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Matt Crouch – Deck of DT 2024

Calvin tries to sell one of his Crows mates.

Player Matt Crouch
Club Adelaide Crows
Position MID
Price $734,000
Bye 0 and 15
2023 avg 89.3
2023 gms 7
Proj. avg 99
Draft range Top-40

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Why should I pick him?

Matt Crouch is a ball-winning, Fantasy scoring…. jet.

Let’s have a look at what Crouch has averaged over the years before we get started.
2017 – averaged 107
2018 – averaged 105
2019 – averaged 106
2020 – averaged 110*

Now, it’s easy to see that Matt has no trouble scoring… and in 2021, he fell out of favour with the Crow’s coaching staff and plans moving forward. In 2021, he didn’t play a game and in 2022, he played 11 to average 88 and last year we only saw Crouch in seven games where he averaged 89 (one vested on 40).

The thing is…. we saw him for the last six games. The last six games where the Crows were trying to make the finals. During this time, he attended bulk CBAs and averaged… 98. This is what Crouch can average. He can be the 100-plus guy he has been in the past. AND… because he only played seven games last year, he gets a 9% discount which now prices him at a ridiculous average of 81. Nearly 20 under what I see him averaging.

The Crows just signed on Crouch for another two years, ending in 2025. Then he’s done, as he’ll be 30 years old. As for now, the Crows have plans for Matt. They used him in the most important games for the year in 2023 and then went on to resign him for another two years.

Expect this to continue in 2024. He will be back on the ball, alongside Dawson and Laird as the big-3 in the middle for the Crows. If this is the case, we have a guy capable of averaging 100 (just like he did at the end of 2023) who is priced at an average of 81.

Nicks wants Matt Crouch to stay with Crows | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Shit…. is he really in the their best-22? And are they really going to keep the young guys like Josh Rachele out of the guts for much longer. They did use Rachele there in the first six games of the year where he averaged 20 possessions and 92pts, so why don’t they chuck out the old and replace Crouch with the new?

This is obviously the biggest concern here.

When he wasn’t playing last year he was racking up in the SANFL averaging 107 a game. He could see out his days there at the drop of a hat. He could start 2024 in the Crows’ best-22 and with one or two quiet games, he could be gone… back to dominate the SANFL. Then what? You’re stuck with a 28 year-old, his price hasn’t moved, he’s $200k short of a premium, we have no rookies to cash in…. while the other mid-priced picks around him have gone up in price.

Is the risk really going to be worth it?

Deck of DT Rating.


I really wanted to say ‘KING’ but I better not. I do love Matt Crouch. I love his ability to score with ease and I also love that he is priced at an average of 81, with the ability to average around the 100 mark. I also love how he has the opening round bye. A player who can average 100 is worth approx. $900k and here we have Crouch who is $170k less. At the moment, Crouch is in my team ahead of the likes of Simpkin and others. Crouch doesn’t get injured and if he is in their best-22 and dominating pre-season games, his ownership will sky rocket from the 10% it sits at today.

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3 months ago

Will Dawson’s numbers go down again like they did at the end of the season

3 months ago


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Killingholme Clay
Killingholme Clay
3 months ago
Reply to  Trevor

You seem to have broken your handbag, Trevor.

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