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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 8

Neale v Gawn v Grundy… Cal splits the big three!

Welcome back you bloody awesome legends.

Here we go! Another week in the game is a good week in my eyes.


This is how it works….

  • Select a gun player playing Thursday night and give them the VC.
  • If that players scores well, put a non-playing player onto your ground and give them the “C”.
  • Make a bench player emergency as well.
  • The non-playing captain will score 0, meaning you VC score will be activated and doubled and the emergency player you selected, will also cover the zero as well. The emergency score will not double.
  • If you don’t like you VC score, simply select a captain as you normal would.

Obviously here, we need to look at Jack Macrae who has scored 80+ in his last three games this year. Last week, Luke Parker (110) dominated the Suns and this could be Macrae’s night. He scored 132 and 151 in his last two against the Suns, scores we would welcome with open arms on Thursday night.

Tim English has been in ripping form averaging 98 in his last three, thanks to his 114 last week. Witts is going to be much tougher than his last few match ups though.

Fitting the VC role beautifully is Hugh Greenwood after averaging 107 in his last three. He has hit 100+ in his last three games, something Macrae hasn’t achieved yet in his seven games. Not one Bomber scored 80 against the Dogs last week though, but Hugh’s form is elite.

Then we have Marcus Bontempelli who scored 129 against the Suns last year. They are one of his favourite teams to score against but due to heavy tags in recent weeks, his scores have been dropping.

BEST VC OPTIONS – Greenwood, Macrae, Bont and English.

VC LINE – 96 (BCV score of 120)


Periscoping with a greyhound punt at the end is back. If you would like to have a chat and a beer (optional) with me, join on Periscope at 8pm tonight. I’ll be answering all your Fantasy questions as well as watching a greyhound race at the end which will hopefully give us some good luck for the round ahead. Join me, see you then.


#1 – Lachie Neale v Melbourne @ METRICON

With scores of 73 and 98 in his last two games, you can rest easy because Neale will avoid a tag in this one. They are his only scores under 100 this year, and he should be back in triple figures this week. As outlined by the graphic below, Neale loves playing the Demons who are his easiest team to score against over his career consisting of 8 games.

#2 – Brodie Grundy v West Coast @ OPTUS

Last year, Grundy posted 129 (v Nic/Hickey) and 122 (v Vardy). This week, he will meet the combo of Nic Nat and Oscar Allen. His last three out of four weeks this year have been awesome with 119, 53, 113 and 117.

Nic Nat is still only rucking 65% of the game which means little old Oscar (192cm) will have his go at times against the RuckPig… a daunting task.

#3 – Max Gawn v Brisbane @ METRICON

Max’s last three scores average 117 (BCV:146) and during his last five games, his lowest score is only 99. The issue is… Max hates playing the Lions who are by far… by a mile his worst team to score against only going over 80+ in one of his seven games against then over his career.

So what’s scores? Last year he had 50 (injured ankle and played 67% of the game). We can over look this game due to the injury, he was on track for something decent we need to assume. But before that he went 78, 65 and 47 all against Stef Martin.

This is strange, but his form is completely on another level.

#4 – Adam Treloar v West Coast @ OPTUS

West Coast didn’t allow a Freo to hit a single 80+ score last week but that should concern Treloar here. They can give up plenty of points on their day like Treloar found last year with scores of 121 and 98. He’s coming off 119 from last week and is hot to trot!

#5 – Reilly O’Brien v Essendon @ ADELAIDE

Rucks v Essendon lately have been pumping out tons. English (114) did it last week and prior to that Goldy (108) and Grundy (113) also clocked up the ton. Tough players for Phillips I must admit.

ROB had 134 on Essendon last year and he has form on his side too.

#6 – Lachie Whitfield v Richmond @ GIANTS

Although he only managed 50 in the Grand Final last year, he did score 117, 162 and 150 before that. He had 84 last week and now sits at an average of 98 in his last three. Tick, tick… boom.

