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OMG… How Disgusting

Chop here to vent some anger over some under-performing players. In this weeks post there is are some players that are playing injury clouds, which in my opinion is just stupid and selfish play.

Chop here to vent some anger over some under-performing players. In this weeks post there are some players that are playing under  injury clouds, which in my opinion is just stupid and selfish play. I have no doubt that if you are injured and you remove yourself from the team, Dream Team coaches would be happy to take the emergency but to play, and play like crap is not acceptable. Below is a list of the biggest under-performers from the round, and if they are in your team they should be fairly and squarely on your chopping block.

Jonathan Brown– OMG…. 38pts….Ben Warren outscored you by 31pts, and he hates the football and does everything he can to avoid it. Now don’t get me wrong I love the big brown dog and I have been singing his praises all year because he is a champion. Why on earth would you play against Melbourne of all teams when it was clear that you were moving as well as Dane Swan in calipers? Go away, give yourself a chance to recover, get your Mrs to give it a rub for you so we can all move on and be mates again. Seriously Browny, nobody is going to trade you, for fear of running into down a dark alley but don’t be selfish and don’t be that shit ever again.

Cyril Rioli– After scores of 71 and 130 in the first 2 rounds, a lot of DT coaches around this great brown land of ours would have thought, 2010 is the year. Unfortunately Cyril, Cyril Rioli has resorted to simply tapping the ball out in front of himself like he is trying to herd a butterflies into his bug catcher (bit weird, but use your imagination). Someone need to pull this future Brownlow Medalist aside and tell him that that is acceptable if your name is Presty but not if you want to stay in peoples Dream Teams…. I love the guy but what a disappointment he has been. Oh yeah, and Ben Warren outscored you by 17pts…. C’mon

Brendon Goddard– I can remember watching this guy play last week and saying to the boys that this guy is a dead set champion. Only to flick the I-Phone on, during dinner (under the table) to see that our mate Brendon was moving as quickly as a women’s hockey match. He is still a champion but you did let a lot of people down this week. You are still my favourite ranga running around in the AFL but don’t ever do it to us again. Oh yeah… you do realise that Warren outscored you too. C’mon!

Steve Johnson– If there is not a story in the next few weeks about Steve Johnson going out and smashing the piss then there should be. Steve can not be going home from games happy that he is contributing, and if this continues to happen a big bender that involves an altercation with an Indian Cab Driver is not far away. “Oh but Chop… I had 103 last week and kicked 6 goals.” Exactly my point you little twat, if you have to kick 6 goals to get 100 then you better get the hell out of my teams. Oh yeah… and Ben Warren just about doubled your score… Wazza is twice the player you are! Ouch

Robbie Gray– I know of a few DT Coaches that have sat on this guy (not literally) waiting for him to come back and fulfil his potential. After missing the first 3 rounds and then only scraping together a 65 and 52 you should give yourself an uppercut. Offload this guy before he contaminates the your whole team. I’m sick of doing the math so if someone can work out how much more Warren scored than the Robstar, then that would be appreciated.

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 3

  • Gary Ablett (78%, 1,955 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (4%, 89 Votes)
  • Scott Selwood (7%, 172 Votes)
  • Mitch Robinson (3%, 67 Votes)
  • Greg Broughton (9%, 232 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,514

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