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Weekend Wash-Up

The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 12

The first bye round is in the can and Matt is a best 18 expert!

The byes are here – But we’re best 18 experts at this point. The Round 12 recap is ahead on the weekend wash-up.


Walsh (133) – Genuine must have, 34 disposals and 13 tackles is pretty much fixture proof. No cheap footy needed, imagine if he ever gets it! 

Bontempelli (159) – I considered him as an option last week, second half of the season Bont is built different. Annoyed I didn’t pull the trigger, but not going the value play has cost me before. The round 15 bye is very annoying now!!

Crisp (123) – What a man, it’s nice to finally own a tackling machine!!!  Back to back to back 10 tackles, averaging 114 in his last 5. Gotta be a top 6 defender.

AFL 2024 Round 12 - Collingwood v Western Bulldogs - A-49866747

Dale (123) – 35 disposals, 6/7 tons since the vest and averaging 115 over that time. Yeah he’s a top 6 defender/top 8 mid. Defender overload.

Daicos (110) – Holy shit thank god this isn’t supercoach. Yes he is a protected species, but 27 contested and 16 clearances is epic stuff. He’s figured this midfield business out.

Crouch (133) – Gutsy!! What an emotional finish for Crouchy. He injured an AC joint in the FIRST quarter and is now set to miss the rest of the season. Now keep in mind that my 19th score was an 8, and he pumps ouit a 92 point second half for a monster ton!!! He was turning into a keeper with a five round average of 114, but I likely would have moved him on his bye anyway…. Unfortunately it’s a significant downgrade to Tom Green this week. 

Moore (132) – As I said, he’ll average 90. It just won’t be a smooth ride…. What a game, 27 and 5 is special.

Bowes (130) – Has to be looked at. Massive response after the week before where he was handed the green vest. If you’re shopping on a budget… 94 in 2nd half. 

Duncan (118) – Wound back the clock and Holmes has left him to do his thing off half back. You couldn’t do it though.

Dempsey (104) – Genius to keep him for the game against tigers (He should have gone a month ago). Kissed. 

Holmes (101) – Elite player, huge 2nd half, full time mid, just ticking every box. 

Baker (112) – 23 CBAs, the most in game. He’s just so hard to pick with his constant role changing. He went off injured and came back too, so that was a sigh of relief for owners. Certainly a well earned score, it’s just a shame Hopper and Taranto are on the horizon.

AFL 2024 Round 12 - Geelong v Richmond - A-49897493

Clark (151) – A 56 point last term if you don’t mind! In form man of the comp, averaging 140 in his last three. Full blown Michael Clarke style breakthrough here as I hinted at two weeks ago… 

Ryan (142) – The 2nd form man of the comp averaging a cool 136 in his last 5. Absolutely insane levels from the two Freo boys, who both looked sore at stages. It’s a well earned bye. 

Gawn (122) – Melbourne’s only player seemingly, what an embarrassing result. Luckily Maxy got the job done again. 

Anderson (118) – No tag no worries for Noah, credit where it’s due it’s very good scoring when he’s let off the leash. 

Merrett (115) – I’m relieved to get a 115 from Zach Merrett these days. Shambolic. Averaging 99.8 for me during the best run of fixtures you could imagine. Never pay up… 

Flanders (113) – Went down in Q1 with a right leg (ankle) concern? It didn’t matter, he racked up a cool 33 disposals and another ton. Hopefully he’s good to go next week. 

Sexton (102) – The pistol… Awesome stuff, must have forward. 30 disposals!!!

AFL 2024 Round 12 - Gold Coast v Essendon - A-49914019


Butters (72) – Now you’re getting shut down by Alex Cincotta? Easy target and quite frankly weak as piss. 

Kennedy (36) – Oh dear… Bullet dodged. I’ll put my hand up here, a closer look told me he was out of the midfield last week and at this stage a week ago he was in my plans. Boak only had to beat a low bar!

JR (-) – Just my luck with mid season rookies. Bullsh*t. 

F.Macrae (38) – I told you, he’s a terrible player. Joe Richards spot just lit on fire for this performance. 

H.Harrison (34) – You get what you pay for. Unfortunately you may as well have just saved $90k and gone to the very bottom. 

Parker (8) – MY BOY! I lost concentration and left old mate Parks in my team even as sub. I would be gutted, but his basement pal Smith was just as bad. The rookies are a train wreck at the moment…

Harmes (6) – I hope most draft leagues play 25% TOG rule. 

Dawson (60) – Jordan, we need to have a talk… That’s your second 60 brother. I don’t know what kind of injury he’s dealing with, but this is sh*thouse. His record without Crouch though…. Next week could go either way. 

Marshall (96) – This was the sort of sh*t I had to watch before he turned into the greatest player to ever play the game for two weeks. Love to see this. I’m evil. 

