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Cash cow culling! Chop Grundy and Rowell? Who are the best of the new DPPs? – Ep. 506

PODCAST: It’s moving season with some big trades happening over the next couple of weeks.

We’re five rounds down and the teams at the top are looking pretty good … while we try to play catch up! It’s time to start making your move with some upgrades and downgrades which can be helped by the new DPPs that have dropped in the game. There’s plenty to get through as there are more heads on the copping block than points that bloody Sicily scored in the first quarter. Let’s do this!

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2:00 – DPPs have dropped with some great names adding DEF and FWD status.

9:10 – Roy gave Jack Macrae his +3 for the round after coming back out after a concussion test.

12:15 – Brodie Grundy scored 54 and let down his owners.

17:00 – A hamstring injury for Aaron Hall means a trade.

19:45 – Patrick Cripps is confident he plays this week, but Roy isn’t sure.

22:45 – After returning from shoulder injury and performing in the WAFL, will Greg Clark get a game soon?

27:00 – When is the right time to cull cash cows?

32:20 – Ben Hobbs is the downgrade target of the week if you’re playing him on field.

38:00 – With Lycett out for three months, Sam Hayes should get plenty of opportunity to add value.

40:30 – Will Braydon Preuss have Matt Flynn next to him this week?

44:30 – Roy’s son is into 105th overall off the back of Bailey Smith.

46:20 – The Traders reveal their early trades ahead of round six.

48:15 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

50:40 – Tom Mitchell will be great value soon.

54:45 – Which Matt do you trade first: Matt Crouch or Matt Rowell?

58:10 – What do Cam Guthrie owners do?

1:01:20 – “Big game incoming. Hold him!” – Roy says to keep Brodie Grundy.

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