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Errol Gulden vs Tom Green | AFL Fantasy 2024 Head2Head

Two of the breakout players of 2023 are up next in Bails’ Head2Head series!

Join me and special guest Tim, my fellow AFL Fantasy Fanatic, in the next head to head battle between premium midfielders Errol Gulden and Tom Green. We discuss each player in depth and talk about their pros and cons, give our verdict on who we would pick out of the two players, and if we are keen on starting either player in our side.


Errol Gulden

Errol had a massive breakout in 2023, going from an 83 average in 2022 up to 112.5 last season, and increase of nearly 30 points a game. He also showed his massive ceiling and fairly high floor, particularly after Round 6, with a top score of 161 against Collingwood in Round 8, and a low score of 83 during that time. Heading into 2024, he is one of the eight million dollar men, but he does have the early bye in Round 5, which isn’t as difficult as the Round 2 and 3 bye, but makes it a little tougher to start him. If he goes bang and averages 115-120+ like he did in the back half of last season, could be a guy that gets a way from a lot of coaches.


Tom Green

Similar to Errol, Tom Green also had a massive breakout in 2023, taking his average from 84.9 in 2022 up to 110.6 last season, increasing over 25 points in average. He also has an early bye, and if it wasn’t for that, would probably be a lot more popular than he is, with matchups against North Melbourne and West Coast to open the season, then has the Round 3 bye, but then comes back and plays Gold Coast and St Kilda. If he comes out and two 130+ scores, those coaches that have looked past the bye could have the advantage of owning him, while other coaches can’t bring him in as he will be too expensive.


Who will win the Head2Head battle? Tune into the video to find out!


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I hope you enjoy this episode of the Head2Head series!

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