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Moneyball’s $5K Sunday Funday

Roy has a looks at some great buys in Moneyball’s 5K Sunday Funday, including his shout in ‘Happy Hour’ to help you bring home the bacon.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is one of the fastest growing games in Australia. Our mates at Moneyball are the leaders in the industry and run many different formats, including competitions for every AFL game across the season.

Today, we focus on Sunday Funday, which covers three games which you can use a combination of players to create your team. Basically, using the salary cap, you select players to form a team (like you would in AFL Fantasy) and depending on how they score (+3 kick, +4 tackle… normal Fantasy scoring), your team will be ranked and from your $15 entry fee, you can win big bucks.

POOL $5,000 with $650 for 1st,  2nd receives $310 and so on right down to $34.18 for players in 89th place.

Starts: Sunday 1.10pm

Saints v Lions
Blues v Bombers
Suns v Hawks

With the Saints giving up so many points, saving cash with the gun Lion rookies could be the way to go, especially given they have been named in the centre and on the wing. Jarrod Berry (MID, $4,300) and Hugh McCluggage (MID, $4,600) are both coming off solid hit outs in the NEAFL so selecting them both will give you some handy cash to pick the guys who can go really big.

Click here to play Moneyball.

Stef Martin (RUC, $7,800) is an absolute bargain and will be a walk-up selection into my teams. He is off to a sensational start to the season averaging 111 over the first two and he scored 102 and 112 against the Saints last year. He should ton up again this week which is well over what his price suggests.

Caleb Marchbank (DEF, $3,500) is outstanding value and is scoring well over his price tag with 78 and 80 over the first two weeks while averaging seven marks per game. Expect much the same from him this week so for a bargain basement price, it’s money in the bank… sorry had to be said.

Ryan Burton (FWD, $4,200) played a sensational game last week, earning himself a rising star nomination against a tough Crows outfit. He had 26 touches and nine marks for an impressive 112 and with a tasty matchup against the Suns, she should once again surpass his price tag with ease.

Jaeger O’meara (MID, $6,000) didn’t manage to crack 90 last week despite his monsterous 36 possessions, mainly due to his high handball to kick ration combined with limited contributions to the mark and tackles columns. The J-Bomb is still getting reacquainted to the pace of top level footy and is on the verge of having a massive scoring game. What better time to bring it out than against his former club? Well unders at 6K and I think he will go bang.

My shout team!

After saving so much cash with the bargains, let’s spend it on Tom Rockliff (MID, $10,000). To win the cash we need the highest scorer of the day and I think the Pig could be your man and here is why. The Saints are ranked number one for opposition disposals so far this year and have conceded 12 hundreds, once again leading the competition. Rocky’s last three scores at ES are 127, 179 and 184… It will certainly be a Sunday Funday with Rocky #Oink.

The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.

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