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Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 8

How do we combat cash cow injuries, a lack of new rookies and the ever-nearing bye rounds? Fry has the answers you seek.

Normality was restored in Round 9, well, to a certain degree. There were plenty of injuries around the grounds and a glaring lack of non-forward downgrades has some coaches fretting. Hopefully, those injuries open the door for some fresh meat and a handful of potential debutants are emerging, but just how long they’ll hang around for is the million dollar question. To further complicate matters, there are just three weekends of footy until the dreaded byes rounds are upon us, so keep your structure in mind as you make your trades over the coming weeks.

Here we go…


Get ‘Em

Noah Answerth, Lions ($267K, 45, BE 9)
Answerth has emerged as a very popular target in recent weeks, and even though he posted a sub-50 on the weekend, he’s still on the radar for a lot of coaches. An injury to Zac Bailey will hopefully see him hold his place in Brisbane’s team and a lot of fantasy outfits for a at least a few more weeks.

Hold ‘Em

Xavier Duursma, Power ($448K, 84, BE 43)
I’m a little bit bummed that I moved X-Man along before he put some more points on the board. Averaging 72.3 on the year, there’s no reason to send Duursma packing yet and honestly, he could even ride a spot on your field through the byes if necessary.

Marty Hore, Demons ($441K, 81, BE 36)
Not only did Marty Hore put up great fantasy numbers (again), but he played a crucial role in the Dees’ victory, kicking the game-tying major with just seconds left on the clock. Not a bad effort for your first AFL goal! Is there anything Marty can’t do?

Jack Scrimshaw, Hawks ($405K, 44, BE 60)
In his comeback game after being ‘managed’, Scrimshaw managed a 44 from just 44% TOG. His low game time was due to a migraine which caused blurred vision and according to the Hawks, he should get up for the clash against Richmond. If he does, you can lock and load Scrimshaw as a starter on your field.

Sydney Stack, Tigers ($405K, 96, BE 14)
If Gryan Miers is my favourite rookie right now, then Sydney Stack is 1B in the race. How can you not love Stack’s fantasy game, chalking up cheap +6’s and laying tackles like every game is his last? Showed a lot of ‘premium’ picks how it’s done.

Jay Lockhart, Demons ($342K, 92, BE -11)
Lockhart is unlucky to not be ranked in the “get ’em” category after his second straight stellar score. However, I’m not ready to pay twice as much as a basement rookie costs for a player that before the last fortnight averaged 47 from three contests. Melbourne’s fixtures gets harder leading into their bye as well, so while his recent scores are tempting, I’m not intrigued enough to bite.

Watch ‘Em

Jordan Clark, Cats ($355K, 96, BE 27)
There weren’t a ton of coaches who benefitted from Clark’s first score over 70 this year, but boy oh boy was it exciting. A complete performance from Geelong’s youngster that included two goals will see him hold his spot in teams for another few weeks. The owner of the Round 13 bye, Clark could be held until that time and hopefully rise more in value with more games like this.

Lachlan Young, Bulldogs ($275K, 22, BE 28)
I was one of the 1,700 coaches who brought Lachie Young in last week, and it may be a one-week stay for the Dogs youngster. Bailey Williams had a great game at the reserves level which could force Young out. If he holds his spot, Young can stay on our pine and be given another chance though.

Declan Keilty, Demons ($185K, 46, BE 11)
Started like a house on fire against the Suns with a dozen points in the first five minutes of action. Unfortunately, Keilty couldn’t maintain the pace and as a result, he isn’t a safe downgrade choice at the moment. There’s every chance he makes way for Braydon Preuss this week as well.

Drop ‘Em

Sam Collins, Suns ($342K, 61, BE 44)
Collins keeps on keeping on for nearly 12% of the coaches out there and sitting on your bench he is a good heartbeat option. His job security will likely see him stay put around the byes and if it helps you I can see why you’d want to hold. If it’s not necessary, look to move him along.

Callum Wilkie, Saints ($340K, 65, BE 49)
It’s impossible to tell what Cal Wilkie will dish up each week. Placing him in the “drop ’em” category might be a tad harsh, but given the strength of starting rookies in our backlines, trading Wilkie out while he still has some value makes sense.

