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Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 16

Fry reminds us in his weekly cash cow article that not all hope is lost with one-third of the fantasy season still left to be played!

Sometimes, things are going so badly all you can do is laugh. As a Fremantle fan and the frustrated owner of a failing fantasy team, I found myself in this position multiple times over the weekend. It’s crazy to think that we still have one-third of the season still to go after all the ups and downs we’ve encountered so far, but things are starting to get serious for a lucky few hundred/thousand coaches.

As options start to dry up and the injury lists grow, it’s important to have the right rookies in your outfit over the coming weeks and months if you want to taste fantasy glory. We were reminded how important it is to have a playing emergency across each line and that’ll only become more pressing as the season progresses. It’s still too early to throw away a position on our benches for my liking, which only makes the next few thousand words that much more important.

Feel free to comment your questions below, but the general rule of thumb is no mention for a player = not in the frame to play anytime soon.


Get ‘Em

Isaac Quaynor, Magpies ($270K, 78, BE 11)
A relevant Collingwood cash cow! It only took us 106 days to find one, but Isaac Quaynor proved he was worth the wait. I wasn’t able to watch all of the Hawks-Pies contest, but the glimpses I saw from Quaynor gives me enough confidence to suggest bringing him in. Be warned though, a quiet game against the Eagles out West this weekend and Jeremy Howe’s return could spell doom, but I think he’ll survive.

Hold ‘Em

Xavier Duursma, Power ($528K, 88, BE 90)
I’m sure after a slew of injuries to big-name players in the last seven days, you’re facing some premium shuffling that will likely dictate your trades this week. If you’re in the luxurious position of not having to deal with such woes, even then I wouldn’t advise trading Xavier Duursma, who is making a genuine case to be included in the Cash Cow King honour board at seasons end.

Sydney Stack, Tigers ($512K, 72, BE 69)
The fantasy numbers were all over the place last weekend in Richmond’s trouncing of Gold Coast, so for Stack to get his way to 70+ is a fine effort. He spent a good chunk of game-time up forward again and with another final batch of DPP’s on the horizon, could we see Stack become a rare three-position player? I sure hope so!

Watch ‘Em

Jordan Clark, Cats ($450K, 89, BE 43)
Blame Clark all you want for his inconsistent scoring, but he’s putting forth some ripper point totals when he’s on. After going very close to scoring consecutive 90’s, Clark’s spot in Geelong’s side and in fantasy sides around the globe seems fairly safe at the moment.

Callum Wilkie, Saints ($426K, 66, BE 54)
Kept the momentum going by putting up another noteworthy score in his post-bye run. If I was a Wilkie owner I’d give a move from him to Isaac Quaynor the all clear, but by no means do you have to trade the St Kilda defender.

Griffin Logue, Dockers ($340K, 30, BE 54)
I warned the fantasy community three short weeks ago that Griffin Logue would likely resort to 40’s before long. Sure enough, just four games into the season he’s throwing up numbers we usually associate with key backmen. Get him off your field, but there’s no huge rush to trade him if you’re dealing with more pressing issues and you can leave him on the pine.

Noah Answerth, Lions ($338K, 78, BE 26)
Another Brisbane victory means Answerth isn’t really in danger of losing his job any more. What’s more, the young Lion cub seems to have refound his fantasy ability, posting his second straight decent score against the Giants. Feel free to move him along if another option emerges, but until then, you can ride out Answerth’s performances.

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith, Tigers ($195K, 68, BE, 0)
Should Egg get another game this weekend for Richmond then he instantly moves up into the get ’em category despite his questionable job security. I don’t think he’ll survive team selection on Thursday, but it’s not through any fault of his own after a solid debut last week.

Drop ‘Em

Marty Hore, Demons ($407K, 18, BE 105)
Marty Hore took a pretty hefty tumble price wise after breaking his collarbone against the Blues. The injury will see him miss close to a month of footy, making a trade out almost a certainty for Hore. It’s a shame it had to end this way, but regardless of where Hore is on your ground or bench, it’s time to move on.

On The Outside Looking In

Corey Ellis (Suns, $309K) – Responded to being dropped with 80 points from 20 disposals.

Joel Garner (Power, $229K) – Didn’t do enough to warrant re-selection at this stage, but was good for 84 points and 24 touches in Port’s SANFL drubbing of West Adelaide.

