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Weekend Wash-Up

The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 13

Matt’s here for the highs and lows from the weekend.

That’s another bye round in the books, although it starts for real next week. Round 13 scores actually looked like they were best 22s, which only highlighted those players that didn’t perform. It’s all ahead on the weekend wash-up…


Dawson (124) – The stats don’t lie, Dawson benefits hugely with Crouch out. Like clockwork he had over 80% CBAs and has to be a primary target off his bye. I’m just glad his foot is fine.

Neale (128) – The correct round 12 bye option? Neale looked awesome with 38 and 2 goals and now carries a 5 round average of 114. I definitely underrated him as an option, but beware… Windy comes calling next week.

Treloar (108) – Got to be on the radar coming off his bye, but I’m still betting on the sniper to come out at some stage.

Whitfield (123) – Watching his role and the half backs this year, I honestly don’t know how he hasn’t average closer to 115. He could become a wildcard, but I’m very wary of tags the next couple of weeks. I guess that’s why he’s not averaging 115…..

Day (109) – There it is, 10 tackles Will! I maintain that he’s a high 90’s guy that had a lot of tackles this week, but this takes him to a 5 round average of 100. You take that all day at his price, he’s a very good player.

Simpkin (132) – Holy sh*t. Out of the side for a few weeks, Jy Simpkin comes back after his bye for 28 disposals, 7 tackles and 130 as a $530k forward. I don’t think you can possibly ignore it, what’s the worst that can happen?? 15 CBAs, a proven 90+ guy that could push 100, an easy top 6 forward candidate, had his bye and has a break even of 33. Worst case he goes in Round 16. He’s in for me.

AFL 2024 Round 13 - West Coast v North Melbourne - A-50670741

Xerri (129) – That chase down tackle on Liam Ryan…. I’ve seen enough, I need this guy in my side next week. My team needs that elite level of desire, he laid another 10 tackles! I just look back at my starting team and wonder where I would be if I had just started Xerri…

Fisher (115) – The Fish!!! He went down with ‘cramp’ in the last quarter, fingers crossed he’s ok. That seems hard to believe, then again he was going to have 40+ so a touch of leather poisoning is understandable. He has the most elite role and actually looked very good. Lock.

Flanders (163) – Saints v Suns may have been the worst game ever played, but it was a fantasy managers wet dream. Especially those that had Sam Flanders VC. 30 kicks, 13 marks… Truly disgusting stuff. Dimma’s presser was probably fair though, I wonder how Brisbane go about it next week.

Sexton (130) – According to Champion Data, Sexton was the second lowest ranked player on the ground. Load of bullsh*t if you ask me, but also a flag, that was Bonner-esque. At the end of the day, we don’t care. We love the sex pistol.

Sinclair (117) – What do you do with this guy. That’s a great score and he’s good, but outside of that one week, he has been solid but rarely spectacular. You take it.

Gulden (151) – 37 disposals, 8 marks, 91 point second half, 95% TOG. My number 1 averaging player for the rest of the year off to a flyer!!! He’s a must have, this was coming.

AFL 2024 Round 13 - Sydney v Geelong - A-50695286

Heeney (108) – 26 and 2, it’s unfair.

Warner (100) – 26 and 2, it’s unfair.

Grundy (103) – 24 disposals and 34 hitouts, Grundy is so back and a genuine option having had his bye. He was only missing the tackles this week.

N.Martin (120) – Nick Martin is WAY TOO GOOD up forward. Is going forward really a problem when you have 10 touches, 2 goals and 47 points?! It’s going to be an interesting debate if he ever starts there, for now let’s just hope it’s just a wildcard up Essendon’s sleeve.

Gawn (148) – Won’t get the credit he deserves given the other huge scores this week, but 25 disposals, 9 marks and 45 hitouts and ridiculous stuff. If you had him captain he literally saved the day. LEGEND!

Crisp (104) – What a perfect mid season pick up… Last 5 of 116 and simply awesome again today. Tom Mitchell’s long term absence has Crisp locked in. A deserved medal!

AFL 2024 Round 13 - Collingwood v Melbourne - A-50723297


Tom Green (77) – It’s the first time I’ve actually watched Tom Green this year as an owner… Guys I’m so sorry. Holy sh*t this guy is bad. Fat, slow, can’t break out of a jog. It’s bad enough watching him in transmission, but what about around the contest. 1 tackle. O.N.E. Pathetic. I got what I paid for I guess, and with a BE 94 he has 2 weeks to prove himself. There’s a 110 guy in there somewhere, I wonder if his ankle isn’t right.

Soligo (77) – Potentially just an average footballer. I was too high on him with the 90 average, I apologise.

McAuliffe (20) – Justice… I’m a sicko. I wouldn’t be relying on Kane next week….

English (77) – The luckiest bloke on planet earth to have Tom Green take some of the heat off. He sucks. Straight up sucks. Selby posted a tweet, he hasn’t won a ruck contest for the ENTIRE SEASON. The bloke can’t even cover the ground any more, 3 marks and 16 disposals. What are we supposed to do with that. Honestly I got lucky he gave me 6 tackles. Absolute shithousery from him for those 3 weeks he dominated, Timmeh is GONE next week.

