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JLT1 stats and hype team 2019

With thanks to DFS Australia, Warnie puts together a team based on the numbers from JLT1.

The first weekend of the JLT series is completed with plenty of numbers floating around to get us excited … and stuffing up our teams. Remember, #StayStrongJLT.

With thanks to our mate Morts at, we have some interesting tables with data from the last few days. Make sure you follow @DFSAustralia on Twitter for more information as the JLT continues and throughout the season proper.

Top 25 scorers of JLT1

Player NameTeamPosPriceTOG%JLT1
Angus BrayshawMELBMID76300069150
Stephen ConiglioGWSMID80100082147
Jamie MacmillanNMFCDEF53000088145
Tim TarantoGWSMID66000082140
Dom SheedWCEMID53900071136
Jack MacraeWBMID89000088131
Mitch WallisWBMID/FWD59500078122
Clayton OliverMELBMID79200068120
Heath ShawGWSDEF62700078119
Scott PendleburyCOLLMID73800073117
Patrick CrippsCARLMID79300086115
Rory LairdADELDEF78200080114
Brad CrouchADELMID52400075114
Lachie HunterWBMID76500088113
Steele SidebottomCOLLMID75000081113
Jeremy CameronGWSFWD56600073112
Mitch DuncanGEELMID73900083111
James CousinsHAWMID32900085111
Rory SloaneADELMID65300067110
Patrick DangerfieldGEELMID/FWD77100085108
Jared PolecNMFCMID66900078108
Christian SalemMELBDEF57600072108
Jack DarlingWCEFWD55700077107
Bachar HouliRICHDEF53600082106
Isaac HeeneySYDMID/FWD65800072105

Best 25 value players of JLT1

Player NameTeamPosPrice$/PtJLT1
Noah BaltaRICHFWD170000173598
Francis WatsonWCEDEF170000178995
Charlie ConstableGEELMID170000188990
Harrison JonesHAWDEF170000215279
Gryan MiersGEELFWD170000232973
Will GoldsHAWMID170000253767
Zac ClarkeESSRUC2700002596104
Will SetterfieldCARLMID/FWD251000264295
Oliver HanrahanHAWFWD170000265664
Zak ButtersPORTMID248000266793
Nick LarkeyNMFCFWD170000269863
Sam WalshCARLMID2700002700100
Chris BurgessGCFCDEF/FWD170000278761
Tom AtkinsGEELMID170000278761
Bailey ScottNMFCMID174000280662
Michael GibbonsCARLMID170000283360
Will HayesWBMID170000288159
Archie SmithBLRUC217000293274
James CousinsHAWMID3290002964111
Mitch LewisHAWFWD170000298257
Brett BewleyFREMID170000298257
Jye CaldwellGWSMID250000308681
Jack RossRICHMID186000310060
Jordan ClarkGEELDEF242000310378
Lincoln McCarthyBLFWD305000314497

Best 25 points per minute of JLT1

Player NameTeamPosPriceTOGJLT1PPM
Ryan BastinacBLMID43200032751.88
Angus BrayshawMELBMID763000691501.84
Dom SheedWCEMID539000711361.61
Stephen ConiglioGWSMID801000821471.57
Tom CampbellNMFCRUC40400038701.52
Brett DeledioGWSMID55900041711.51
Clayton OliverMELBMID792000681201.5
Tim TarantoGWSMID660000821401.49
Rory SloaneADELMID653000671101.45
Sam MenegolaGEELMID/FWD71600050851.43
Jamie MacmillanNMFCDEF530000881451.36
Brad CrouchADELMID524000751141.34
Jeremy CameronGWSFWD566000731121.34
Heath ShawGWSDEF627000781191.33
Todd GoldsteinNMFCRUC678000621001.33
Jake LloydSYDDEF73800065991.33
Daniel VenablesWCEFWD33300046721.32
Zac WilliamsGWSDEF42100053801.32
Dom TysonNMFCMID556000661051.31
Mitch WallisWBMID/FWD595000781221.28
Paul AhernNMFCMID49700056871.28
Christian SalemMELBDEF576000721081.27
Isaac HeeneySYDMID/FWD658000721051.27
Scott PendleburyCOLLMID738000731171.27
James HarmesMELBMID60300066971.25

Click here to access DFS Australia’s pre-season stats.

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Pulling the data of the best value players, top scores from the weekend and points per TOG, I’ve put together a team that follows a likely structure that a coach may employ for this year.