Mitch Hinge (Lions, $209K) – For what it’s worth a significant hamstring injury has all but ended Hinge’s year. Go ahead and trade if you’re stuck with him.

Callum Burgess (Suns, $193K) – Still sitting in nearly 35% of teams, coaches could see the return of Burger in the coming weeks following a ‘nice’ 77 point game.

Harrison Jones (Hawks, $170K) – A fantasy ton (101 from 21 possessions) for the Box Hill Hawks could see Jones enter selection discussion. Could, but probably not.

Hugh Goddard (Blues, $170K) – Set to be emergency for the 219th consecutive week after 71 at VFL level.


Get ‘Em

Nick Hind, Saints ($279K, 39, BE 18)
We’ve seen Hind go under 40 before, so his recent failure isn’t a shock to coaches. However, with midfield bench options falling left, right and center, there are a lot of us relying on Hind to provide a heartbeat as our emergency. If he holds his spot, I’ll back him in to push his Round 17 output closer to if not north of 60.

Kyle Dunkley, Demons ($182K, 46, BE 13)
There were signs from his professional debut that signalled Kyle Dunkley can be a productive full-time footballer for Melbourne. The mid-season rookie pick didn’t light the world on fire against the Blues, but hopefully, he showed enough to string together a few games. Dunkley faces a tough task if he keeps his place against the Bulldogs in game two, but hopefully he’ll be boosted by Max Gawn’s presence.

Hold ‘Em

Sam Walsh, Blues ($656K, 98, BE 79)
It’s official; Sam Walsh has overtaken Patrick Cripps as Carlton’s most expensive fantasy player. I feel like this has already happened throughout the year, but that still doesn’t make it any less impressive. Until he slows, there’s nothing wrong with keeping Walsh for the rest of the season, he’s clearly that good.

Watch ‘Em

Dylan Clarke, Bombers ($415K, 53, BE 62)
It was fun while it lasted, but Dylan Clarke’s dash is nearly over. He’s still producing solidly and I wouldn’t be shocked if he bounced back this week against North with a 70+. Still, that would only just clear his breakeven, so it’s time to think of other ideas.

Jackson Hately, Giants ($377K, 47, BE 42)
Hately didn’t pick a great time to have his worst outing of the year. GWS’ loss to the Lions could lead to changes being made and 15 disposals might not be enough to save Hately from the axe. Time for the youngster to stand up if he’s going to be a factor during the final part of the fantasy season.

James Rowbottom, Swans ($323K, 87, BE 9)
I warned that Rowbottom’s one good game had come against the Suns to expect a smaller point total against the Dons. Whoops. Only 1.6% of the competition benefitted from Rowbottom’s score and he’s too dear to justify a bench spot now. Keep your eye on him on the off chance he keeps his streak of impressive games alive, something that’s very achievable against Carlton.

Drop ‘Em

Bailey Smith, Bulldogs ($455K, 57, BE 66)
As expected Bailey Smith failed to increase in price after his tackle fest against Port Adelaide saw him top triple figures in Round 15. Smith looked much more like a rookie when he took on Geelong, but luckily for owners, he can still be used as a decent stepping stone up to another relevant fantasy name.

Michael Gibbons, Blues ($419K, 45, BE 71)
The decrease in price was small, but it was there. He’ll only continue to dip, so moving Gibbons on to a cheaper bench option is a move that I fully endorse. The $400k+ price tag means you have the flexibility to move another rookie off your ground or patch up another issue elsewhere if you look to axe Gibbons now.

Jay Lockhart, Demons ($412K, 38, BE 69)
New general rule of thumb: anyone who can’t score 40 against Carlton shouldn’t be in our fantasy sides. Players that fit that bill after last weekend include two blokes who got injured and Jay Lockhart. If you choose to do so, you can part ways with Lockhart confidently.

Tom Atkins, Cats ($366K, 44, BE 65)
My stance hasn’t shifted on Tom Atkins after his second straight 40. The Saints may be a more fantasy-friendly task than the Bulldogs, but cashing Atkins in sooner rather than later is wise.

On The Outside Looking In

Willem Drew (Power, $402K) – I don’t think we’ll see too much more of Drew in the AFL this year, but he’s keeping his name in the mix with 23 disposals for 80 points.

Oskar Baker (Demons, $381K) – His VFL game on the weekend (80 points, 15 disposals) won’t see Baker earn a senior recall this week.