Dunkley (79) – Looking at his scores I can’t tell you why I’m cold on him, I guess I just don’t trust Brisbane. Imagine you got Dunkley over Gulden. I’m so sorry to whoever that is out there. We need more than 3 tackles Dunks…

Macrae (64) – I understand why I’m cold on this d*ckhead. His head is dragging along the ground. Macrae simply has to go.

AFL 2024 Round 13 - Western Bulldogs v Brisbane - A-50628345

Amon (65) – If you ever find yourself considering Karl Amon, just remember this score.

Steele (84) – Eeeeeeesh I’m always scared to say you should get rid of Steele thanks to his tackling, but as I said last week, he’s just a very average footballer. 20 disposals and 2 marks, well done champ.

Rowell (75) – Hates Etihad grass.

Miller (47) – Holy shit… Is there a price I would get Touk next year? There certainly isn’t this year… That is messed up. The Windy tag is so real, there is a couple of weekend destroyers running around again.

Bonner (37) – I knew he had to go but… Holy shit his owners didn’t deserve that. Well, actually they probably did. Thirty-seven. Thank god it was best 18.

Wilson (34) – What the f**k happened here. 0 at HT, thanks for your service Darcy but it’s time to go. I didn’t heed my own words last week, don’t rest on your laurels…

Walsh (79) – The Sam Walsh experience. He’s still a top 8 mid, and if 22 touches and 6 tackles is a quiet day he’ll be just fine. 4 frees against didn’t help, take the 80 and let him rest up on his bye. I think trading him would be… Rash.

AFL 2024 Round 13 - Essendon v Carlton - A-50705722

Cincotta (46) – D*ckhead. Going out to ruin your week type of stuff. He didn’t even try to get the ball, and ended up with 2 goals. Cincotta’s here to stay sadly.

Tsatas (18) – Apparently I was harsh on young Elijah when I said he was a pretty average footballer earlier this year…. And I’d like to apologise, I was WAY too generous with average. Sometimes junior numbers don’t mean good footballers, it’s ok. A pre requisite is usually you have to be able to kick a football. That was tough to watch.

Oliver (67) – Every word I used to describe Tom Green, take those but multiply the severity by two. He is 26 years old, I find that almost impossible to believe. Oliver is playing like he’s 36. This isn’t even close to the same player, thank god he’s gone this week. Disgrace.

Daicos (62) – Oh boy…. You could almost say Nick Daicos hates a tag, another injury and substitution to get away from them?! It was Alex Neal-Bullen?! Just give me this, it’s a small win in a long month of pain.

AFL 2024 Round 13 - Collingwood v Melbourne - A-50721781


In the words of Rocket Eade… My big ****ing spastic rucks. This R2 position is going to be the death of me, and I could have had Xerri for $580k. Totally ridiculous. Just ONE week I’d love Tim English to let me forget that pain briefly. This game sh*ts me.


2167, ranked 615. Yeah… We’re absolutely flying! Another hat chase, which will ultimately result in another total meltdown from myself. Strap in. From being outside the top 10k after Round 6, anything is possible. Never give up on your dreams kids.

My trades are actually becoming somewhat relevant now, my early thoughts are making sure I’m getting Dayne Zorko and Luke Ryan in. I’ll be dipping into my 400k kitty to get the pensioner, and with a heavy heart I’ll also be waving goodbye to Max Holmes. Head over heart at this point, and it has to be one of Merrett, Martin and Holmes with a Cincotta tag potentially on the horizon.

Wilson -> Zorko

Oliver -> Simpkin

Holmes -> Ryan

Good luck next week legends, I’m rolling the dice with just 19 at this stage, next week’s article could be a cracker. Of course be sure to check out the podcast too for a more in depth therapy session!

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1 day ago

Touk, Steele, Walsh, Oliver for 277 plus C naicos to bring the total for what should have been 5 of my better players including the one with the C to 401 points.

Oh yeah, swapped C from Gawn last second too because obviously I hate scoring points, if you’re not leaving 100+ points either on the bench or burned through rubbish captains are you even playing fantasy?

Tom Stewart was finally due to go but now I’m appreciating his consistency, everyone else… OK to excellent work.

I reckon you need to stop posting your score Matt, I mean it’s excellent and I’m really happy for you but geez it must be tough trying to be mad when you’re having what will probably be your best season ever.

1 day ago

Do you tick off
T. Miller > Serong
Oliver > Simpkin
D. Wilson > Peatling

Dont have much cash in the bank at all.
Others on the chopping block: Miers, Cripps, Steele

1 day ago

Who should go first? Soligo or Oliver

1 day ago
Reply to  Oscar

im going oliver this week for simpkin then soligo next week

1 day ago

Hey matt great work as always,
Stuck between trades this week,
Rolling with oliver to simpkin and freijah to krueger, for my 3rd trade should i go uwland to whitfield with 280K for next week or uwland to ryan with 80k.
280K to move soligo on next week will be helpful but Ryan is such a gun not sure if i can’t not have him

1 day ago

Well done Matt – the ranking continues to improve!!!!
Nice incoming trades

Best of luck

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