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Who Else Got Connored??

Now what? Daniel Connors goes so mental not even a Ben Cousins punch to the face can stop him. Dam Ben, hit him harder cause he’s now cost me a trade!!

At the beginning of the year you are faced with many decisions. Some are easy (locking in Michael Barlow) and others are a little more complicated (mature age rookie worth $150k or a cheaper less reliable rookie). When you make this decisions and you err on the side of caution and spend more money you expect that the player you have selected will get a game every week.

  1. There is always a chance that they could get injured, and you could excuse them for that.
  2. There is always a chance that they could be dropped for form and you could excuse them for that.
  3. There is always a chance that they could be rested because of their younger bodies, and you could excuse them for that

What you can’t excuse them for is getting pissed and punching a team mate square in the face. Fair enough if it was Jake King, the club could have possibly elevated him to the rookie list for that. But instead he steers clear of the little germ and punches someone else. Daniel… surely when you got back to the hotel room and the others are dozing off to bed you should steer clear of the mini bar and hit the hay too. I can just see the shiner now running around the hotel with a small bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand imagining that the bottle wasn’t small but he in fact had grown to unbelievable portions.

If a rookie that you pick up averages 74 after round 3 and goes up close to $40k you would normally be pumped, but since you decided to act like an NRL player now we are in a dilemma.

You obviously have 2 options…… Trade or sit on your bench for a minimum of 8 weeks. Here are the pros and cons of both

Trade – He is nowhere near his maximum price and if you trade him now you are missing out on all of that upside to a guy that you picked hoping to make you a lot of cash. if you do trade him now you may be able to pick another young rookie and make you $100k that you can use at a later date for an upgrade.

Don’t Trade – You get to hold onto a trade for a later date and you never know he could come back from the suspension and pick up where he left off. You have a space on your bench that is not making you any money for a whole 8 weeks and you limit yourself to only 1 emergency option in your mid-field, so if 2 of your mids go down then you are forced to trade to cover a donut.

My advice is to trade….. but who to…. here are some options

  1. Ryan Bastinac ($142,200) this guy has played 3 games and is averaging 70ppg. He definitely looks the goods and has been given tagging roles and his spot looks pretty solid. He has only gone up $40k and will definitely go up more.
  2. Luke Shuey ($140,100) This guy has had a solid start to the year and he has only gone up $45k so you haven’t totally missed the boat with this guy. Average 65ppg
  3. Rohan Bail ($101,500) This guy is my pick for the down grade, he has only played 2 games with an average 77ppg, scoring a solid 87 last week against the Crows…. Looks the goods.
  4. Brodie Moles ($83,800) This guy is another that has now played 2 games, his job security isn’t that great but if you think that this guy is worth a punt he averages 72.5ppg in his first 2.
  5. Travis Colyer($89,500) Only played one game and Brent Prismall was dropped for him. Risky move and maybe one that you might like to make in one more week. He did look good though. Average 68ppg

My advice to anyone that was as dumb as me and pick up “Fight Night ’09” is to get him out… My pick BAIL!

Barlow and Hayes: Who will you be picking?

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