#7 – Shaun Higgins v Carlton @ GABBA

Ok ok… I’m not chasing his 121 from 36 touches last week, but more so his scores of 91, 117, 112 and 118 in his last few against the Blues. This guy can be massive on his day as we found last week with the highest score for the round.

#8 – Andrew Gaff v Collingwood @ OPTUS

Geelong managed 2×100+ scores against Collingwood last week. Gaff scored 80 in his first game home to keep his record at Optus rolling on. His form has been down due to tags, but his 80 last week which is ok… was boosted by a big second half. He scored 104, 97 and 109 on Collingwood in his last three and gets another chance for me at #8, but he needs to lift.

#9 – Todd Goldstein v Carlton @ GABBA

Goldy hasn’t hit 100 against the Blues in his last three games, but Pittonet (Mr. World Wide) has been letting his opponents score with ease. Ladhams (85), English and Marshall (99) are not in Goldy’s class which tells me he will be 90+ with ease.

#10 – Patrick Dangerfield v Fremantle @ OPTUS

After a Monday captain?

Danger is coming off 110 last week and 102 before that. He scored just 65 against the Dockers last year but before that he has a lowest score of 115 in his last five. Pretty impressive.


Once again, these guys are listed in order of when these guys play for those who like to Loop Hope in Draft.

Dusty Martin v GWS @ GIANTS – De Boer tag is on the cards and he hasn’t hit 100 against the Giants in his last five.

Tim Taranto v Richmond @ GIANTS – 72 last week, my boy is finally back. Had 117, 117 and 118 in his last three against the Tigers.

Josh Kelly v Richmond @ GIANTS – 66 in the Grand Final last year, but they all sucked that day. Not one of his favourite teams and his form only has him averaging 81 in his last three.

Stephen Coniglio v Richmond @ GIANTS – Missed the GF in 2019, and has previous score of 0 (inj.), 108 and 111 in his last three against them. Higgins (121) and Dumont (99) were good against the Tigers last week and so will Cogs here.

Patrick Cripps v Kangaroos @ GABBA – A Luke McDonald tag is on the cards as he looks to continue this role shutting down our guns. Mc D had time on Dusty (73) last week. Cripps scored 111 against them last year.

Sam Docherty v Kangaroos @ GABBA – Tiger defenders Short (84, 8m) and Grimes (83, 9m) scored well last week against the Roos and hopefully Doch can too after his previous weeks of 61 and 63.

Tom Mitchell v Sydney @ SCG – 68 last week and Swans can tag at anytime. Be careful.

Travis Boak v St Kilda @ ADELAIDE – 125 on the Saints last week, but does he cop attention from Steele? Tough to say.

Jack Steele v Port @ ADELAIDE – Power are his worst team with 0x100+ in his career 5 games. His form has been top notch though. Very top notch.

Zach Merrett v Adelaide @ ADELAIDE – 74, 59 and 58 are his last three games this year. They are broken witches hats though or does he cop attention from the dangerous Ben Keays?

Brad Crouch v Essendon @ ADELAIDE – 130 last year in this game. Yeah… but nah.

Matt Crouch v Essendon @ ADELAIDE – 95 and 123 in his last two Bomber games. Yeah… but nah.

Tim Kelly v Collingwood @ OPTUS – 107 and 108 against the Pies last year as a Cat. He had 76 last week.

Scott Pendlebury v West Coast @ OPTUS – Pendles had 104 last year which broke his run of four games without a ton against the Eagles. 71, 63, 81 and 81 is his current form.

Taylor Adams v West Coast @ OPTUS – 82, 122 and 118 are his last games against the Eagles and his form is solid enough averaging 88 in his last three.

Clayton Oliver v Brisbane @ METRICON – Tough to miss my top ten this after 116 last week. Scored 111 and 125 in his last games on the Lions and is looking sharp.

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