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Coaches’ Corner – Useless AFL (Fantasy) Stats – Ep. 567

Aaron from Useless AFL Stats gives us some not so useless Fantasy stats.

Aaron Delaporte is a big AFL Fantasy fan. He also love a stat, useless ones to be specific. His Facebook page Useless AFL Stats has more than 70,000 followers and provides a fun look at footy through some random statistics. On this week’s edition of the Coaches’ Corner podcast, Aaron produces some Useless AFL Fantasy Stats. He counts down a top five of some stats that his numbers machine pumped out.

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1:00 – How Aaron got involved playing AFL Fantasy.

2:30 – What did taking the game seriously mean.

5:00 – Where do the ideas for the useless stats come from?

6:50 – Aaron receives a few requests for Fantasy related stats.

9:00 – Nic Martin’s highest career score so far was 130 on debut. Who else had their PB in their debut game?

12:00 – What have been the biggest week-to-week differentials?

14:15 – The best out of the box scores.

17:20 – Matthew Boyd scored 92 points four games in the row, but who has the highest back-to-back scores?

19:10 – Gold Coast get their first piece of silverware in the form of a useless AFL Fantasy stat.

21:30 – While he enjoys a stat, most of Aaron’s Fantasy research comes from watching players.

23:00 – Who are the “four pillars of strength”?

26:10 – Is it Tim Taranto or Stephen Coniglio at F2?

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1 Comment

  1. Shan Shan

    February 20, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    I started a league for those interested – ETYAR9MY Name is P hat chance, for those chasing a hat…

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