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Bacon Cup AFL Fantasy Draft recap 2023

See every pick of the Bacon Cup Draft.

It was a big weekend – which is why this is being posted a week later. We’re getting it up so that people can see how we drafted as they do their drafts this weekend. Learn from some of the mistakes!

We had a weekend on the north coast of Tassie in a beachside town called Hawley. Airbnb, 9 (of 12) mates there. Great time. Friday night was the draft order determination event (DODE). This was an old Royal Rumble from 2011. We all got a wrestler and the first eliminated got to choose which pick they had in the draft. Ruz, the first out, went with pick one.

We drafted on Saturday arvo so that Jonty could participate from Florida!

League settings include:

  • 12 teams
  • 3-4-1-3/6
  • Captains on

You can type in different things in the search bar on this table. Want to see how a particular team drafted? Type their team name in to see all their picks. Want to see how the rucks ranked, type in RUC in the search. Take out of it what you will!

1Josh DunkleyBRLMID/FWDTackling Tit-ed
2Rory LairdADEMIDCalvinator
3Sam DochertyCARDEFManzacs
4Stephen ConiglioGWSMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
5Tim TarantoRICMID/FWDWarne Dawgs
6Andrew BrayshawFREMIDFighting Camels
7Clayton OliverMELMIDBEATBOX16
8Rowan MarshallSTKRUCdestROY
9Tim EnglishWBDRUCGirth Control
10Touk MillerGCSMIDA Point For Trying
11Jack SteeleSTKMIDCubby House
12Bailey SmithWBDMIDFantastic MrFox
13Jack SinclairSTKDEFFantastic MrFox
14Errol GuldenSYDMID/FWDCubby House
15Dylan MooreHAWFWDA Point For Trying
16Connor RozeePTAMID/FWDGirth Control
17Callum MillsSYDMIDdestROY
19Zach MerrettESSMIDFighting Camels
20Jordan DawsonADEMIDWarne Dawgs
21Christian PetraccaMELMIDMerv Gray Autos
22Zak ButtersPTAMID/FWDManzacs
23Lachie NealeBRLMIDCalvinator
24Brad CrouchSTKMIDTackling Tit-ed
25Max GawnMELRUCTackling Tit-ed
26Angus BrayshawMELDEFCalvinator
27Marcus BontempelliWBDMIDManzacs
28Josh KellyGWSMIDMerv Gray Autos
29Patrick CrippsCARMIDWarne Dawgs
30Nick DaicosCOLDEFFighting Camels
32Tom StewartGEEDEFdestROY
33James SicilyHAWDEFGirth Control
34Jake LloydSYDDEFA Point For Trying
35Noah AndersonGCSMIDCubby House
36Hugh McCluggageBRLMIDFantastic MrFox
37Brodie GrundyMELRUCFantastic MrFox
38Reilly O'BrienADERUCCubby House
39Luke ParkerSYDMIDA Point For Trying
40George HewettCARMIDGirth Control
41Tom MitchellCOLMIDdestROY
43Hayden YoungFREDEFFighting Camels
44Sam WalshCARMIDWarne Dawgs
45Darcy CameronCOLRUC/FWDMerv Gray Autos
46Sean DarcyFRERUCManzacs
47Isaac HeeneySYDFWDCalvinator
48Ben KeaysADEMIDTackling Tit-ed
49Dan HoustonPTADEFTackling Tit-ed
50Mitch DuncanGEEDEFCalvinator
