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Ching Ching Win Win!!

Did you follow Calvin’s hot tips from the other day. Dodgey Dave and Stab in the Dark Sam did and they too… are cool and rich now!! Eww!

This week I smashed it up winning heaps off

A few days ago I asked some of my mates for some hot tips to win some money. Dodgey Dave who likes to bet on kids, jumped on Ziebell to beat Nic Nat and Steven Hill. I followed his advice and chucked $50 on Jack at $3.00. BARGIN!! $150 baby!!

Another one I jumped on was Barlow to top score in his game against Richmond. This tip was from Stab In The Dark Sam and we both got on him paying $8.00. Now I only chucked $20 on this one, but CHING CHING.

I also had $50 on Montagna to beat Goddard and Dal Santo paying $2.25. I also had Melbourne to win but by less than 40… argg! So close!!

Do you have a sportingbet account? Wanna win money and be cool like V8? Course you do!

Sign up now!

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