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The Game Plan (DT Style): Round 8

Well my predictions weren’t correct last week, saying that we would all return well into the 2000s. This didn’t happen due to popular picks, Curnow and Grimes going down with injuries and pulling out terrible scores of 13 and 6 respectively. Here is the DT Game Plan for the week thanks to Mr DT.

Well my predictions weren’t correct last week, saying that we would all return well into the 2000s. This didn’t happen due to popular picks, Curnow and Grimes going down with injuries and pulling out terrible scores of 13 and 6 respectively. The Collingwood bye didn’t help the cause and some poor options for Captain e.g. Bartel and Chapman- Cheers Calvin! Made most scores sub 2000 for a second week running. Gee I can’t wait until Port Adelaide have the bye!

Get Him In:

Robin Nahas has a breakeven of -10 with a price set soar. He has an average of 86.4 to date but has averaged 137 in his past two matches and an average of 124 in his past three. The small forward might be coming of age with Coach Damien Hardwick giving the 23 year old more of a run in the midfield.  At $334,300 he could be a popular sideways trade for some. With an average of 62.3 against the clubs Richmond play in the next four rounds you might have a second thought.

Colin Sylvia could be a popular buy this week with a breakeven of 84 and a season average of 105.8. A huge score of 149 last week has continued on his great from in DT. The forward can take marks as well as kick goals and amass a heap of disposals.

With a breakeven of 2, Daniel Kerr looms as a dangerous pick up in dream team. With his price set to sky rocket and a lovely 110 last week it seems as if the eagle has hit his straps. With his DT scores increasing over his last four games he has struck form DT wise.

Get Him Out:

The obvious for all DT coaches with is Jack Grimes. A season ending foot injury is worth the trade immediately whether that’s a sideways trade or a downgrade to a Puopolo or a Hibberd. Ed Curnow with a breakeven of 93 is looking like another ominous trade for most coaches. An AC joint will keep him out for 3-4 weeks. I suggest trading the gun.

To Keep Or Not:

A popular issue with many coaches is to keep the cash cows that have been performing.

Dyson Heppell has a very respectable average of 85 and with a BE of 71 this week he is becoming a reliable defender/midfielder for all DT coaches. Keep.

Jack Darling with an average of 78 and a BE of 34 the eagle has been a popular choice in most forward lines. He has been fairly consistent and can score well. Keep for now.

Daniel Harris was a popular pick at the start of the season having play for North Melbourne in recent times. With an average of 76.8 and a breakeven of 21 his price is sure to rise. Keep.

Tom Liberatore has been very reliable in the midfield for the dogs. An average of 81.6 and a breakeven of 36, his price is set to rise and after a week off last week he should come back fresh. Keep.

Nick Duigan is on the chopping black for most DT’s. Carlton has the bye this week and at a breakeven of 53 and an average of 66.4 poor Digger doesn’t have a whole lot to brag about. Trade.

David vs. Goliath:

A dream team story worth the read.

Our ladder leader and top points scorer ‘like a badger’ (average of 1972.57 now and a top score of 2,148 in round two) went into last week’s head to head match against the winless, 13th placed ‘bits ‘n’ piesses’ (average of 1738.71 and a top score of 1919). Talking to the over confident coach Jack (‘like a badger’) on the Friday night, I was to find out he chucked a sickie and took the day off school. As he went on he also said that he had spent his whole day Dream Teaming. He was arrogant and supremely confident that he was going to grab the four points and secure his position on top of our league ladder.

Jack was to check his team Sunday night with Gibbs, Curnow, Riewoldt and Goddard to play whilst Zac (‘bits ‘n’ piesses’) had Gibbs and Goddard to play. Jack starting the Monday night thriller on 1524 and his ‘easy beat’ opponent on 1723. A score of 200 from Edward Curnow and Nick Riewoldt was possible but unlikely for Jack to win the fourth round of head-to-head competition.

