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St Kilda Saints: Dream Team Preview

The Saints are a club that offers us plenty of Dream Team guns. Which premiums should you pick ? Scottydude182 has written us up a preview on the St Kilda Football Club and their Dream Team worth.

This is the next of our submitted Club Dream Team Previews. Thanks to scottydude182 for sending this one in! You will receive a stubby holder and if your article is one of the two that gets the most Facebook “Likes’ (just above this blurb), you’ll get yourself an AFL Prospectus! Read on!

Well… what can I say about the Saints that hasn’t been said in the last two years? There has been 3 Grand finals with zero wins, four if you want to count the pre-season loss to the dogs (I do not). There has been major delistings (Lovett) and the boys have had their junk put all over the news (Saint Nick’s junk is like the sun, you know you’re not supposed to look but you can’t help yourself). However throughout all this the Saints dream team points have not suffered.

This year is probably the last chance we will have at a flag so I wouldn’t expect to see too much new blood. One of the major upsides for the saints this year is when they have their byes, the first one is in round 4 that doesn’t count for your league so if that’s your aim it won’t hurt you and the Dogs and Brisbane have their byes at the same time and I can’t think of many players from either team I would want to pick except Fev I have heard he has had a quiet preseason and hasn’t even been on the piss once (LOL and sorry to the doggie supporters but you’re on the way out). The other bye is in round 14 and although it might hurt you in your league…its one round and nowhere near the finals so picking Sainters should not be a worry. The Saints also started training a little later than other clubs and could this help them over the extended season? I hope so! (I’ll cling to any little hope for a flag). Finally the great man himself is back, Robert Harvey is on the Saints coaching panel for this year and this means some of our softer players may have to harden up or he will belt them (Kozi, Nicky Dal im looking at you!).


Sam Fisher 2010 ave 85.2 (20 games)

I will honestly say I’m not sure with this guy this year, he does have the occasional game where he smashes out a massive score (143 against the pies anyone) but teams have also realised that if you let this man run free you lose. Also the Saints defence is crap, Zac Dawson is a joke and fisher will need to do more a defensive role in the future to back up these guys. Pretty reliable player.

Sam (why did he have naked photos of dudes anyway) Gilbert 2010 ave 93.2 (22 games)

My biggest mistake last year was not picking this guy, he went to a whole new level and is one of the premium marks in the AFL and can play any position however we love him taking big marks across half back as the third man up. He slays this role and the only thing that worries me is that he might get moved up forward which will hurt his points. He won’t be cheap but he will play in the backline as he is awesome at it, he is young, he fit and you must pick him.

Brendon Goddard 2010 ave 113.4 (21 games)

I was so happy when I heard he had dual position eligibility but it would not have mattered. He is a gun that mark in the first grand final was epic and reinforces the fact that he is a freak. Just pick him, don’t worry about where he will play as we need him in the midfield, don’t worry about the tag as he is too good for them anyway, don’t worry about injuries because he is tough and finally don’t worry about price as he is your walk up captain every week (Ill take bets he will outscore Swanny this year).


Ohhh…there is some juicy ones in here, maybe don’t pick them early and hope their prices drop, Saints do finish their byes at round 14 and they could be good for the run home.

Lenny (my boy) Hayes 2010 ave 108 (21 games)

He is tough, he is great to watch and he tackles like a champ. However Lenny is getting old, Lenny has just turned 31 and surely his best is behind him. Lenny is an out and out gun and will still average over 100 but there isn’t going to be a lot of improvement in him this year. People have been saying this for years now but there are probably better premiums floating around.

Leigh Montagna 2010 ave 112 (22 games)

Mr Reliable, has only missed 3 games in the last 5 years, he kicks goals, doesn’t get tagged and can pump out the really big scores. With Harvey coaching him (they are similar) I can only see him getting better and confirming his place as one of the best (if underrated) if under rated midfielders in the AFL. I still see a bit of improvement in this guy as he is only 27 and if he can fly under the radar like the last couple of years is a  great premium pick.

Nick Dal Santo 2010 ave 103 (21 games)

Missed 3 games in the last 7 years means he is reliable, however Nicky dal gets tagged. Every week they tag him because if they don’t he is one of the best kicks in the AFL. Also he is soft and very rarely tackles (and I think he talks a bit like a girl). The tag surely has to go to Goddard but I cant see Nick improving much, will probably stay the same and will be a good pickup after the byes.

Clint Jones 2010 ave 85.2 (20 games)

Don’t pick him but I wanted to bring him up as he is the best tagger in the AFL and needs some respect.

David Armitage 2010 ave 71 (9 games)

He was on the most hyped players last year but did nothing and got dropped. In 2009 he averaged 92 and is in the mould of Lenny Hayes. He is a bit of a Smokey and if he gets a shot this year or looks good in the preseason I will be jumping all over this guy. It is important to note that he is a little bit injury prone.


Ben McEvoy 2010 ave 58.7 (16 games)

Ok ill say it first, Gardiner and King are past it and this guy is the future and the future is bright. He is only 22 and with another preseason under his belt he will develop nicely into a good ruckman this year. Won’t get you the 100 scores of Sandi but will make you a lot of money and will be one you can upgrade some time during the year. The saints simply have no choice they have to play this kid and develop him further.


Nick Riewoldt 2010 ave 94.4 (11 games) does anyone else think he looks like Steve Smith?

When his hamstring tore against the pies last year I died a little on the inside. He was my captain that week but that didn’t even matter. Nick Riewoldt is a gun, he runs all day, is a great mark and if he starts kicking straight will get a couple of extra points. Saint Nick will easily average over 100 and if his hammy holds together will play the majority of games…just pick him.

Ryan Gamble 2010 ave 48 (2 games)

Our new recruit from Geelong, I haven’t seen a lot of him but if my mates who support Geelong are anything to go by (they probably aren’t) then this guy should have been playing for the Kitty’s for years. This guy will get a game at the saints and I hope he will perform. If he doesn’t who cares he is dirt cheap! I reckon we drop Milne and play this guy but either way he will be on my bench.

Justin Kozchitzke 2010 ave 57.2 (17 games)

This guy is a joke up forward, it’s not his position give up on it please Ross Lyon. A couple of years ago he averaged 90 in the ruck and that’s his position. He is dirt cheap but unless he plays in the ruck I would not even think about letting my enemies pick him as it is painful.

Adam Schneider 2010 ave 84 (21 games)

My smokey for a mid-pricer to shoot up in price to premium status. Played a little through the mids last year and with Gamble in the side might get more time there and across half back. Has got pace and that’s something the saints lack through the midfield so if you see a role change jump on.

Other players of note

James Gwilt (Bac) On the way up and could be a good choice.

Rhys Stanley (FWD) If they pick him and he plays well will be a gun.

Tom Lynch (FWD) Big tough Irish bloke, if he learns to play will be good.

Thanks for reading guys hope you enjoyed It and good luck for DT 2011.

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