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Mitch Morton: Deck Of Dream Team 2011

Mitch Morton averaged 99 in his last 6 games of 2010. When you’re priced at 75, that is quite handy. More midfield time has been flagged for him, so has to be a huge consideration!

Name: Mitch Morton
Club: Richmond
Position: Forward/Mid?
Bye Rounds: 11 & 19
2010 Average: 75.9
2010 Games Played: 12
Predicted Average: 87

Why should I pick him? This guy ended the 2010 of fire. His last 6 scores were huge… 124, 71, 104, 103, 97, 97. Over this period, Mitch had a significant role change. In the past Mitch has been a goal hungry forward. In 2009 he averaged 78 as a permanent forward where he kicked 41 goals for the year averaging just 14.8d a game. But in the latter half of 2010, Mitch was moved into the Tigers midfield with amazing results. In his last 6 games he averaged 23.5d at a very nice average of 99pts per game. Now the wicked thing here is that Mitch will be priced at his average of 75, which tells us he should be under-valued if he keeps his role in the middle. But don’t just take my word for it, his assistant coach also said… “towards the end of the season he played some really good footy for us as an outside mid. We’re looking for that again, as well as him going forward.” Forward? Boooo keep him in the guts!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? The main reason you’d over-look him, would be if you believe the end of 2010 for Mitch was a fluke. You’re biggest question here is… “Can he repeat it?” If the answer is yes, then he’s a lock for you. Plus… keep in my he’s never completed a full season but did come close in 2009 (21 games). And he’s ugly, not the best looking bloke going around.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – Perfect queeny. “Mid range player… who could go either way.” It’s true that if he can repeat the end of 2010, Mitch will be one of the picks of 2011 as he’ll be priced at an average of 75. He should be named as a forward as well, and surely can not be named as a mid, so that’s always a huge plus. DT Forwards playing in the midfield are golden!

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