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Deck of Dream Team

Luke Davies-Uniacke – Deck of Dream Team 2023

Your boy Dossy looks at LDU.

Player Luke Davies-Uniacke
Club North Melbourne
Position MID
Price 824k
Bye 15
2022 avg 93
2022 gms 21
Proj. avg 50 max
Draft range Probably undrafted

Why should I pick him?

You shouldn’t.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Luke Davies-Uniake is without a doubt the worst possible pick for your fantasy team this year, and you’d be silly to pick him in your starting squad. 

I repeat. Do NOT, under any circumstances, start LDU in your AFL Fantasy side in 2023.

Deck of DT Rating.


He’s overpriced, overrated, and simply no good. Easiest DT Talk article I’ve ever written. 



Catch more from Dos as part of the Point of Difference Podcast

Dossy’s HiLux Journal: LDU, the GOAT.


Cool, now everyone has stopped reading I can share my true thoughts and feelings in this secret private diary entry in the journal of Dossy: 2023 AFL Fantasy Winner.

This is the true story of why I will 100% be starting and riding LDU the GOAT all the way to the HiLux.


Priced at his season average of 93, Davies-GOATiacke will cost you $824k in 2023 – an absolute bargain if you look at his back half of 2022 and the natural progression he’s shown in his still-young AFL career, not to mention the injury-affected 14-point game baked into his starting price. 

Post-bye last season, in the lead-up to and following David Noble’s axing, LDU saw his midfield time increase dramatically, resulting in a much more competitive Roos midfield, and a much more dominant Davies-Uniacke.

Just look at the numbers, Dossy:

Pre-bye CBAs: 59.4%

Pre-bye avg: 83.2


Post-bye CBAs: 82.3%

Post-bye avg: 106.1

In the words of BT, “boy oh boy wowee”! 

One question remains. How much mid-time does Clarko give him? Time will tell, but given he’s illustrated what he can do while shouldering more of the load, the answer should be a whole bloody lot.


Right now, LDU is an official point of difference (POD), owned by just 7% of coaches – and that’s fine by me!

He may not be the sexiest fantasy name going around, but he is incredibly sexy…

ImagePhoto credit: @Maddiemelb.
Note to self: upload more photos of LDU to my burner account @Maddiemelb.

North Melbourne was the worst fantasy scoring team last year, putting up a measly 1403 points per game, according to Footywire. That’s more than 180 points per game less than the Cats and 70 points less than the notoriously stingy-scoring Tigers, for reference.

The game plan changes this year. We can be sure of that! And things can only get better (on-field at least…) for the blue and white in 2023, meaning more juicy fantasy points on offer for this sexy POD.

Simply the best 

Playing just 30 games in his first three years due to a shoulder reconstruction and “pubic overload” (nice), his apparent 2021 off-season Shakira transplant appears to be working – those hips don’t lie and he’s starting to feel it’s right. 

Stringing together 41 games over the past two seasons, the 23-year-old is building into one of the competition’s best midfielders, and soon enough, best fantasy players.

Let’s just think of the best fantasy players in our game today. What do they all do? 

✔️ Rack up

✔️ Mark

✔️ Tackle

✔️ Kick goals

My ideal number lies around a 25-5-5 (disposals, marks, tackles) stat line as a starting point, with any boost in goal-scoring an added bonus. Having a mix of an inside and outside game is ideal to consistently build a score, regardless of weather conditions, opposition play style, or even a dreaded tag.

LDU has plenty of strings to his bow. His explosive power out of stoppages, elite kicking under pressure, ability to find space, and lay bone-crunching tackles, led him to average 25-4-4 to go with 0.4 goals in 2022. During his blistering stretch of nine games to finish the season, he already improved those numbers to 29-5-5 while hitting a high-ceiling score of 145 AFL Fantasy points.

