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Bulldogs v Lions NAB Challenge

Brenton Peake went along to the Western Bulldogs v Brisbane NAB Challenge game at Visy Park on the weekend. Don’t forget to sign up to the Fantasy Freako over at for all of the Dream Team scores from the NAB Challenge games.

Just thought I’d provide a bit of a review of the game for the Dream Teamers out there. First of all Higgins is in great touch and should definitely be in your team based on performance. The only reason not to include him is if his body is too risky but he looks fit and he has to have a injury free season sometime. Sherman was good and got a bit of it for those keen on the ex-Lion reinventing himself at the dogs and also Vezpremi won a lot of it and slotted in well. Jarrad Grant was dissappointing as he looked good last week and I thought he might go to another level this year but he barely touched it. At this stage Liberatore looks the more likely of the father/sons and used the ball well, surprisingly he seems more adapted to AFL level than Wallis and I’d look at him for a bench spot over Wallis from what I saw. Ward did a few nice things but didnt dominate.

The Lions were awful and its going to be a long year for their supporters and Voss is sure to be under the pump. Not that anyone would have him in their team but if you do have Buchanan kick him out, cause he’s shithouse. The positive of Brisbane being ordinary is there kids might get a go and there are a few cheap options. Ryan Lester showed a lot of promise and took 3 or 4 strong grabs, if he continues the form he was in he should be in there round 1 side. Josh Green has a real crack and will get some game time during the year. Claye Beams was dissappointing and didnt see much of it but he started in the centre square and was there for most of the game so I’m assuming they will be looking to him to play a bit this year for those looking for cheap mids on the bench. Polec didnt do much but he is classy and is sure to play. He didnt look a ball winner from todays evidence but once Black and Power return he may have a lot more support. Tom Collier has shown no improvement for the once highly rated draftee. Of the more senior players Raines won a lot of the ball but played shithouse so he may be an option for dream teamers but dont look at him if you play the other fantasy game because he butchered the crap out of it. Rich was the only shining light but I do wonder whether he will continue to struggle in such a poor side. Jed Adcock barely touched it but it was his first game back. I’m not as convinced as others about him so his not in my side but thats just a personal preference. Mitch Clark struggled up forward and doesnt seem to have a spot so I’d be wary of him.

Anyway thats about it, book in Gold Coast and Brisbane as being a good clash!

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