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Coaches’ Corner – Moreira’s Magic – Ep. 409

PODCAST: Selby Lee-Steere, the 2017/18 back-to-back winner, joins The Traders.

A man that needs no introduction for those playing AFL Fantasy in the last few seasons joins the Coaches’ Corner podcast as we look ahead to the AAMI Community Series games. Selby Lee-Steere won the 2017 AFL Fantasy Classic title and backed it up the next season forcing a tie with James Robinson. Since then, the coach of Moreira’s Magic has been giving back to the community – and charities – with his fantastic season guide.

Head to to purchase the season guide.

Click here to download.

Moreira's Magic

Episode guide

1:30 – Where doe’s the team name Moreira’s Magic come from?

2:15 – Selby recounts his success of winning the AFL Fantasy Classic competition twice.

3:40 – After a year out of the game, he still managed to win a hat in 2020.

6:00 – What did Fantasy coaches learn from last year?

8:00 – Why the Guns ‘n’ Rookies strategy has been the most successful over the years.

10:30 – Thoughts on Ben McEvoy.

13:00 – Selby makes the case for starting with Zach Merrett.

15:15 – Braydon Preuss was a lock, but what should we do with our rucks now?

19:30 – You can chase value in the forward line, but the quality at the top end is very thin.

21:20 – What coaches should look out for in the AAMI Community Series.

23:00 – Selby shares his thoughts on Roy’s pre-AAMI Fantasy Classic team.

25:45 – Is there a fear of missing out on the gun players if you don’t start with him?

28:00 – Hear about the season guide.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    March 4, 2021 at 11:33 am

    Calvin the people’s prince i could only guess
    Would dream at night of his own hardness
    Roy sneaky cameo on the sequel to Big Little Lies
    Throwing red herrings to deceive he always tries
    Warnie many dislike him call him a flog
    No one compares to the hard working Warne Dawg
    If you’re looking for fantasy content this is the site
    Podcasts are funny and informative such a delight
    Now I’m no poet laureate but more a footy tragic
    It would be great to hear more from the GOAT Moreiras Magic
    DTTalk with all it’s content is a must
    A great platform for everyone that i trust

    As I live in the USA (expat) this site is my go to for a laugh and information
    Thank you all for your efforts
    I posted the above back in episode 402 back in February so i finally got my wish
    SBL a total legend

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