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Coaches’ Corner – Corbin Middlemas – Ep. 494

PODCAST: The Traders chat with the ABC presenter about his Fantasy draft.

ABC commentator Corbin Middlemas has been playing in a Fantasy Draft league for over a decade. On most occasions they get together for a marathon draft where their squads of 40 players are picked in a four hour session. We chat with Corbin about all things Fantasy Draft ahead of the most popular weekend for drafting on the last footy free weekend for quite some time!

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1:30 – How Corbin’s long-running league decided their draft order this year using a NBA game.

3:00 – 396 players play in the AFL each weekend, their league drafts 400 players.

4:55 – An ABC colleague says that Corbin is the worst Fantasy coach ever.

6:30 – What are important qualities in a good Fantasy Draft commissioner?

8:10 – A key to their Draft’s fun is drafting in person. Nine of 11 drafts have involved all coaches in attendance.

10:00 – Does being a commentator give you an advantage as a Fantasy coach?

11:30 – Where does Corbin’s team name come from?

12:25 – Tips for draft day when you’re on the clock.

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