On The Outside Looking In

Jordan Ridley (Bombers, $431K) – Ridley managed to kick two goals on the weekend for a 71, but it’s probably not enough to earn a recall.

Jonathon Marsh (Saints, $273K) – I wouldn’t get Marsh into my team if he is named, which could very well happen after 121 points, 26 disposals and 13 marks.

Isaac Quaynor (Pies, $246K) – Quaynor’s time is coming, building his case with 91 points from 25 touches against Sandringham on Sunday.

Josh Rotham (Eagles, $216K) – Had a bye on the weekend, but hopefully he can push his way back in with some good WAFL performances.

Patrick Naish (Tigers, $170K) – A huge game last weekend (29 touches, 114 points & four goals) has Naish close to debuting at Tigerland, after averaging 90 from five VFL contests.

Hugh Goddard (Blues, $170K) – Even though the Blues VFL team had a bye on the weekend, Goddard should be close to a call-up for an injury-depleted Carlton defense.


Get ‘Em

Will Hayes, Bulldogs ($321K, 64, BE 14)
Seems to have found his home in the Dogs outfit, roaming along a wing and posting a 60-70 every round. Any other week he wouldn’t find himself in this category, but with no other clear downgrade choices in the middle (if you can even call Hayes that), then he’ll be the best pick if we fail to get fresh meat.

Hold ‘Em

Sam Walsh, Blues ($585K, 70, BE 104)
Nic Newman, Kade Simpson, Matthew Kreuzer, Dale Thomas and Ed Curnow. They are all teammates of Sam Walsh’s who currently cost less than the rookie goat, however, Walsh’s place above the pack may be short-lived. With a triple-figure breakeven and another tough opponent on the cards, some coaches will look to offload the No.1 pick and nab a big-name MID. Personally, he isn’t in my trade plans, but if you have nothing more pressing then you have the green light to upgrade Walshy. Just don’t complain when he drops 100 in the next few weeks.

Charlie Constable, Cats ($496K, 107, BE 38)
No rookie is causing more confusion this week than Charlie Constable. After not being named for Geelong, then failing to be a late inclusion, only to THEN be added for Sam Menegola before bouncedown, Constable barely put a foot wrong in his 27-disposal, 10 mark outing. And yet, he’s no certainty to play in Round 9! I’d advise holding him, even if he makes way for a fit Selwood and/or Menegola.

Michael Gibbons, Blues ($376K, 76, BE 30)
Every time we think Gibbons is close to topping out in value and we can justify trading him out, he goes and drops another 70+. It’s not a terrible problem to have and as a result, he can hang around for a bit longer.

Watch ‘Em

Tarryn Thomas, Kangaroos ($362K, 65, BE 24)
There aren’t many coaches who own young Roo Tarryn Thomas, even though he hasn’t gone under 65 in three straight matches. He can still grow a touch and while he isn’t a trade target thanks to his price, if you find yourself in the minority you can hold him with confidence.

Liam Stocker, Blues ($247K, 51, BE 24)
In his second pro game, Stocker looked much better, however, I’m still against bringing him in. 91 points in two weeks doesn’t scream ‘grab me’ so I’d still look for alternatives if I wasn’t an owner.

Drop ‘Em

Bailey Smith, Bulldogs ($449K, 56, BE 51)
After two 90’s on the trot, Smith dropped back to the 50’s, which probably signals that his time is up. The Bulldogs fixture doesn’t get any easier from here leading into their Round 12 bye and if you’re considering chopping out the young pup, it’s time to cash in.

Jack Ross, Tigers ($361K, 11, BE 67)
Unfortunately, Ross’ fantasy season is on ice for an unknown chunk of time. A bung ankle held Ross out of most of the game on the weekend and there is no clear timetable set for his return yet. While he isn’t a must trade right away, it’s smart to move on from Ross as soon as you get the chance.

Tom Atkins, Cats ($332K, 2, BE 68)
Similar with Ross, Atkins’ score was affected by an injury that kept him under 50% game time. He’s listed as a test on the injury report, but with a lofty breakeven, the time to move on from Atkins is now, even if he’s named in Round 9.

On The Outside Looking In

Zak Butters (Power, $360K) – Enjoyed a week off last round and could return to action – pending Robbie Gray’s fitness.

