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Moneyball’s Queens Birthday special

See Warnie’s team for the $8K contest this arvo.

Our mates at Moneyball have an $8,000 guaranteed prize pool for today’s Queen’s Birthday clash at the MCG.

Pick your squad of 9 players under the $60,000 salary cap. My team is pictured. I’m liking the look of Max Gawn over Grundy based on Calvin’s Captains and the value of Bayley Fritsch is obvious – even though I want him to suck as I traded him out before he started smoking it in Fantasy Classic. Neal-Bullen might be relatively unique. Matt Scharenberg is a must-play in my opinion and Tom Phillips’ form has been great… Roy’s man crush on him saw him drafted with his second pick in our re-Draft last night!

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Don’t forget that Moneyball has heaps of contests to enter across a range of sports. We have an epic competition every Sunday that has FREE ENTRY and can win your a trip to the AFL Grand Final! How awesome. Make sure you’re part of that each week!


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