What was to happen? Curnow gets injured and cracks an abysmal 13 and Riewoldt pulls his second best score of the year (95) out of his arse. As Zac predicted that day, Curnow would get injured and he would Riewoldt would get a good score.  Talking to Jack on the Tuesday I discovered that he chose to have a donut in his midfield so it looked like his forwards scored well and with his Captain, Chapman only scoring 71 he was in dire straits from the outset.

bits ‘n’ piesses 1,917 defeated like a badger 1,826.

The moral of the story is to never under estimate your opponent.

Downgrade/Upgrade Options

Who would have thought this time last week Grimes and Curnow would be on the chopping block. But for the coaches lucky enough not to have these two, there are also many cash cows hitting their peak and are ready to go…

Jack Grimes (MELB, $306,600, OUT) to Paul Puopolo ($92,500),  = $214,100


Jack Grimes (MELB, $306,600, OUT) to Jed Adcock ($366,400) = $-59,800


Ed Curnow (CARL, $278,800,INJURED) to Isaac Smith ($92,500) = $186,300


Ed Curnow (CARL, $278,800, INJURED) to Scott Pendlebury ($466,000) = $-187200

The big question is whether to downgrade Grimes/Upgrade Curnow or Upgrade Grimes/Downgrade Curnow. I would personally be looking at the likes of Pendlebury- that’s if you don’t have him, Sammy Mitchell, Chapman and Ablett. Downgrading Grimes to one of Jacobs, Thompson or Puopolo would be easier than scrambling around trying to find a decent replacement. The Adcock boat has sailed, Lids is too inconsistent and you run the risk of a massive tag put on Heater Shaw. Find a suitable, cheap replacement for Grimes then look at a premium in your midfield for Curnow.

Let’s say you have only one of the injured pair. If you have Curnow and no Grimes then I would offloading a cash cow in your backs e.g. Duigan or Stanley, then upgrade a Curnow to Ablett after the GC bye in Round 9. If you have Grimes and no Curnow then I would be downgrading to Jacobs in a couple of weeks time, then upgrade one of your forward cash cows e.g. Darling, Tapscott for Chapman or possibly Sylvia.

Then if your one of those lucky buggers who have neither, then sit back and use your trades elsewhere. But I would certainly be looking to do some serious upgrading to Hodge, Ablett and Chapman in the coming weeks.

The Ins and Outs


In: Steve Johnson, Cameron Ling
Out: Cameron Mooney (Knee), Allen Christensen

What does this mean for your team? Many teams were upset with the late withdrawal of Johnson last week, but luckily he returns this week against the Pies. Young Christensen goes out and after only playing 4 games, could be handy downgrade option later on with a reasonable price of $135,300.


In: Chris Tarrant
Out: Ben Johnson (Back)

What does this mean for your team? Not much at all, although Ben Johnson will be a huge out for the Magpies. Simon Buckley holds his spot and will hopefully enjoy another big price rise


In: Aaron Edwards, Lachlan Hansen
Out: Liam Anthony, Cameron Pedersen

What does this mean for your team? Popular downgrade option Cam Pedersen leaves the Roos side and will hurt sides that are looking to keep Grimes for another week. Don’t know why but some are waiting. Liam Anthony was a cheap, unique pick in the pre-season but has failed to fire and gets the boot this week. C-Rich also named emergency could be on the fringe. Watch out for that!


In: Michael Newton, Stefan Martin, Jamie Bennell
Out: Matthew Bate, Mark Jamar (Injured), Jack Grimes (Injured)

What does this mean for your team? The big out of Grimes hurts most serious DTer’s, There’s two options, downgrade to maybe a Thompson, Puopolo (If he plays that is), Jacobs or Cripps or free up a bit of cash and take the risk with Enright, Shaw or Deledio. I would go all the way down to a potential cash cow in Thompson, and then use the money elsewhere. You just can’t trust the Premium defenders this year with only one having an average over 100 and that man has the bye.