Jackson Hately, Giants ($314K) – Unlikely to re-enter the Giants’ lineup with Lachie Whitfield higher on the pecking order.

Corey Wagner, Demons ($279K) – Nine tackles (83 points) on the weekend is encouraging, but he faces an uphill climb to re-enter Melbourne’s lineup.

Chayce Jones (Crows, $247K) – A league-wide SANFL bye didn’t give Jones a chance to stake his claim for a spot. However, if Matt Crouch misses, he could be an outside chance to play.

Ned McHenry (Crows, $240K) – Copy and paste what I said for Jones, unlikely to suit up in the AFL.

Riley Collier-Dawkins (Tigers, $232K) – There’s a chance that RCD can play his first game of footy for the injured Jack Ross, even if it is a small one.

Brett Bewley (Freo, $170K) – A week off for the WAFL teams didn’t give Bewley a chance to press his case. He misses again.

Nick Hind (St Kilda, $170K) – Not the performance the fantasy community wanted from Hind (65 points, 19 disposals). Maybe in Round 10.


Hold ‘Em

Reilly O’Brien, Crows ($489K, 74, BE 39)
It’s crazy to think that 74 this week was O’Brien’s second-lowest score of the season. With Jacobs still a few weeks away though, there’s no reason why you can’t hold onto O’Brien until big Sauce is back on the field.

Get ‘Em

N/A – No relevant rookie/cash cow rucks are must have right now

Watch ‘Em

N/A – No relevant rookie/cash cow rucks worth watching right now

Drop ‘Em

Zac Clarke, Bombers ($280K, 44, BE 38)
The experiment has failed. If Clarke is dropped and not going down in value then it could be worth waiting to see if he plays through the byes, or another basement rook emerges. If you need the cash though, chop him without hesitation.

On The Outside Looking In

Archie Smith (Lions, $217K) – Smith put his hand up once again with 101 points and 34 hitouts, hopefully etching closer to a call-up. You know you want to run with two ruckmen Brisbane, go on, do it!

Sam Draper (Bombers, $170K) I failed to notice (mention) this last week, but Draper has suffered an ACL injury that has ended his season.

Darcy Fort (Cats, $170K) – Managed only one hitout against North Melbourne’s reserves, but he kicked three goals for his 66. Soon.


Get ‘Em

Dylan Moore, Hawks ($251K, 65, BE -4)
Dylan Moore has thrown his hat into the ring as a solid trade in candidate after his second consecutive 60 on the weekend. With Richmond looming on the horizon he could be in for another solid score and a decent number of marks.

Josh Corbett, Suns ($230K, 63, BE -4)
True to form another batch of marks helped Corbett post the best score of his young fantasy career. If you’re looking to move on from Petrucelle/Paker/Atkins, Corbett’s my pick of the bunch.

Brayden Ham, Bombers ($207K, 36, BE 11)
The injury-hit Bombers may be forced to keep feeding games into the young Hamster for a few weeks. He didn’t have the greatest showing at the SCG, but when desperate times call for desperate measures, he looms as a viable downgrade target.

Curtis Taylor, Kangaroos ($185K, 37, BE 21)
Don’t be surprised if Curtis Taylor isn’t as lucky as Ham this week and is shown the door after making his AFL debut. There’s a chance he’ll hold as he was going up against the best team in the league in Geelong last round. Trading him in will save you a ton of coin, but his shaky JS has me doubting if he even belongs in this section.

Hold ‘Em

Gryan Miers, Cats ($484K, 94, BE 32)
Never leave me Gryan. The dreaded Cat was this round’s rising star nomination and boasts a healthy three-round average of 92.7. You’re going to want to hold onto him.

Connor Rozee, Power ($482K, 72, BE 64)
Much like his popular rookie peers in Drew and Duursma, there’s nothing wrong with hanging onto Rozee for a few more weeks. It will be interesting to see if Robbie Gray’s potential return forces Rozee to play closer to goal, but for now, he’s worth a spot on your field.

Liam Baker, Tigers ($416K, 65, BE 28)
While Baker owners will feel a little disappointed with a 65 after his previous performances they can take solace in knowing an injury to Ross probably means more MID time moving forward. Hopefully he can put up big numbers vs the Hawks.