Remember, these numbers are coming from the worst fantasy scoring team in the AFL last year, numbers that should only improve as North presumably possess the ball more, apply more pressure, and kick more than the league-worst nine goals per game they kicked last year. 

GOAT–D-U has the makings of a mega breakout to back up the leap he made last season, all while having another clear tag target next to him for anyone willing to roll a run-with.

Don’t think twice, Dossy – pick him! 


NOTE: If anyone else is somehow still reading my private diary notes, congratulations on second place!

Dos is the upcoming winner of the 2023 AFL Fantasy season. With the HiLux all but parked in the garage, it's only a matter of time before his fantasy greatness is recognised throughout the fantasy community. Known affectionately as Buzz Dosyear (lightyear's ahead of the competition) and often mistaken as Dosby Lee-Steere (the long-lost cousin of Selby), Dos is undoubtedly a once-in-a-generational fantasy talent. You can hear him weekly on the PODPOD AFL Fantasy Podcast or follow @HKdos on Twitter for updates across his 2023 Lux-winning campaign.

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Baldrick's boys
Baldrick's boys
7 months ago

He he – love it Dossy & glad I read right to the end 😁 definitely on my short list. Btw congrats on the win this year ✅

7 months ago

oh well, 2nd comment, i guess i’m finishing 3rd.

big wraps for LDU.

great write up.

Marcus Lawton
Marcus Lawton
7 months ago

Its not easy picking the right team to start the year off. There are so many players to pick from. This is why it’s so hard to win. Picking the right structure to you team is so important. I want to pick players like LDU, Ch Warner, T Kelly, J Culley, J Worpel ……..Then you got players like Dunkley, Touk, Doch. N Daicos. The list goes on and on. Thank god everyone starts from scratch every year. Then to pick the right Captain 23 weeks of the year. I’m thinking of Starting MID. Touk, McCrae, Titch, Sheed, Worpeedo. Plus 3 Rookies. But I want to turn a MID into a DPP. If you were kind enough to read this can you mention any DPP I can add to MIDS. I’ll apreciate help and if I finish in top 50 LOL I’ll buy you a beer/Soft Drink.

7 months ago
Reply to  Marcus Lawton

DPP in the MIDs can be difficult. I see many opting for Cogs, Dunkley or Taranto in the MID, which gives a lot of flexibility. There’s no one else in this category I would recommend. The other option is to select a bench player with DPP, such as Chesser (D/M), Phillipou (M/F), Wagner (D/M) (these are possible rooks who have been talked about possibly starting in round 1).

I’m reserving judgement about whether to shift Dunks and Cogs to the MID line, and I will only do it if there are more value options present themselves in the FWD line, because it may mean that I have less spots to select the MID rookies who will likely score more than FWD rookies.

7 months ago
Reply to  Marcus Lawton

DPP mid = play them in the forward line. I don’t think there’s any decent DPP backs, just a few rookie priced options there.

Search % picked forwards and look for any with mid status. Job done.

7 months ago

That was very sneaky of you :)

Just a little too pricey for me in fantasy, he is though my plan B if I need to free up a bit of cash for rooks in round 1 but locked in for SC where he’ll get value for his contested work.

Watching him in the back end of last season (once I’d figured out who this football god north had suddenly uncovered was) his clearance work in regularly winning the ball in heavy traffic, brushing off 3-4 opposition players, dodging a few more then just accelerating away was phenomenal, Brownlow genuine best player in the comp good like a cross between prime Judd & Dusty playing against U18s, I’ll be watching North games just to see him get to work.

As I recall he dominated in juniors by just being too big and strong, it has taken a few years but now his body has matured it seems he is set to do the same in the seniors.

7 months ago

Had LDU in team a month ago sat for awhile then thought North Melbourne look shaky so took him out, he’s back in at expense of Dylan Moore. As in Moore out moved Taranto to forwards brought in LDU in mids

7 months ago
Reply to  Euman

Sounds like a good move to me though Moore has his merits if he gets those mid minutes. sign up

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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