Steele (96) – I saw this game live, and I’m sorry. Jack Steele sucks. Comfortably the most overrated footballer going around. He just sits behind blokes and tackles them, how about winning the ball champ. 17 disposals, 15 tackles. Tom Powell stuff. 

Sinclair (84) – Oh brother this guy stinks!

Reid (75) – Is he a total headcase? Absolutely. I love it. The second quarter was insane, 13 disposals, 6 clearances and 50 fantasy. Unfortunately he fus ro dah’d Darcy Wilson into the rock hard Optus turf and got two weeks. He went -6 in 50 minutes after that incident and nearly belted an umpire. The spell will do him good, thanks for your efforts Harley and we’ll see you again next year. 

Hill (69) – Ok, Brad Hill is not an option. My bad. 

Bonner (60) – You know what? It’s just a shame the Saints don’t get to play the Saints. Don’t rest on your laurels at this time of year, move early. $80k got him to the Bont. 

McAuliffe (56) – A great first half was overshadowed by just 5 points in the 2nd half with none in the last qtr. Very disappointing end, but showed promise and should stay in the side at least. 

Miers (52) – Well… I guess that’s why you don’t get Gryan Miers… Yuck.

Oliver (86) – Gave up in the last with the rest of the dees. He just doesn’t look that good and to be honest, a very underwhelming pick. 80s aren’t close to good enough, but I guess we’re just getting what we paid for.


In honour of reaching the halfway point of the season, here’s how I rank the best five picks of the season so far.

Honourable mentions to Max Gawn, BUT if you didn’t have him what the f**k were you doing? Sheezel and Flanders have also been awesome but value comes into play. Rookies not counted.

5. Holmes $685k MID – Call it slightly biased, but he’s averaging 100, has gone up 200k, and more importantly he has transitioned into the middle and is now a keeper. 

4. Ryan $897k DEF – Luke Ryan is now averaging 113, he’s a differential amongst the top teams, and importantly he has a last five of 135?! Imagine if you had him C/VC every week, you don’t get one Luke Ryan you get two!

3. Clark $691k DEF – Jordan Clark is averaging 101, carrying a last 5 of 114, and he started under 700k. Suddenly he could be a keeper, seeing as he is currently the inform man of the competition with a three round average of 140. Unbelievable. 

2. Martin $769k MID – Nic Martin is averaging 108 and has full on taken the piss. He was a must have and he ranks as my second best starter of the season… 

1. Zorko $765k FWD!!! – Unbelievably, the must have starter of the year has been 35 year old Dayne Zorko. If we had known the role in pre-season he would’ve been a lock, Kiddy Coleman set him up for success. The fact I was so scared of an injury now looks pretty embarrassing, and it’s bound to happen when we all trade him in over the byes. Which we NEED to do! Incredible. 

AFL 2024 Round 10 - Brisbane v Richmond - A-49476643


Do you ever look back at some of your decisions in total bewilderment? I do, all the time. Now that should come as no surprise, but we all do it. Now for example… Hayden Young was moved into the midfield and half backs were all the rage. Luke Ryan had less (to zero) lock down duties to play with Pearce fit and Walker entering the side, so why the HELL did I never consider picking him? Why did I pay a million dollars for Zach Merrett instead of picking up a bargain Nick Daicos?! A lot of it is hindsight bias, but sometimes you just make some stinkers. Some of us just do it more often than others… And that’s why this game sh*ts me.

AFL 2024 Round 12 - Melbourne v Fremantle - A-49917604


1911, ranking me 1299. We’re moving in the right direction, albeit slowly. I’m looking to be aggressive over the byes as my team will be complete next week so sideways moves are an option. It’s just a shame we’ve lost Crouch before his bye, I would have needed him in round 14…

Crouch -> Green 

Butters -> LDU

Reid -> Fisher

Best of luck next week legends for what should be our favourite week of the bye rounds! Let’s make it a high scoring one. As always be sure to check out our podcast for a more in depth analysis/therapy session from the weekend’s action!

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9 days ago

Thanks for the effort Matt cheers

Killingholme Clay
Killingholme Clay
9 days ago

Hey Matt,
I was going to agree with you wholeheartedly when you said Oliver was an “underwhelming pick”. But the I noticed you’d missed the ‘r’ out of pick.

9 days ago

good weekly score Matt, could be worse.. looking back, only reason i started Bont over Serong this year was because i started Macrae over Bont last year, so my bad decisions follow me over the long break, smfh..

in the interest of rookies not being that great, would you chase a McMullin who has a low BE, had the bye, but shaky JS at best, or a 200k rook like K. Smith given the injuries and likely development (more time for the kids) at Punt Rd?

8 days ago

Skyrim reference is your best work yet

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