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Richmond Tigers AFL Fantasy Preview

Tigers man Douth (aka Cousins Coke and Ice) talks about his beloved today in our Club Previews series. See his 5 Richmond players that are on his radar this year in AFL Fantasy.

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Image supplied in part by

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2013 season.

First of all, let me preface this article with an “I told you so” (Don’t get to do that often!).

I did this write up for Richmond last year, and I just want to point out with the power of hindsight (what a wonderful thing that is) the GOLD I delivered for you last year, Here was my take on Ivan Maric:

Ivan Maric (RUC) – $262,700

The big man with the even bigger mullet has definitely caught my attention this pre season. I wont lie, when Richmond picked him up, I figured we had just got yet another big dumb dumb who will probably keep tapping the ball to the opposition and butchering his kicks whenever he had a chance. Im now seeing why Hardwick wanted to get him, and it excites me a lot, not only from a Richmond perspective, but a quality ruck bargain as well!

Ivan came across to Richmond this season from Adelaide, and his stats didn’t exactly set the world on fire. He is a 200cm 102kg monster who loves to get down and dirty. He is also 26 years old, which history tells us is about the prime time for ruckman. His stats at Adelaide were not crash hot, but a pre season at the Tigers, as well as the competitive juices that Damien Hardwick has instilled into him, has seen him smash it up in the NAB.

Averages for first 4 opponents:

Rd 1 v Carlton – 53.3 ppg (played 4 times)
Rd 2 v Collingwood – 56 (Played 7 times)
Rd 3 v Melbourne – 47.5 (Played 4 times)
Rd 4 v Geelong – 53 (Played 3 times)

Verdict – Value builder.

Before is 89 points against the Cats on Sunday, Maric has been averaging (using the 100 minute calculator) 78 points in NAB cup games. So it is probably closer to 84 points per game thus far. This is a rather large improvement from the 59 he averaged last year. I expect to see him average around the 80-90 mark this year which will see his value increase significantly. Spend the little bit of extra cash on him as your second ruck rather than utilize an un proven Giles from GWS. Could be the difference in the winning the car!

Just call me Nostradamus boys and girls! Just a shame I didn’t take my own advice and started Giles instead! So what gold do I have for you this time around? I could babble on about picking Dustin Martin etc, but you guys who are reading this already know who the locks are from that point of view.  Ill focus on trying to find you some “Value” with my 5 this year. Players who this pre season are flying under the radar. Lets Go!


Alex Rance (DEF) – $367,900

Rance is in very high consideration down at Cousins Coke n Ice. Last year he was almost the lone ranger in Richmonds defence with the amount of injuries that kept cursing the Tiger backline. His job was to keep a check of the monsters from the opposition forward line. He averaged 98 in the first 8 rounds last year before the injury toll hit the Tigers, finishing with an average of 71 by seasons end courtesy of his forced role change

This year, with Chaplin brought into the mix from Port Adelaide and hopefully a fit Grimes, I can see Rance being freed up to play the role similar to what he was doing against Essendon last weekend. His work in that NAB cup game against a full strength bombers squad had him score a massive 103 points, and if that’s the role he will be playing, his price will sky rocket. Get on board I say!

Brett Deledio (MID) – $568,600

How in the hell is Lids not on anyone’s radar? In all the time I have spent trawling the wonderful world of social media, Somehow the bloke who averaged 110 points last year cant break into anyones midfield! WTF!!!

I have a theory. We have been blessed for years with having Lids as a DP and sitting him in our backline, first guy locked in most teams that when you put him into your midfield, something just does not look right, and he is quickly deleted. Well let me tell you something, Cotchin will cop the tag, and Lids will be smashing out massive scores this year. The best part about it, he will be classed as unique! This guy never gets injured, and is a DT jet. If your looking at Boyd, or Pendlebury in that M3-4 position, you should seriously consider swapping them for Lids. You wont regret it ;-)

Brandon Ellis (DEF) – $300,300

“Mr Vest Effected” copped more vests than any player in the history of the AFL last year (Not sure that’s true, but Ill run with it).

This year, Ellis looks to have put on some bulk, and with a year under his belt, I think Dimma will give the young guy a lot more game time. His points per 100 minutes this pre season has him at 82 points, so probably closer to 90 points for a full AFL match. Mid priced mayhem maybe, but could be the unique guy to take you to promised land. He has plenty of upside and did ton up last year against Gold coast, so is more than capable of getting the pill.

Ricky Petterd (FWD) – $243,400

It’s safe to say that Ricky has been biding his time at Melbourne waiting for an opportunity to get the hell out of dodge and find himself a home at a finals bound club. Last year in the 4 games he played, Melbourne used Petterd as a full forward after Mitch Clark went down last year, affecting his chances of getting any decent scores due to the fact the ball just does not get into the Melbourne forward line. Now he is at Tigerland (albeit Rookie listed, but word is he will be upgraded), this bargain basement, almost rookie priced forward is looking to be yet another cash cow for everyone to consider!

He does have a history of not playing out full seasons, but the change in scenery and a bit of belief by Dimma may see him turn into the player he was touted as becoming as a junior. The upside to him is he averaged 78 in 2011 and 76 in 2010, and is currently priced on last year’s average of 47! Now he has found a decent team in Richmond, I would expect a 80-90 point average and a massive spike in price provided he gets upgraded. Could be a great POD!

Nick Vlastuin (DEF/MID) – $147,700

I know I said I would not be bringing up players who everyone was already talking about, but I think this kid deserves his own write up being his first year.

As a dual position threat for the DEF/MID you should not walk past him. Richmonds 1st round pick in last years draft will play, and play lots. Just from what I have seen of him in the pre season, his decision making skills are excellent, he is already a solid unit, and he has averaged 76 points per 100 minutes thus far in the pre season. Of everyone I have mentioned, this kid is the 100% lock that you have to have in your backline. He has leadership qualities (Captained Vic Metro last year) and has been likened to Michael Voss. Voss averaged 88 in his first season, could Vlastuin do the same?

Hopefully that opened your eyes to a few different players, or at least assisted possibly in some late selections in any fantasy drafts you may be playing in this year.

Good luck for the season, feel free to give me a follow on twitter @douthteez.


Cousins Coke n Ice.

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