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Missing in Action: Round 7

We experienced another weekend where Dream Teams across the world took a hit for one reason or another. Seaby out for 12 weeks, Petterd gone for the season, Masten hurt his knee and will miss a few. The tribunal has also had a bit of a say with our teams with some popular players being suspended.

We experienced another weekend where Dream Teams across the world took a hit for one reason or another.


Reports are that Mark Seaby will be missing 12 weeks. See this as a blessing. After scoring his ‘sausage’ (a term coined by Amanda for when a player scores a ‘1’) he has actually dropped from his original price. The way I’m treating it is to upgrade him to a falling premium. Dean Cox is on my radar. It will mean a double trade (at the moment, a downgrade of Bastinac to Howlett… pending selection).

If you have Seaby and then have Brad Ottens aswell, you are one unlucky dude or dudette. Ottens is going to be out for 6 weeks – which is too long. Warnock might be back this week, but it’s worth now ‘upgrading’ Ottens to Cox (or Sandilands or McIntosh). It was always a risk in picking Ottoman, so feel good that you made $13K out of him!

If you were tricked into picking up Chris Masten, then bad luck he will miss a fair few games – which means trading. Again, see it as a chance to upgrade. There aren’t too many dudes to jump on, but for a sideways trade… I recommend Rhys Palmer. Look to get up to a gun if you can. Lenny Hayes is ripe for the picking this week.

If you have Ricky Petterd, bad dream teaming… however, he hasn’t been that bad but is now likely to miss the rest of the season. For a straight swap, look at Leon Davis (even though he hasn’t quite bottomed out yet), Robbie Gray or even Shannon Byrnes. Otherwise, see it as an opportunity to upgrade!

Some other guys to think about… Gary Ablett missed on the weekend and according to Bomber Thompson, he is likely but no certainty to play this week against the Swans. I have only ever heard of one man picking Ricky Dyson, and he can remain nameless for credibility sakes,  but the vacuum cleaner will be out for about 8 weeks with a knee. Look to upgrade him!

Stay tuned later tonight when this post will be updated with the official injury list.


Eagle Andrew Embley has accepted a two match ban for a high bump on Rhys Palmer. Bomber Andrew Welsh is going to contest his 4 match ban (could have accepted 3) for kneeing Xavier Ellis. If he gets the four, then it could be a good thing for my Bastinac to Howlett trade! He should get an opportunity because of that. The biggest Fantasy name facing suspension is Matt Maguire. He could have accepted a one match ban for for rough conduct, but doesn’t risk any more time if he challenges. So fingers crossed he gets off as there are plenty of teams out there who are starting him.

How have injuries and suspensions affected your team this week?

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