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Coronaball winners and losers

See who increased/decreased their average significantly from 2019-to-2020.

Finding value is key to AFL Fantasy as is knowing who may not offer some as they had a big season.

Below are tables of players who decreased their average by 10 or more (equivalent) points in 2020 and the players who increased their output by 15 or more (equivalent) points. These figures have been based off the BCV (x 1.25 due to shortened quarters).

Consider players who could be under-priced due to their time in the hub / awfulness of the 2020 season with a drop in average. Maybe look to avoid some of the big increases in Fantasy Classic if you don’t think they can maintain their numbers… and in Fantasy Draft, just add it to your data when considering your rankings.

Highest 2020 average decreases

2020 data includes averages of players who appeared in 10 or more games. 2019 data includes averages of players who appeared in 5 or more games.

James Harmes93.749.762.12513-31.575
Darcy MacPherson87.348.160.12512-27.175
Rory Sloane99.660.675.7512-23.85
Jarrod Witts104.464.680.7517-23.65
Jeremy Cameron87.551.163.87517-23.625
Phil Davis67.6364510-22.6
Mitch Robinson93.557.772.12517-21.375
Ben McEvoy83.35062.516-20.8
Mitch Wallis79.347.158.87517-20.425
Jake Melksham74.843.554.37517-20.425
Sebastian Ross94.359.27414-20.3
Jack Redden91.85872.512-19.3
Jaidyn Stephenson80.749.261.512-19.2
Tim Taranto112.575.394.12511-18.375
Jarryn Geary67.8405014-17.8
Jake Kelly6739.849.7515-17.25
Toby Greene98.465.782.12513-16.275
Bradley Hill88.758.172.62517-16.075
Alex Keath67.141.151.37517-15.725
Aaron Naughton6438.948.62511-15.375
Taylor Walker63.138.44814-15.1
Luke Shuey100.968.88612-14.9
Brad Crouch107.674.292.7512-14.85
Jarrod Harbrow70.744.85613-14.7
Matt de Boer69.944.755.87513-14.025
Elliot Yeo102.971.28910-13.9
Sam Reid69.344.455.510-13.8
Josh Dunkley111.177.997.37511-13.725
Shaun Burgoyne70.745.65713-13.7
Dane Rampe79.352.565.62511-13.675
Jake Stringer65.341.351.62510-13.675
Sam Day63.740.150.12517-13.575
Jamie Macmillan75.149.361.62510-13.475
Blake Hardwick72.347.359.12516-13.175
Matt Taberner86.458.673.2516-13.15
Heath Shaw82.655.669.517-13.1
Marc Murphy95.966.48317-12.9
Adam Tomlinson77.551.764.62513-12.875
Brody Mihocek72.848.86116-11.8
Will Hoskin-Elliott75.450.963.62516-11.775
Tom Phillips90.563.379.12515-11.375
Luke Dahlhaus77.45366.2512-11.15
Patrick Lipinski85.559.674.512-11
Mason Redman68.946.45813-10.9
David Zaharakis79.554.968.62510-10.875
Steven Motlop64.64353.7512-10.85
Nat Fyfe10575.494.2514-10.75
Zac Williams92.765.68211-10.7
Liam Shiels95.467.884.7516-10.65
Shannon Hurn91.464.680.7516-10.65
Daniel Talia56.636.84614-10.6
Nick Larkey53.834.843.510-10.3
Josh Kelly115.984.5105.62514-10.275
Sam Petrevski-Seton77.754.167.62516-10.075

Highest 2020 average increases

2019 data includes averages of players who appeared in 5 or more games.

Luke Dunstan86.1100125138.9
Jeremy Howe69.485.5106.875437.475
Matthew Kennedy48.465.682733.6
Luke McDonald58.172.590.6251732.525
Christian Petracca75.986.41081732.1
Cameron Guthrie76.784.9106.1251729.425
Zac Bailey48.261.877.251729.05
Dan Butler48.460.275.251726.85
Andrew Brayshaw69.576.495.51726
Jack Lukosius52.362.377.8751725.575
Blake Acres67.574.493725.5
Jed Anderson78.983.3104.1251525.225
Sam Menegola77.682.1102.6251725.025
Jackson Nelson48.358.272.751424.45
Josh Daicos63.269.887.251624.05
Cam Rayner4554.367.8751522.875
Alex Witherden74.877.897.25622.45
Andrew McGrath74.777.396.6251421.925
Adam Cerra60.866.182.6251721.825
Jy Simpkin66.870.888.51721.7
Jordan Ridley6871.689.51721.5
Zak Butters56.762.377.8751521.175
Lachie Hunter98.695.3119.125920.525
Jayden Short70.472.790.8751720.475
Liam Duggan66.769.386.6251619.925
Rhys Mathieson56.66176.25119.65
Matthew Scharenberg51.65771.25319.65
Taylor Adams95.191.5114.3751719.275
Dylan Moore54.158.372.875318.775
Steven May57.861.276.51718.7
Jack Steele9691.6114.51718.5
Hugh Greenwood78.377.496.751718.45
Shai Bolton63.765.581.8751518.175
Nick Coffield59.562.177.6251618.125
David Astbury56.159.274517.9
Lachie Neale104.798122.51717.8
Bailey Smith69.269.586.8751717.675
Tom Hawkins70.970.888.51717.6
Luke Davies-Uniacke53.256.470.5917.3
Bailey Williams6263.479.251717.25
Charlie Dixon56.458.873.51617.1
Brett Bewley54.357.171.3751217.075
Callum Mills75.373.892.251516.95
Will Setterfield67.16783.751616.65
Brayden Maynard76.674.392.8751716.275
Brayden Sier50.753.366.625315.925
Oscar McInerney56.257.6721715.8
Lachie Schultz47.450.4631715.6
Adam Saad67.366.282.751715.45
Taylor Duryea76.773.591.875215.175
Kyle Langford70.668.685.751615.15

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  1. Nateo

    December 20, 2020 at 11:33 am

    wowe Sloane is going to be cheap no Brad very tempting

    • Kerry o’keefe

      December 20, 2020 at 4:26 pm

      Got him locked at m5 at the moment. Good luck

      • Ben

        December 20, 2020 at 10:39 pm

        Will play alot less mid in a rebuilding side nicks will want to get games in to the young lads for the future mate cheap enough but not don’t think he will go up in price enough to make it worth while.

        • Nateo

          December 21, 2020 at 12:31 pm

          Still need cool heads in the engine room. Adelaide youngsters are still inexperienced to spend full time in the midfield so you need crouch and Sloane in there full time. Trust me I’m a Adelaide supporter and seasoned fantasy player. You could learn a lot from me young Ben.

  2. Matt

    December 21, 2020 at 9:14 pm

    Do we know wat the salary cap will be considering the magic number has increased does the cap need to as well?

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