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Team Sheets – Round Seven

With quite a few relevant outs this week, some coaches will be forced to abandon even the most thought out trade plans whilst others may cop a doughnut… Come check out all the major INs and OUTs for round 7!

Welcome back for another week of team sheets, this week we have some frustrating omissions that will require some nifty coaching to successfully navigate without copping a dreaded doughnut. Lets tackle all the key INs and OUTS for round seven.

Leading our list of key OUTs for the week is Essendon forward Matt Guelfi (Fwd $283,000). Coming into this round, Guelfi has an ownership sitting just below 20%. After establishing himself with scores of 64, 72 and 73, his above average points scoring for a rookie will be missed. Fellow rookie, David Mirra (Def $259,000) has also been omitted this week. Mirra had proven to be consistent over the course of his three games for the hawks, and his breakeven is sitting at a very healthy 2 whilst he spends some time in the twos. Breakout Saints midfielder Blake Acres (Mid/Fwd $600,000) has been rested for the week, after his quietest fantasy outing for the year, managing on 69 points against the hawks. Draft relevant players Michael Barlow, Jeremy Cameron and Tom Lynch have been named out for this week of footy. Fremantle will be without their forward line barometer Michael Walters (Mid/Fwd $579,000) who looks to be out for 2-3 weeks with a damaged knee ligament.

Thankfully for Fremantle, Walters injury isn’t as bad as first feared.

Over to our list of INs for this week, we kick off with Giants utility Lachlan Keefe (Def/Fwd $170,000) who comes in for the injured Cameron. Making their respective debuts this week for the suns are Charlie Ballard (Fwd/Mid $188,000) and Brayden Crossley (Ruck $170,000). For the Power, Patrick Ryder (Ruck $618,000) returns for his second game of the season after aggravating an existing achilles issue in the round one clash against the Dockers. Joining Paddy this week is polarising defender Jasper Pittard (Def $541,000) who may be an option after Ports bye if he can find some form. Carlton have recalled dynamic big man Matthew Kreuzer (Ruck $685,000) who returns from injury. The Roos have announced the return of Shaun Higgins (Mid $623,000) after successful surgery on his lip following a heavy head knock suffered against the Hawks. Rounding out our list today is Taylor Adams (Mid $702,000) who comes back in for the pies after missing the last three weeks. His form thus far this season has been indifferent, hopefully we can begin to see him return to the form which saw him become one of the most owned players last season.

As always, keep an eye out for Sunday teams as they drop and good luck to everyone this week. Post any questions below and kick off discussion posts, or feel free to contact me on twitter @JelmsDT.



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    May 4, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Any chance this can come out Thursday night? While the info is good it’s after the scramble and you lose your audience.
    Shags has stopped?

    • Avatar


      May 4, 2018 at 2:08 pm

      Yes, the team sheets, summary and comments are superceded by the ‘scramble’ if they come out on a Friday.

      There used to be a rolling team sheet on Thursday night, which built up dramatic tension and was very useful for trade re-thinks, in good time, on Thursday night.

      The Traders live on Thursday night is no doubt the cause of the pushback on the team sheets – they don’t want competition. But actually it is a shafting of Shags’ efforts, and the best interest of coaches, that the team sheets have been delayed almost to the point of being redundant.

      The ‘glam’ managers have perhaps been blinded by the dazzle they see when looking in the mirror of their own public performances. The teams sheets is not a glam event in the weeks contributions, but is is a contribution of fundamental value to coaches to receive in real time, not the delayed posting a day after selections. I prefer, and I would not be alone, that the team sheets come out in real time on Thursday. What do others think?

      Return to relevance.

      • Avatar


        May 4, 2018 at 2:29 pm

        Of course, in speaking of Shags, I am responding to the only other post this week which talks of the anchor effort of Shags to this segment which has been taken over by Jelmsy. But it makes no difference to the alliteration:

        As far as the push back of the posting of team sheets is concerned, presumably due to the the felt need (misplaced) of the Thursday night Traders livecast to have the spotlight solely shining on it:

        “Shafting of Shags” = “Jerking off Jelmsy”

        as far as respecting the efforts of the incumbent providing the team sheets and commentary which is most valuably provided to coaches on the Thursday early evening.

    • Avatar


      May 4, 2018 at 4:07 pm

      Totally hear what you’re saying, that goal is always for a thursday night release, but it can be difficult when other things pop up. Unlike a lot of other articles, it can’t really be pre written besides the odd few players that are announced injured. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll work to make the article more consumable for the fantasy community.

      • Avatar


        May 4, 2018 at 7:01 pm

        Thanks for advocating for what you see the coaches needing from the ‘team sheets’ and all the best with the format and the post-timing for the rest of the year.

        The earlier posting of team sheets and comments are very useful to coaches for a variety of reasons which you would know as well as anyone.

        All power to your arm. Some of us may have overstated the influence of the Traders’ live presentation on Thursday evenings on the timing of the team sheets post, but the coincidence of the two (presence of the live podcast and recent absence of the team sheets on Thursday) leads to that kind of perspective.

        And, of course, you can’t pre-write the script, that we all understand, but you would be aware of how your colleague Shags made a rolling post of the teams/comments, and infilled later as time allowed. Apart from providing a sort of live feed on the teams, the unpacking of the team sheets with a rolling summary/comment gave a sort of unfolding dramatic impact to the team sheets post. I would be pretty sure you would be on board with all of that, given the thought you will have put into the role you have, it is just that it seems like at a higher level of management of the timing of what is posted, that the live podcast on Thursday has seemed not to want some of its thunder taken out by the contemporaneous posting of the team sheets.

        If there is competition for event timing, many of us (as coaches looking to crunch logistical information) would favour the prioritising of your post (over the live podcast) on Thursday night. It is that valuable at that time. Again, all power to your arm.

        And thanks for your last post which is reassuring and is an appreciated handling of ‘customer angst’.

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