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Betting On The AFL – Everything You Need To Know

Discover all there is to know about betting on Australian Football League matches.

The Australian Football League, often known as Aussie Rules, is one of the most popular and rapidly growing sports globally.

It’s also a significant draw for bettors, and as a consequence, online bookmakers provide a wide range of AFL betting markets.

If you are new to AFL betting, you must first learn about betting on Aussie Rules, understand the game, and get familiar with the teams before you can begin wagering on the games.

The AFL Season And Grand Final

The season is divided into 23 rounds between 18 teams, with each club facing off against each other at least once or twice.

This draw is based on last season’s finishing places.

It provides clubs who finish towards the bottom of the standings from the past season an opportunity to rise the following, so it’s worth looking into the draw when making long-term bets on season results.

The AFL Grand Final

The top eight teams from the home-and-away season will advance to the finals.

The team that finishes first is the minor premier.

AFL Betting Types

Each AFL game has hundreds of betting choices, with many more for each round and season.

These are the most frequently placed wagers on AFL matches.

Head-to-head: This is where you pick the winner of a match.

Handicap: Determine the winner based on the plus or minus handicap.

Game Multi: AFL punters can combine multiple outcomes over weekends so they can dramatically increase the odds. Multi betting is similar across the AFL to other sports.

Margin Bets: Pick a side to win by more than a certain number of points (winning margin).

Under/over points total: Choose whether the overall match points will be more than or less than a particular number.

Scorecast: To boost your chances, combine choosing the winner straight-up or with a handicap with the overall match points option.

Quarter-by-quarter: You may choose several of the betting options mentioned above but wager on just one quarter or half of them.


Futures and Medal Betting Odds

Several individual medals and prizes are extremely popular with punters because they can get great value and great odds at large, open fields and the futures trading markets are often opened a few minutes before the winning medal. 

Premiership winner: As soon as one season ends, betting on the winner of the next season’s grand final will begin. Can provide excellent value.

Minor Premiership: Place a wager on who will finish first at the conclusion of the regular season.

Top 4: Bet on your favourite club to finish in the top four in the standings at the conclusion of the regular season.

Top 8: As in Top 4, but just making the top eight is required.

Wooden spoon: Place a bet on a team to finish at the bottom of the ladder.

Grand final quinella: Simply choose the two teams who will face off in the season’s finale.

Brownlow Medal: This includes betting on players to win the game’s top individual award, which is determined by the umpires during an awards ceremony.

Coleman Medal: Place a wager on which player will finish first in the goal-kicking standings at the conclusion of the regular season.

Rising Star: An accolade given by a panel of football experts to the finest young player in the game.

Australian Football League Betting Tips

Know The Teams

Understand the difference between the home team and the away team as this bet is crucial because of the match’s outcome.

Carefully review the statistics of the game meeting teams to identify which side feels more at ease when facing the opponents at home and which performs better on the road.

The Favourite Doesn’t Always Win

Given the expected gap, the Favourite doesn’t always win.

When a stronger team faces a weaker team, the stronger side’s odds of winning aren’t huge, but the handicap is stunning.

It is also not uncommon for the underdog to turn out to be stronger than the bookies predicted, giving the favourite a worthy opponent.

Weather Can Affect Results

The weather may have an influence on the outcome of the game.

In Australian Rules football, the number of points scored by teams fluctuates from game to game.

Approach betting on the total with caution and care, collecting data before the game and considering all pertinent factors about the teams’ match.

Final Word

The AFL is one of the most entertaining sports, making betting enjoyable. To wager and maximize your chances of winning, you must have a thorough understanding of the game.

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