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AFL Teams 2023: Round 14 (Bye round 3)

Remaining round 14 teams have dropped!

Thursday – Early news

A round 12 rookie debut could be just what we wanted with Jaspa Fletcher ($200k Mid) for the Lions. We will also get to see Quinton Narkle line up for Port Adelaide after getting picked up in the midseason draft. More of a watchlist player as a mid pricer and round 15 bye. Also reports Jack Buller (200k Fwd) should debut for the swans. Last but not least, in unusual circumstances both Daniel Rich and Jack Gunstan put their hands up to be rested this week.

Wednesday – Early news

Teamsheets for Power vs Cats have dropped! This is our 3rd Bye, and its our first with a full 6 teams out with Crows, Pies, Dons, Hawks, Dees and Eagles players all with black dots. Early news, Irish rookie Oisin Mullin will be out injured suffering an adductor injury in training. At the Tribunal hawks Defender premo Sicily is straight in from suspension and straight out with another suspension, this time for 3 weeks. The Hawks are appealing the 3 week ban, but unfortunately it won’t be heard until Monday after the round has finished. Hugh McCluggage will miss this week due to concussion protocols as per Sicily incident above. For other current injuries check the list HERE Good news though as Zach Merrett got off his charge.


Important times to remember:

Power vs Cats Thursday game squads ~6:20pm EST Wednesday

Weekend Teamsheets ~6:20pm EST Thursday

Sunday games Extended bench selection ~5:00pm EST Friday


GAME 1: Power vs Cats

Thursday, 7:40pm EST Adelaide Oval

Notes: Its already confirmed Oisin Mullin is an out for this game during the week. Some pretty big ins with Mitch Duncan and Patrick Dangerfield for the Cats, with a few coaches looking to take a punt on Duncan with his low price tag. If you were one of the few teams with Mitch Knevitt as a cashcow you’d be disappointed with his timing for omission. Also interesting to see Mid season draft pickup Quinton Narkle on the Powers Emergency list, could he be the sub this week against his old club? (Update, Narkle is officially in for Junior Rioli)

Power   Cats  
INS Ryan Burton INS Max Holmes,Mitch Duncan,Patrick Dangerfield
OUTS Lachie Jones (Injured),Riley Bonner (Sub) OUTS Mitch Knevitt (Omitted),Oisin Mullin (Injured),Sam Simpson (Sub),Zach Tuohy (Managed)

GAME 2: Lions vs Swans

Friday June 16, 7:50pm EST Gabba

Notes: AS reported a Debut for Jaspa Fletcher, and a confirmed debut with Jack Buller, giving us not 1 but 2 round 12 cashcows to buy this week, as well as cheaply priced Kai Lohmann (Fwd $209k), although not a debut, so that makes 3.. The trick will be choosing the one that plays round 15. Hugh McCluggage is out with that concussion, and Rich and Gunstan have managed themselves this week. Luke Parker is also back in as an option in midfield for the swans. Also of note, Angus Sheldrick held his spot after gettinga 79 last week, and will be a popular trade in this week.

Lions   Swans  
INS Darcy Fort,Jaspa Fletcher,Kai Lohmann,Ryan Lester INS Jack Buller,Luke Parker
OUTS Daniel Rich (Managed),Darcy Gardiner (Injured),Hugh McCluggage (Injured),Jack Gunston (Managed),Jaxon Prior (Omitted) OUTS Isaac Heeney (Injured),Lance Franklin (Injured),Ryan Clarke (Omitted)

GAME 3: Giants vs Dockers

Saturday June 17, 4:35pm EST Giants Stadium

Notes: Rookie carnage with both Josh Fahey and Ryan Angwin dropped for GWS, and a sneaky cashcow option Sam Sturt dropped for Freo. Mid Premium Josh Kelly is back for Giants, and Jaeger O’Meara who had hit some form is back in for Freo.

Giants   Dockers  
INS Josh Kelly,Sam Taylor INS Jaeger O’Meara
OUTS Harry Rowston (Sub),Josh Fahey (Omitted),Ryan Angwin (Omitted) OUTS James Aish (Injured),Sam Sturt (Omitted)

GAME 4: Tigers vs Saints

Saturday June 17, 7:25pm EST MCG

Notes:Nothing really DT relevant here for the ins and outs.

Tigers   Saints  
INS Ben Miller INS
OUTS Hugo Ralphsmith (Sub),Marlion Pickett (Personal Reason) OUTS Cooper Sharman (Sub)

GAME 5: Blues vs Suns

Sunday June 18, 1:10pm EST MCG

Notes: Make sure you check Sunday extended bench selections at ~5pm EST Friday. If you had Bodhi Uwland sitting on your bench (and hopefully not field in your top 18), you would have copped an embarrassing -3 score, just to rub salt into the wounds he is dropped this week. Ned Moyle as a ruck cashcow option is into the extended bench selection but doubtful he will play. More interesting though is Jaxon Binns for Blues, check for a possible debut in friday selections.

Blues   Suns  
INS David Cuningham,Jaxon Binns,Lachie Fogarty,Marc Pittonet,Nic Newman INS Alex Sexton,Brandon Ellis,Mac Andrew,Ned Moyle,Sam Day
OUTS Jack Silvagni (Omitted),Jesse Motlop (Omitted) OUTS Bodhi Uwland (Sub),Jy Farrar (Omitted)

GAME 6: Roos vs Dogs

Sunday June 18, 4:40pm EST Marvel

Notes: Make sure you check Sunday extended bench selections at ~5pm EST Friday. Hugh Greenwood as a midprice option is back in for the roos, as is Jy Simpkin. Lots of changes for dogs, with only relevant ones in cashcows Arthur Jones and James O’Donnell unfortunately dropped.

Roos   Dogs  
INS Hugh Greenwood,Jy Simpkin,Kayne Turner INS Hayden Crozier,Lachlan McNeil,Mitch Hannan,Robbie McComb,Ryan Gardner,Tim O’Brien
OUTS OUTS Arthur Jones (Omitted),James O’Donnell (Omitted),Josh Bruce (Omitted)

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