100Sheed, DomWCMID--959795100


Don’t forget you can head to for our official Draft Kit we produced, but for those who would like to print these DT Talk rankings – compiling all six opinions, you can grab a 2 page pdf to sit next to you as you draft. Scribble on it, change what you want but this will be a handy resource for your draft day.

DOWNLOAD: 2017_draft_cheat_sheet_dttalk.pdf (0.98mb).

The 2017 AFL Fantasy Draft Rankings compiled by Roy, Calvin and Warnie with the help of some of their draft guru friends.

Big thanks to:

  • Alex Trombetta – aka Tbetta – No stranger to followers of DT Talk. An absolute guru when it comes to Fantasy footy… and Tinder. Has been playing many forms of the draft game across different sports with NBA being a huge one for his group of mates. Hit him up on Twitter: @tbetta9.
  • Damon Adams – aka Patch – Recently appointed editor of Footy Prophet, he’s been a champion Fantasy coach across all formats but most notably he is a member of the biggest draft league in the country, the DT Shiva. Patch is a member of Div 1. Follow on Twitter: @DT_Adams_.
  • Ryan Daniels – aka Footy Rhino – Probably the biggest name in Fantasy footy in Australia and the man behind the awesome Footy Rhino website and podcast. Although currently on hiatus, the Channel 7 reporter from Perth will still be winning plenty of Draft premierships. Get the good oil on Twitter: @FootyRhino.


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