Brett Bewley (Dockers, $298K) – Didn’t suit up in the WAFL for Freo last week and may again be the travelling emergency as the Dockers head to Launceston.

Rhylee West (Bulldogs, $220K) – Could this be the week we finally see West debut? 109 points from 24 touches and two goals will certainly aide his cause.

Will Snelling (Bombers, $207K) – You can’t keep denying Snelling if he’s going to keep posting 125 fantasy points, 33 touches and eight tackles in the VFL. Come on Woosha!

Nick Shipley (Giants, $170K) – Josh Kelly’s injury could pave the way for changes, but even after 96 points and 24 touches Shipley will still probably have to wait.

Corey Lyons (Lions, $170K) – Enormous outing from the youngster with 146 points coming via 38 touches. Still an unlikely inclusion.

Josh Deluca (Blues, $170K) – Managed 22 touches (100 points) but still faces an uphill climb to get a senior gig.


Get ‘Em

N/A – No relevant rookie/cash cow RUC’s land in the “Get ‘Em” category this week.

Hold ‘Em

Reilly O’Brien, Crows ($686K, 107, BE 67)
Four straight tons from the Crows’ man in the middle is only causing his ownership to increase. Some jumped off the Max Gawn ship and landed on their feet at S.S. ROB, who should continue to dominate for Adelaide with some lacklustre ruck divisions in his sights.

Watch ‘Em

Zac Clarke, Bombers ($280K, 37, BE 44)
Gulp. Three scores all under 50 scared me off from doing something incredibly stupid and really throwing my season into the toilet. For the near 4,000 coaches who brought in Clarke, I pray that it was for your bench, because there’s not a lot else on offer right now.

Drop ‘Em

N/A – No relevant rookie/cash cow RUC’s land in the “Drop ‘Em” category this week.

On The Outside Looking In

Noah Balta (Tigers, $374K) – Hurt his quad in the VFL and is set to miss a few weeks of action.

Darcy Fort (Cats, $253K) – Was the carryover emergency last weekend and may be destined to feature in the same role against St Kilda.

Archie Smith (Lions, $242K) – Colossal game from Archie in the two’s (four goals, 40 hitouts, 125 points). Likely to go unrewarded with Big O back up and running though.

Peter Ladhams (Power, $216K) – 19 touches and eight hitouts for 83. Fine, but not enough.

Darcy Cameron/Michael Knoll (Swans, $170K) – Continuing with the Cameron/Knoll saga, if he’s healthy Cameron could and should come straight into the side with Knoll set to stay in the NEAFL.

Matthew Flynn (Giants, $170K) – He was outshone by Archie Smith, but after there was plenty of buzz around a potential debut last week, Flynn (112 points) has kept his name in the mix at least.


Get ‘Em

Oliver Hanrahan, Hawks ($211K, 74, BE -6)
My favourite trade target at the moment from a cash cow perspective has probably got to be Oli Hanrahan. I was bullish on him after a quiet debut, but he played a crucial role for the Hawks on the big stage last Friday. If you need a FWD rook, Hanrahan is your guy.

Hold ‘Em

Will Setterfield, Blues ($460K, 72, BE 53)
One of the great holds of the season, Setterfield may be good for a 70-75 average from here on out. That’s exactly what he’s done in his last four outings and if you’re still an owner, I’d place the E on him with confidence at this rate. Let’s see if he can keep this up when Cripps returns though…

James Rose, Swans ($330K, 57, BE 22)
Those that paid up the little bit extra for James Rose haven’t been let down so far, with a month’s worth of decent scores. He didn’t stand out a hell of a lot against Essendon though, which means he could fall victim to one of Horse Longmire’s trademark team selection curveballs.

Mabior Chol, Tigers ($296K, 58, BE -8)
A mortal performance from Chol against the Suns still saw him push close to double-digit hitouts and a solid score of 58. Personally, I think this can be close to his floor for the run home and unless Dimma Hardwick thinks otherwise, Chol could be a perfect compliment to Toby Nankervis when he’s healthy.

Jarrod Cameron, Eagles ($252K, 53, BE 18)
Kicking four goals in a Western Derby while your spot in the side seems to be somewhat under scrutiny has Jarrod Cameron owners breathing a little easier. There’s a chance that once Jack Petruccelle is back to full health he’ll be an instant inclusion, but you can’t drop someone if they keep kicking bags.