Willem Drew, Power ($405K, 59, BE 55)
The fabled ‘Ollie Wines role’ didn’t instantly translate to a huge score for Willem Drew, as his breakeven teeters closer to his average. With the Suns coming to town this weekend, I would give him another chance, but if he fails again, there’s plenty of evidence to support a trade out.

Shai Bolton, Tigers ($324K, 101, BE -2)
A mammoth game from Bolton saw him make the second highest price jump in the league in Round 8. He found the goals early en route to a 42-point first quarter and finished strongly posting 30+ in the fourth as well. BIG tick.

Noah Balta, Tigers ($275K, 69, BE 7)
In Balta we trust! With Toby Nankervis going down against Freo, Balta was forced to step up and he responded with another 60+ score. Worth holding on to, although Ivan Soldo’s pending inclusion could see him return to his characteristic 30’s.

Watch ‘Em

Mitch Lewis, Hawks ($272K, 62, BE 10)
For the first time this season Mitch Lewis topped 60 for the Hawks and it came against a decent foe in the Giants. I like his peer Dylan Moore over Lewis at this rate, but both should be solid on the weekend against the Tiges.

Nick Larkey, Roos ($266K, 73, BE -1)
Take a bow Nick Larkey. His game against the Cats was very impressive and his score could have been higher if he kicked straight. His awkward price means I haven’t grouped him with part of the get ’em players and I still have some doubts over how his scoring capacity. If he puts numbers on the board this weekend I’ll be forced to eat my words and move him up.

Will Setterfield, Blues ($363K, 57, BE 43)
A return to action for Setterfield saw over a third of the competition rejoice. After the final siren against Collingwood though, coaches were left somewhat unsatisfied given he only posted a 57, and things won’t get any easier this weekend against the Giants. He should manage to get to 60 again and increase slightly in value, but Setterfield’s time has nearly come.

Nick Blakey, Swans ($260K, 82, BE 13)
I’m contractually obligated to inform you that Nick Blakey scored 82 points on the weekend against the Bombers. At $260k though, he isn’t worth bringing in, nor should you trade him if you’re one of the 4.86% of the comp that owns him.

Drop ‘Em

Jack Petruccelle, Eagles ($381K, 53, BE 58)
The 5th most traded out player last week only managed to move up $1k in price this week. If you’re still a Petrucelle owner, then it’s time to move him along before his price starts to slide.

Matthew Parker, Saints ($323K, 32, BE 49)
A quiet game has Matthew Parker in the firing line for a lot of coaches, and for St Kilda as well. Even if he stays in their side, Parker’s starting to lose money, meaning moving him to another forward is the right play.

On The Outside Looking In

Ben King (Suns, $260K) – Three goals with 13 touches (79 points) will at least push Ben King into the selection frame.

Chris Burgess (Suns, $227K) – 35 points, 11 touches, zero goals. Moving on.

James Rose (Swans, $223K) – Won’t break in just yet, but if Sydney opt to blood some kids, Rose is probably next in line (114 points, 27 touches on the weekend).

Toby Wooler (Lions, $170K) – More of the same from Wooler with three goals straight and 88 points on the weekend. With a plethora of forward’s on our radar, it would be nice if he emerged as a post-bye money maker.

Robbie Young (St Kilda, $170K) – 67 points might not sound like a lot, but the Saints small forward could be in line for a debut after stringing solid weeks together.

Cash Cow King – Round 7

I love Geelong’s rookies, but this week I’m voting in a different direction. Tigers fans already want to build a statue of him outside the MCG and if it gets done, I’ll happily donate to the cause. Well played Sydney Stack

Ranking Rookies

Taking all fantasy aspects into consideration, here are my top 3 rookie/cash cow players that you NEED to have for Round 9 at each position.


  1. Marty Hore

  2. Sydney Stack

  3. Noah Answerth


  1. Will Hayes

  2. Sam Walsh

  3. Charlie Constable*


  1. Reilly O’Brien

  2. Archie Smith*

  3. Darcy Fort*


  1. Gryan Miers

  2. Connor Rozee

  3. Liam Baker

* = if named

Feel free to shoot your rookie/cash cow questions through on Twitter at @SportsbyFry for me to answer in the article. If Twitter isn’t your preferred domain hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Luck for Round 9!


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