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Coaches’ Corner – The Winners – Ep. 495

PODCAST: Former champs Trent (2020), James (2018) and Selby (2017/18*) join Warnie.

What a treat we have just a few days out from the first lockout of 2022! Three former winners of AFL Fantasy Classic. Trent Sutcliffe (2020), James Robinson (2018) and Selby Lee-Steere (2017/18*) generously gave up their time to answer questions from social media to help coaches finalise their squads. A compelling listen.

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2:00 – How James and Trent went in 2021.

3:00 – “Feel like I put in more work now than I did in 2017” – Selby isn’t playing, but is producing is epic season guide.

4:25 – We’ve got a scarcity of rookies and may have to spend more on the bottom end players.

6:10 – What is the preferred ruck strategy?

8:45 – Do you take any cash into round one?

10:00 – How many rookies do you need to generate cash and how many points do you need from them?

11:45 – Could you go four deep with on-field rookies in the midfield?

14:15 – Zak Butters or Isaac Heeney?

16:20 – The verdict on Matt Crouch, Lachie Neale, Caleb Serong and Patrick Lipinski.

18:00 – Why Trent is disappointed that Justin McInerney and George Hewett performed so well in the pre-season.

21:05 – “Pick the best available” says Selby rather than trying to make your team unique based on ownership.

24:50 – Jack Crisp vs Jake Lloyd?

25:30 – What impact do they bye rounds have on initial team selection?

27:00 – How did they champions go in the last few rounds when they realised they were a shot at winning Fantasy Classic?

29:00 – Last minute advice for coaches finalising their teams this weekend.

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