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My Team 2017: Version 1.0

Post and discuss your team this pre-season. See the top 100 players selected in the Drawing Board.

Chad, the man behind DT Live, has updated the Drawing Board for the 2017 season. Head over to the site and select ‘Drawing Board’ from the drop down menu and you can start picking your AFL Fantasy Classic squads for the upcoming season.

Click here to use the Drawing Board.

Once you have picked your team, you can simply copy and paste your team to put in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

The 100 most popular players selected in the Drawing Board for AFL Fantasy Classic. As at 4 January.

Macrae, JackWBMID/FWD$59600093.8
Barrett, JakeBLMID$15000090.6
Adams, TaylorCOLDEF/MID$62200087.5
Docherty, SamCARDEF$60900081.2
Rockliff, TomBLMID$70400075
McCluggage, HughBLMID/FWD$24600075
Myers, DavidESSMID$19700075
Heppell, DysonESSMID$54800071.9
McGrath, AndrewESSDEF/MID$25000071.9
Heeney, IsaacSYDFWD$44200071.9
Pickett, JarrodCARMID/FWD$15000065.6
Ryan, LukeFREDEF$15000059.4
Mitchell, TomHAWMID$63800059.4
Graham, JackRICMID$15000056.2
O'Meara, JaegerHAWMID$36400053.1
Beams, DayneBLMID$51900050
Hibberd, MitchellNMDEF/MID$15000050
Gawn, MaxMELRUC$64200050
Bowes, JackGCMID/FWD$23200050
Grundy, BrodieCOLRUC$60900043.8
Martin, StefanBLRUC$53800040.6
Hibberd, MichaelMELDEF$42800040.6
Powell-Pepper, SamPAMID$21600040.6
Swallow, DavidGCMID$35500037.5
Laird, RoryADEDEF$58400034.4
Berry, JarrodBLDEF/MID$21800034.4
Fyfe, NatFREMID$59500034.4
McCarthy, CamFREFWD$21100034.4
Dahlhaus, LukeWBMID/FWD$55700034.4
Eddy, BrettPAFWD$15000031.2
Caddy, JoshRICMID/FWD$51700031.2
Pierce, LewisSTKRUC/FWD$15000031.2
Treloar, AdamCOLMID$67300028.1
Thurlow, JacksonGEEDEF$28200028.1
Hampton, CurtlyADEDEF$20400025
Murphy, MarcCARMID$48200025
Balic, HarleyFREMID/FWD$15000025
Freeman, NathanSTKMID$15000021.9
Miller, ToukGCMID/FWD$49300021.9
Otten, AndyADEDEF$15000018.8
Gore, DeanADEMID$15000018.8
Dangerfield, PatrickGEEMID$71200018.8
Lovell, KieranHAWMID/FWD$19500018.8
Frampton, BillyPARUC$15000018.8
Johannisen, JasonWBDEF$56300018.8
Ainsworth, BenGCMID/FWD$24400018.8
Greene, TobyGWSFWD$56000018.8
Hoskin-Elliott, WillCOLFWD$23000015.6
McCarthy, MitchellCOLRUC/FWD$15000015.6
Buzza, WylieGEERUC/FWD$15000015.6
Hodge, LukeHAWDEF$52500015.6
Goldstein, ToddNMRUC$58200015.6
Nankervis, TobyRICRUC/FWD$36500015.6
Steele, JackSTKMID/FWD$43200015.6
Foote, JordanSYDMID$19500015.6
Brodie, WillGCMID$23400015.6
Scharenberg, MatthewCOLDEF$23400012.5
Bennell, HarleyFREMID/FWD$38800012.5
Ahern, PaulNMMID/FWD$15000012.5
Vickers-Willis, EdNMDEF$15000012.5
Weideman, SamMELFWD$15000012.5
King, MitchellMELRUC/FWD$15000012.5
Ryder, PatrickPARUC/FWD$41100012.5
Johnson, AlexSYDDEF$15000012.5
Barlow, MichaelGCMID$58300012.5
Kolodjashnij, KadeGCDEF$43700012.5
Shaw, HeathGWSDEF$61400012.5
Ellis-Yolmen, CameronADEMID/FWD$3620009.4
Knight, RileyADEFWD$2410009.4
Eagles, MatthewBLRUC$1500009.4
Marchbank, CalebCARDEF$2050009.4
McKay, HarryCARFWD$1500009.4
Brown, CallumCOLMID/FWD$1820009.4
Francis, AaronESSDEF/FWD$2300009.4
Draper, SamESSRUC$1500009.4
Strnadica, LukeFRERUC/FWD$1500009.4
Black, AaronGEEFWD$1500009.4
Abbott, RyanGEERUC$1500009.4
Stewart, TomGEEDEF$1720009.4
Wingard, ChadPAFWD$4320009.4
Goddard, HughSTKDEF$1870009.4
Rice, BaileySTKDEF$1500009.4
Hannebery, DanSYDMID$6550009.4
Newman, NicSYDDEF$1500009.4
Mills, CallumSYDDEF$4410009.4
Boyd, TomWBRUC/FWD$3470009.4
Bontempelli, MarcusWBMID$5950009.4
Smith, DevonGWSFWD$4830009.4
Taranto, TimGWSMID/FWD$2480009.4
Jacobs, SamADERUC$5340006.2
Hanley, CianBLDEF$1500006.2
Sheehan, CiaranCARDEF$1500006.2
Elliott, JamieCOLFWD$3300006.2
Pendlebury, ScottCOLMID$6410006.2
Watson, JobeESSMID$4770006.2
Sandilands, AaronFRERUC$4500006.2
Roughead, JarrydHAWFWD$3730006.2
Soldo, IvanRICRUC$1500006.2
Montagna, LeighSTKDEF$5920006.2
Riewoldt, NickSTKFWD$6670006.2

Click here for more information about the Drawing Board.


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