In: James Sellar, Jack Gunston, Richard Tambling
Out: Brad Symes, Taylor Walker, Jared Petrenko

What does this mean for your team? Not much from the INS unless you are dumb enough to put Tambling in your side. Brad Symes produced a very good score of 122 a few weeks ago but then he went to water and finds himself out of the team.


In: Tom Nicholls, Campbell Brown, Steven May, Seb Tape
Out: Josh Toy, Daniel Harris (Hip), Jack Hutchins, Daniel Gorringe (Hamstring)

What does this mean for your team? Some popular DT cash cows in Harris and Toy leave the Suns side, which will hurt some sides for selection with plenty of Coaches banking on both for coverage on the field. Unlucky fellas! Seb Tape returns but hasn’t been pumping out good enough scores and a bit too pricey now anyway. Tom Nicholls also comes in and could be one too watch. Finally we have sight of Dion Prestia, but unfortunately as emergency. Guy McKenna is out of favour with plenty of DT coaches.


In: Sam Sheldon, Ryan Harwood, Rohan Bewick
Out: Tom Collier, Andrew Raines (Concussion), Claye Beams (Ankle)

What does this mean for your team? Rohan Bewick returns to replace the injured Claye Beams. Both have been interesting and unique cash cows for some but I wouldn’t be downgrading to either of them. A mixture of a reasonably high BE of 52 for Bewick and a very poor average of 43 form Beams means that these young Lion’s should not be in your team. Popular downgrade option, Broc McCauley is named emergency and will frustrate many coaches. Also young gun, Josh Green is named emergency and if he breaks through will definitely be one to watch!


In: David Myers
Out: Brent Stanton (Shoulder)

What does this mean for your team? The big out in Stanton will hurt a few sides, hopefully not too many. Hibberd named emergency but hopefully Hirdy will give this exciting cash cow a go. Also Travis Colyer named emergency, the little dynamo was a DT jet last season but would definitely too pricey now.


In: Lewis Roberts-Thomson, Luke Parker
Out: Jarred Moore, Mike Pyke (Quad)

What does this mean for your team? Nothing, except watch first gamer, Luke Parker and emergency Lewis Johnston. Both could be an interesting downgrade target in coming weeks


In: Steven Salopek, Matt Thomas, Ben Jacobs
Out: David Rodan (Knee), Paul Stewart, Cameron Hitchcock

What does this mean for your team? The huge in is obviously Ben Jacobs. The first round draft pick was kept out of the side due to glandular fever but returned to the SANFL with stunning results. Makes his debut against the Swans and is definitely one you should be looking at. Wouldn’t get him just yet, but keep a keen eye on him.


In: Michael Osborne, Ryan Schoenmakers, Luke Breust, Matt Suckling, David Hale
Out: Rick Ladson, Brent Renouf (Hamstring)

What does this mean for your team? For those that took a punt on David Hale, expect a healthy price rise and a decent score this week. Due to Renouf’s injury Hale will shoulder the bulk of ruckwork this week with regular chop outs from Jarryd Roughead. Renouf starred as the only ruckmen last week and Hale could be in for a big one! Suckling returns and will most likely push Puopolo out of the side.


In: Farren Ray, Zac Dawson, Nicholas Winmar, Ryan Gamble, Dean Polo
Out: Raphael Clarke, Leigh Montagna (Suspension)

What does this mean for your team? Montagna leaves the side due to a fair suspension for bumping our favourite cash cow in Curnow. Hopefully you can cover it because he’s only out for the one week. Gamble, Polo and Winmar are named on the extended bench and are unlikely to take their spot in the side.


In: Dylan Addison, Ryan Hargrave, James Mulligan, Nathan Djerrkura, Thomas Liberatore
Out: Tom L. Williams (Ankle), Zephaniah Skinner

What does this mean for your team? Libba comes back and this will make some DT coaches very happy including me. Rocket guaranteed Libba a game this week so don’t worry if you see him on the extended bench.


