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Swans v Giants – Scratch Match Fantasy notes

Old mate V8 sat down to watch Sydney v GWS.

It was a 6 quarter slog and although my attention dropped off, I got some big take aways and things that have shaped my team! Check out what I saw as a had a few cans as the GWS Giants took on the Swan in an AFL Marathon.



NOTE: Game was 6 quarters and that alone doesn’t make sense. Either way, you might see inflated numder for those who took stats, but for me… I went for the “trust your eyes” approach.

Alright, so Calvin whipping up an article on a Friday night (watching 6 quarters) is always a tough ask so Jake Sauce (@jahuayhu12345) gave me a few hot insights along the way.

Isaac Heeney – Ok… the train is rolling and if you haven’t jumped on yet – you better. He played shiploads of CBAs and plenty of time in the middle. He dominated early and had after attending the first CBA and many after he had 35-40pts at the first change. I’ve always been a doubter… but I’m 100% on after this game.

Justin McInerney – Started with the wing role. He look awesome early and we’ve already talked about him as a break-out contender. Priced at 70, he could be an 85, so bump him up your rankings.

Callum Mills – Obviously a no show and the main OUT for the Swans.

Chad Warner – Lots of CBAs and even though he’s priced at 69, he could be even better as he appears to be one of their main men.

Paddy McCartin – as a $271k DEF/FWD, Paddy looked great in defense. Will he be in the best-22? Doubtful… but still, he was great.

Jake Lloyd – quiet… by his standards, but you should be concerned in a practice game in a lead up to the real practice games.


Braydon Preuess – As expected, he shared ruck duties across the game. Flynn was super impressive early and opened the games and started the first two quarters. If you are counting on BP, you might need another plan – but time is on his side. He scored 25ish in a quarter though, but this sharing rubbish is a concern.

Tim Taranto – BANG! Timmy Time was in the middle and one fire. Scored a potential 25-30 in Q1 and ended the half over 50 with ease. Are we jumping at shadows with this time he “should” be spending forward. I bet he makes a lot more teams after tonight’s games.

Stephen Coniglio – ONE OF THE MOST IMPRESSIVE for the game. I won’t say that again. He started in the middle and didn’t stray too far from that spot. Would have scored 30+ in the first with ease. He’s is looking fit and fast and back to the Cogs of old.

Lachie Whitfield – Cruise control mode…. no problems with him as a starting premium defender. He was everywhere and didn’t break a sweat scoring 120+ from four Quarters.


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