Watch ‘Em

Connor Rozee, Power ($464K, 47, BE 80)
I’d give him another life against Brisbane this week, a team he scored 121 against back in R0und 3, but Rozee has nearly ended his tenure. The kid oozes star power, but some up and down fantasy numbers has led to a lot of coaches jumping off the Rozee bandwagon. It’s time to start thinking about your exit plan too.

Gryan Miers, Cats ($418K, 30, BE 81)
It might be time for the Cats to give Miers a spell in the two’s. Just seven touches against the Dogs will see his spot in the side come under fire, however, my gut tells me they’ll at least give him another chance for redemption. My gut also tells me that now I’ve gone on to bag Gryan the great he’ll reach his breakeven and only further confuse coaches.

Shai Bolton, Tigers ($387K, 116, BE, 29)
Purely from a financial standpoint, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to trade Bolton out this week off his stellar fantasy ton. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him omitted again once the memory of this game fades, but for now, let’s see if he can stay nuclear when the Giants come to town.

Mitch Lewis, Hawks ($339K, 84, BE 21)
Coming back into the side in Round 16, Mitch Lewis left the MCG on Friday night as a match-winner. Sure, his heroics weren’t the only thing that helped Hawthorn over the line, but his impressive game will see him hold down a key position for the foreseeable future.

Drop ‘Em

Zak Butters, Power ($396K, 45, BE 68)
I’ve been calling for Butters’ head for a few weeks now and failing to fire in their Showdown shellacking of Adelaide only cements my beliefs. Having only gone over 50 once in the last month, there are better, cheaper options out there for bench cover.

Matthew Parker, Saints ($369K, 36, BE 62)
While Matthew Parker has proven to be a great depth piece for most of the year now, if you can move him along, just do it. Over the last two months, there are only two occasions in which Parker has scored 60 or more, making a move from him to Hanrahan extremely appealing.

Nick Larkey, Kangaroos ($328K, 82, BE 37)
Fantasy numbers aside for a moment, Larkey has shown flashes all season of one day becoming a reliable key forward for the Roos and he pieced it all together with five goals on the weekend. Unfortunately, goals aren’t the only stat that we track and just 11 touches doesn’t fill me with enough confidence to suggest holding Larkey.

Josh Corbett, Suns ($298K, 35, BE 65)
The short-lived joy that Josh Corbett owners experienced quickly disappeared when they saw him on the field again. He didn’t bring his kicking boots from the reserves kicking no score for the game after bagging six the week prior. Granted, his team was smoked, but Corbett isn’t going to be saving the day for Gold Coast or the 10,000 fantasy teams he resides in.

On The Outside Looking In

Liam Baker (Tigers, $511K)Played a killer 29 touch game (123 points) in the VFL last weekend, but it’s hard to find an odd man out of Richmond’s side following a 15 goal victory.

Izak Rankine (Suns, $266K) – Sat out last week’s NEAFL game. After one or two more performances he could come straight in.

Brayden Ham (Bombers, $207K) – Never say never after 25 possessions (94 points) in the Bombers’ reserve W.

Ben Cavarra (Bulldogs, $182K) – Took a step backwards with just eight touches and zero scoreboard impact.

Ben Davis (Crows, $171K) – Didn’t kick a goal last weekend, but still finished with 17 touches and six marks for his 78.

Jackson Ross (Hawks, $170K) – Not going to happen after two goals and only 51 points.

Cash Cow King – Round 16

I’ll make this short and point out that my vote goes to Shai Bolton for his rookie-best 116 last week. However, with copious teams/players/coaches struggling last week, three clear standouts in Sam Walsh, Xavier Duursma and Reilly O’Brien emerged as reliable scorers to ease the pain for some coaches. I think all three are vying for the CCK of 2019 right now with the next few weeks set to be very telling. Kudos Shai.

Ranking Rookies

Taking all fantasy aspects into consideration, here are my top 3 rookie/cash cows you should own/make a move for in each position.


  1. Isaac Quaynor

  2. Derek Eggmolesse-Smith*

  3. Harrison Jones*


  1. Kyle Dunkley

  2. Will Snelling*

  3. Rhylee West*


  1. Darcy Cameron*

  2. Matthew Flynn*

  3. Michael Knoll*


  1. Oliver Hanrahan

  2. Ben Cavarra*

  3. N/A

* = if named

Feel free to shoot your rookie/cash cow questions through on Twitter at @SportsbyFry for me to answer in the article. If Twitter isn’t your preferred domain hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Luck for Round 17!


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