In: Mitchell Farmer, Jeromey Webberley, Bradley Helbig

What does this mean for your team? Helbig returns which is pretty much it in the DT sense of things. Bu probably won’t even get a game


In: Chris Masten, Patrick McGinnity, Andrew Gaff

What does this mean for your team? Gaff comes back in and Worsfold is looking to use him a more permanent role instead of being the sub week in, week out. If you have him take the punt and chuck him on the field.


In: Ryan Crowley, Jesse Crichton, Jonathon Griffin, Jack Anthony
Out: Dylan Roberton

What does this mean for your team? Not too much except former Collingwood forward Jack Anthony comes in. Priced at around $200,000, if he fires, he could possibly be a unique pick down the track. Remember he kicked over 50 goals in a season just 3 years ago.

Final Word

A big thankyou goes out to Donald’s Ducks for his wonderful input into this week’s edition of the Game Plan. A smaller thankyou goes out to Amazing-J- who did some but slacked off due to other commitments, expect more from him next week. With the Carlton bye, most teams should have coverage and I expect to read the Round Review and see plenty of 2000s come up. Good Luck! And remember don’t underestimate your opponent this week!

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    May 13, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    isnt there gona be a live chat room this week?

  2. Avatar


    May 13, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    The famous Dr. DT is online now, giving live advice

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      May 13, 2011 at 5:21 pm

      the twat won’t answer me. He can shove his Ph D up his arse

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        May 13, 2011 at 5:25 pm

        same, mine won’t even go through. Lucky his opinion is as useful Osama’s hideout

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    May 13, 2011 at 5:24 pm


    Im one of the few fools out there not to start the season with Swan or Pendles.
    The Grimes – Jacobs trade will give me enough coin to upgrade to Swan or Pendles. Which one do i choose.
    Currently leaning towards Pendles as I think swan is set for a few price drops, and with I Smith and possibly Puopolo as potential downgrades next week, i’ll pick up the other magpie after their round 13? bye.

    Which one – Swan or Pendlebury???????

    • Avatar


      May 13, 2011 at 5:29 pm

      id go pendles cuz like ya said swan will drop sum more.

      im tossing up between bringing in Boyd or Swan, duno which one to get?

  4. Avatar


    May 13, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    dr DT……. yeah he might be good and he might be useful but i am first year DT and this site and its members have been a hell of a lot more help to me than the Doc…

    Just wish i found this site before round 5 i’d have a better starting team no doubt and therefore more trades left today, next year i’ll wobble my way to the top :)

  5. Avatar

    Big Feller

    May 13, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    I need to choose out of Poo and Jacobs – which one????

    • Avatar


      May 13, 2011 at 5:28 pm

      i went jacobs for JS, suckling back and a few more weeks cam back also

    • Avatar


      May 13, 2011 at 5:29 pm

      Jacobs. He has DPP, better JS and possbileybetter scoring potential

    • Avatar


      May 13, 2011 at 5:30 pm

      Im going Jacobs this week as i need the cash. Puopolo is a maybe for next week.

      Jacobs plays for port, port suck, they are playing thier kids, jacobs has had good reports, surely they will give him at least a few games. Thats my rationale for Jacobs.

      Dont think Puopolo has the JS, so i’d rather wait another week to get a slightly better picture.

      • Avatar

        Big Feller

        May 13, 2011 at 5:35 pm

        Jacobs it is – thanks lads

  6. Avatar


    May 13, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    need help!!!!!!!!!!!

    have grimes and 16k
    willing to dowgrade irons, richardson, pitt

    what should i do???????????????

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    May 13, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Would be good if the boys put the link to the dt talk chat up

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    May 13, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Should I get Smith or Kerr??? pls help

    Do you reckon Smith can keep up those scores and keep his spot in the 22?

    Do you reckon Kerr will get tagged now that he is back in form or get injured/suspended?

    Thanks in advance

  9. Avatar

    Donalds Ducks

    May 13, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    What do we think of this week’s edition of The Game Plan (DT Style)?

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