51Luke Davies-UniackeNTHMIDManzacs
52Lachie WhitfieldGWSMIDMerv Gray Autos
53Isaac CummingGWSDEFWarne Dawgs
54Mark BlicavsGEEMID/RUCFighting Camels
56Dayne ZorkoBRLFWDdestROY
57Will BrodieFREMIDGirth Control
58Toby NankervisRICRUCA Point For Trying
59Andrew McGrathESSDEF/MIDCubby House
60Cameron GuthrieGEEMIDFantastic MrFox
61Ben CunningtonNTHMID/FWDFantastic MrFox
62Elliot YetWCEDEFCubby House
63Jayden ShortRICMIDA Point For Trying
64Bailey DaleWBDDEFGirth Control
65Dustin MartinRICMID/FWDdestROY
67Tom GreenGWSMIDFighting Camels
68Ollie WinesPTAMIDWarne Dawgs
69Nic MartinESSMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
70Jade GreshamSTKMID/FWDManzacs
71Chad WarnerSYDMIDCalvinator
72Jy SimpkinNTHMIDTackling Tit-ed
73Jack CrispCOLMIDTackling Tit-ed
74Isaac SmithGEEMID/FWDCalvinator
75Caleb SerongFREMIDManzacs
76Jai NewcombeHAWMIDMerv Gray Autos
77Karl AmonHAWMIDWarne Dawgs
78Keidean ColemanBRLDEFFighting Camels
79Nick VlastuinRICDEFBEATBOX16
80Brandon EllisGCSDEF/MIDdestROY
81Tom LiberatoreWBDMIDGirth Control
82Jeremy CameronGEEFWDA Point For Trying
83Jason Horne-FrancisPTAMID/FWDCubby House
84Bradley HillSTKDEF/FWDFantastic MrFox
85Jordan ClarkFREDEFFantastic MrFox
86Toby GreeneGWSFWDCubby House
87Luke JacksonFRERUC/FWDA Point For Trying
88Adam TreloarWBDMIDGirth Control
89Matthew KennedyCARMIDdestROY
90Alex WitherdenWCEDEFBEATBOX16
91Adam CerraCARMIDFighting Camels
92Patrick LipinskiCOLMID/FWDWarne Dawgs
93Ben AinsworthGCSFWDMerv Gray Autos
94Aaron HallNTHDEFManzacs
95Braydon PreussGWSRUCCalvinator
96Nick BlakeySYDDEFTackling Tit-ed
97Charlie CurnowCARFWDTackling Tit-ed
98Shannon HurnWCEDEFCalvinator
99Sam BerryADEMIDManzacs
100Daniel RioliRICDEFMerv Gray Autos
101Jordan RidleyESSDEFWarne Dawgs
102Jack ZiebellNTHFWDFighting Camels
104Ed RichardsWBDDEFdestROY
105Shai BoltonRICMID/FWDGirth Control
106Jack VineyMELMIDA Point For Trying
107Jaeger O'MearaFREMIDCubby House
108Brodie SmithADEDEFFantastic MrFox
109Blake AcresCARMIDFantastic MrFox
110Will DayHAWDEFCubby House
111Dyson HeppellESSDEF/MIDA Point For Trying
112Luke RyanFREDEFGirth Control
113James RowbottomSYDMIDdestROY
114Taylor AdamsCOLMIDBEATBOX16
115Jaidyn StephensonNTHFWDFighting Camels
116Nat FyfeFREMID/FWDWarne Dawgs
117Zach TuohyGEEDEF/MIDMerv Gray Autos
118Tanner BruhnGEEMID/FWDManzacs
119Travis BoakPTAMIDCalvinator
120Harry HimmelbergGWSDEF/FWDTackling Tit-ed
121Brayden MaynardCOLDEFTackling Tit-ed
122Jordan De GoeyCOLMIDCalvinator
123Toby McLeanWBDMID/FWDManzacs
124Zac BaileyBRLMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
125Will SetterfieldESSMIDWarne Dawgs
126Mason RedmanESSDEFFighting Camels
127Sam Powell-PepperPTAFWDBEATBOX16
128Tom PowellNTHMID/FWDdestROY
