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Nick Riewoldt: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Alright… no Dickileaks jokes here. Well, maybe a couple. The Voldt is one of the must have picks in 2011. After his hamstring injury last year, his average was down on his capabilities and is possibly 10 points under priced. That means: get on!

Name: Nick Riewoldt
Club: St Kilda
Position: Forward
Bye Rounds: 4 (multi) & 14
2010 Average: 94.3
2010 Games Played: 11
Predicted Average: 105

Why should I pick him? Let’s put Nick Riewoldt’s waxed penis behind us… er, yeah… you know what I mean. Voldt is one of the best forwards in Dream Team. He had the 9th best average this year – which took a hit because of his hamstring… he has 20 points when he did it and had a couple of low scores coming back. Other than that, he was one of the best. In 5 of his 11 games, he scored over 100 points with a couple of thumpers (147, 122, 142). He has generally been durable playing over 20 games per season in the 4 years prior to 2010. What we have to look at is his 2009 season where he played 21 games at an average of 106.5 points to know that he is a must have.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Not too many reasons not to pick him. Maybe you think the Saints are completely on their way out and he won’t have the same opportunities? Maybe his body is screwed? Blah… skip this part! No reason not to pick him at all!

Deck of DT Rating. ACE – What a machine! You must start with the Voldt in my opinion. He does have the Round 4 bye – so make sure you’ll have cover as the Lions and the Bulldogs are the other teams in that multi-team bye round. Just pick him! The last two letters of his name is DT! Get on!

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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