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Brisbane Lions 2012 DT Preview

Hisk0 has sent in a wrap of the Brisbane Lions this pre-season. He looks at players from the rookies through to the premiums and also has a crack at a best 22. What are you thoughts on the Lions as a source of potential Dream Team players for your squad in 2012?

I’m sure everyone can agree that the Brisbane Lions are a young team on the up with some wise old heads among them. But the most important thing about them is they have lots of DT potential. So here’s my breakdown.

The Premiums

Tom Rockliff

Where do I start? I along with Roy have a Man crush on Rocky. He averaged 112 in 2011, with the ability to increase as can be seen with his  average of 121 with the last 12 rounds. He is an out and out gun, but some people are saying he could be tagged. I doubt it highly with the likes of Rich and Black, who have much more of an effect on the game then Rocky.

Jack Redden

He was a massive improver along with Rocky to an average of 109. He cannot be tagged out of the game. His tackle count is massive so if he can up the possesion count who knows where he could stop. The only downside is when he doesn’t reach 100 it is well below, although he only  missed the mark 6 times last year.

Matthew Leuenberger

With an average of 92 last year he is a premium Ruck. He improved massively throughout the year and in the last 9 rounds his worst score was 90. He is going to his his 6th year which is a great year for Rucks. The only problem with Matthew is that the new recruits Ben Hudson and Jordan Lisle could pinch hit in the ruck a bit more than Clark did.

Fool’s Gold

Daniel Rich

I hate to say it but he might be having a good pre season at last. But he can be tagged out of the game way to easily, as he is tagged second behind Blacky. I wouldn’t consider him until he has proven himself to be able to break the tag and take out those 20 to 50 point games.

Josh Drummond

Can be, and has been proven to be, a premium when he’s fit. But he is not having a full pre season this season and is way too injury prone. Just don’t  risk it.


Jonathan Brown

Why is he here you might ask? Well, yes he is getting on, but with an improving Brisbane Lions side. With the improved midfield, ruck and another young tall in Lisle it could take at least 1 of the 3 defenders usually on Browny. Also Patrick Karnezis helps as a third tall. Browny is under priced and for the first time in a long time is coming in with a full pre-season. Also, there’s no Clark to stick an elbow in Browny’s face and if he can get through Round 3 against McPharlin he should be right.

Jordan Lisle

This young lad from Hawthorn could do anything. He will be a regular in a Lions team struggling for talls. He could be up at FF or CHF and could fit in at CHB. He could be a great cash cow at a little more than a rookie price that is guaranteed game time.

Injury Comeback

Callum Bartlett

Where do I start? This poor guy has had both knees reconstructed, but he’s and having his first full pre season. He is a bottom-priced rookie at the age of 20. I believe that he will get a crack this year if he can stay fit through the NAB cup, so watch our for him to play off the back flank or the wing.

Jared Polec

We saw through his first 3 games that he definitely has silky skills, with 67, 83 then a 37 with a vest when he picked up his foot injury. But he is getting a full pre season and will no doubt get games.


Pearce Hanley

This Irishman had his breakout year last year off the back flank and later on in the season has spurts into the midfield. He could be a great unique for your backline. He proved he can hit the 100 mark but his consistency was lacking ,so if this can improve so will his average.

Jed Adcock

I believe that this year Adcock will play predominantly in the midfield or on the wing. Youngsters like Docherty and Bartlett, and Drummond if he gets fit, should take the shut down roles. So if this is the case Adcock should lift his average but who knows what Voss will do.

Don’t go there

Sam Sheldon/James Hawksley

They are in and out of the side and hopefully out mostly for the Lions sake. Their average is 50-60 and that’s for a reason – they butcher the ball and just don’t have the football mind. They are the Lions version of Raph Clarke.


Sam Docherty

He was the Lions second pick at no.12 and is ready made for the AFL level. If he is picked come round 1 he will be a must-have. But he is not having a full pre season as he is recovering from hip surgery and is currently in the Rehab group. He also will have high competition for the rebounding defender position from Drummond, Hanley and Bartlett.

Billy Longer

Young Ruckman that will take time to develop but was much needed by the Lions. But with Ben Hudson as backup for Leunberger I doubt that they will risk him early on in the season but he could be a downgrade option later on in the year.

Dayne Zorko

This guy will be 23 by the time the season starts, and he is now the shortest guy at the Lions. He will fit right into Brisbane’s forward line as a small  forward that can run through the middle. It’s a position that the Lions have been needing for a while and this guy will dominate it.

Best 22

This is my crack at a Brisbane Lions 22 for 2012. It’s hard to predict at this stage what Voss has in store for us DTer’s but we can only be hopeful.

B: Bartlett – Merrett – Patful
HB: Hanley – Maguire – Adcock
C: Rockliff – Black – Rich
HF: Zorko – Lisle – McGrath
F: Banfield – Brown – Karnezis
R: Leunberger – Raines – Redden
INT: Hudson – Polec – Lester – Retzlaff

Cornelius, Harwood, Beams, Polkinghorne, Golby are all pushing for spots, whilst Drummond and Staker are injured.

Even with all this research into my beloved Brisbane Lions, I only have Rockliff and Bartlett in my team so far. But I’m really deeply considering having Brown in for the start of the season for his price rise at the beginning.



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