Most of the names are definitely possibly selections, or at least on the radar. Jamie Macmillan is an exception down back and Zac Clarke as a starting ruck would be very risky. Mitch Wallis is at best a Draft special for me… don’t consider for Classic. You can’t trust what the Dogs will do.

The rookies are a mixed bunch. Players who had good numbers made the list, but there are varying degrees of job security among the group. There could have been a couple of other who warranted a look in here, but she’ll do for the purpose of this piece. What we have learned from the first weekend of the JLT is that the cash cows will be interesting this year with some of the basement ‘locks’ from a week ago not so much locked now. More on that with Fry and his Cash Cows article.

This team would have tallied up 2583 points based on these JLT1 scores having Angus Brayshaw as skipper and getting the bench choices right. There is $78k remaining in the bank.


Co-captain of DT Talk since inception in 2007. Finally had a good season with an overall ranking of 137th for 2018... next goal is to replace the dirty old trucker hat with an AFL Fantasy one! Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT



  1. Avatar

    Joe wellingham

    March 5, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Francis Watson could of come on for Jordan clark

    • Avatar


      March 5, 2019 at 7:17 pm

      That’s why he wrote ‘if the bench choices were right.’ Team on field based on price/who you likely would have benched.

  2. Jack


    March 5, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Maybe this is a stupid question but I’ve been playing fantasy since 2013 and when I log on to fantasy using the website browser (not the app) the players are always displayed on the field, like in the picture above.

    For some reason my players are all in a “list” like the app. Is there a button I am meant to turn on so they go onto the “field” or are everyone’s players in a “list”?


    • Avatar

      Grundies Hundies

      March 5, 2019 at 6:26 pm

      I’m fairly sure that the app only shows the list, it doesn’t have a field option. Probably assumes that a phone isn’t big enough to show the field view. I’ve never paid for the premium option though, maybe that’s a feature

      • Avatar

        Grundies Hundies

        March 5, 2019 at 6:28 pm

        Of course I immediately find the field view. Under “My Team”, click “options” and you can change it to Field view

        • Avatar


          March 5, 2019 at 9:41 pm

          I’ve got the same problem, but don’t same your solution as an option. There’s a very small “footy field” symbol next to the SAVE button at the top of the scree. Click that to switch between the field view or the line view.

          • Avatar


            March 5, 2019 at 9:43 pm

            Oops, apologies. A few spelling errors.

    • Avatar


      March 5, 2019 at 9:10 pm

      Click on the football symbol on the right hand side

  3. Avatar


    March 5, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    Why isnt fiorini in the best ppm?

    • Avatar


      March 5, 2019 at 11:01 pm

      Hi Anthony mate, I think Fiorini never gets a full season in mate. Plus Calvin has GCS don’t really score that well.

  4. Euman


    March 5, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Taranto $660k v Steele 685k. Taranto 2018 avg 92 and Steele 94. Last 3 round for Taranto around his average where as Steele went 3 round 129 and 3 round 113 (from memory don’t shoot me if I’m out a bit). Steele actually had less TOG for year by a little. Steele no Steven is that good or bad does he attract a tag? Taranto is gunna get sheils time and went big on jlt 1 albeit no Kelly / thoughts please?

    • Euman


      March 5, 2019 at 8:29 pm

      Sorry 5 round 113*

    • Avatar


      March 6, 2019 at 12:10 pm

      Steele wouldn’t attract a tag as Steele tags the opposition. Will have to see when Kelly and Hopper come into the side but Taranto should get the Shiel spot. I’m spewing Taranto went big as I had him before JLT1 and 2.71% owned him…I’m going Taranto over Steele as GWS are a better side and throw the ball around a bit.

  5. Euman


    March 5, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    While I’m asking can anyone tell me why I have to now always enter my email and name when posting a comment here never used to it usually saved my details. Further when I post it goes back to the article not even in the comments section. The whole way the comments are separate this year is very cumbersome they used to just be at the bottom and you could see them now you have to click the link and is why I am not commenting much this year (maybe that was the plan)

  6. Avatar


    March 5, 2019 at 11:31 pm

    Hi Calvin I have a question for you mate.
    My Mids are
    Macrae, Brayshaw, Taranto, B Crouch
    Libba, Walsh, Settlefield, Constable

    My question is I am thinking if McGrath scores well this weekend I might add him to my midfield as I have Mills in backline, and when it comes for more DPP’s to be added I think Mills might get a DPP added to his name.

    Who should I take out of my Mids so I can add McGrath?
    I have 137k in bank.

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