129James HarmesMELMID/FWDGirth Control
130Daniel RichBRLDEFA Point For Trying
131Jacob HopperRICMIDCubby House
132Tyson StengleGEEFWDFantastic MrFox
133Charlie ConstableGCSDEF/MIDFantastic MrFox
134Oscar McInerneyBRLRUCCubby House
135Sebastian RossSTKMIDA Point For Trying
136Tim KellyWCEMIDGirth Control
137Kyle LangfordESSMID/FWDdestROY
138Cameron ZurhaarNTHFWDBEATBOX16
139Sam FlandersGCSMID/FWDFighting Camels
140Luke ShueyWCEMIDWarne Dawgs
141Christian SalemMELDEFMerv Gray Autos
142Ryan BurtonPTADEFManzacs
143Archie PerkinsESSFWDCalvinator
144Jarryd LyonsBRLMIDTackling Tit-ed
145Andrew GaffWCEMIDTackling Tit-ed
146Scott LycettPTARUCCalvinator
147Harry PerrymanGWSMIDManzacs
148Nasiah Wanganeen-MileraSTKMIDMerv Gray Autos
149Luke McDonaldNTHDEFWarne Dawgs
150Patrick DangerfieldGEEMIDFighting Camels
152Nic NaitanuiWCERUCdestROY
153Peter LadhamsSYDRUCGirth Control
154Liam JonesWBDDEFA Point For Trying
155Dion PrestiaRICMIDCubby House
156Josh DaicosCOLMIDFantastic MrFox
157Matt CrouchADEMIDFantastic MrFox
158Chad WingardHAWFWDCubby House
159Jack GrahamRICMID/FWDA Point For Trying
160Tom AtkinsGEEDEF/MIDGirth Control
161Jack BowesGEEDEFdestROY
163Connor MacdonaldHAWFWDFighting Camels
164Sam DraperESSRUCWarne Dawgs
165Will AshcroftBRLMIDMerv Gray Autos
166Josh GoaterNTHDEF/MIDManzacs
167Dylan ShielESSMIDCalvinator
168Nic NewmanCALDEFTackling Tit-ed
169Tom HickeySYDRUCTackling Tit-ed
170Tom PapleySYDFWDCalvinator
171Hunter ClarkSTKDEFManzacs
172Lachie HunterMELMIDMerv Gray Autos
173Scott PendleburyCOLMIDWarne Dawgs
174Izak RankineADEFWDFighting Camels
175Wayne MileraADEFWDBEATBOX16
176Jed AndersonGCSMID/FWDdestROY
177Tom J. LynchRICFWDGirth Control
178Jarrod BerryBRLMIDA Point For Trying
179Jack ScrimshawHAWDEFCubby House
180Zac FisherCARMIDFantastic MrFox
181Matt RowellGCSMIDFantastic MrFox
182Josh WardHAWMIDCubby House
183Liam BakerRICDEF/FWDA Point For Trying
184Dom SheedWCEMIDGirth Control
185Jack LukosiusGCSFWDdestROY
187Riley BonnerPTADEFFighting Camels
188Darcy MacphersonGCSDEF/FWDWarne Dawgs
189Mason CoxCOLRUC/FWDMerv Gray Autos
190Tristan XerriNTHRUCManzacs
191Darcy Byrne-JonesPTADEFCalvinator
192Brad CloseGEEFWDTackling Tit-ed
193Harry MorrisonHAWMIDTackling Tit-ed
194Rhys MathiesonBRLMID/FWDCalvinator
195Brandon ParfittGEEMIDManzacs
196Kysaiah PickettBELFWDMerv Gray Autos
197Todd GoldsteinNTHRUCWarne Dawgs
198Liam HenryFREMID/FWDFighting Camels
199Cam MackenzieHAWMIDBEATBOX16
200David SwallowGCSMIDdestROY
201Jack GunstonBRLFWDGirth Control
202Nick HindESSDEFA Point For Trying
203Lachie AshGWSMIDCubby House
204Oliver FlorentSYDDEFFantastic MrFox

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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