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Missing in Action: Round 4

We’ve got issues! Normally it comes about Round 15-20 when injuries, suspensions and stupid shit takes charge and kills our Dream Teams. It is only Round 4 and we’re already copping it pretty badly.

We’ve got issues! Normally it comes about Round 15-20 when injuries, suspensions and stupid sh*t takes charge and kills our Dream Teams. It is only Round 4 and we’re already copping it pretty badly.

Round 3 was an extraordinary round. We had a crazy number of guys who ended up with ‘negative’ notes against their names on the FanFooty scores. These are the types of things that end up being unlucky. There will be plenty of people saying “oh but he’s injury prone… gotta expect that” or “he is a loose cannon, suspensions all day“. Players don’t go out there to get injured or suspended. But, yes… some are more likely than others though.

So leading into Round 4, most teams would be touched by one thing or another. Let’s look at the most fantasy relevant blokes and make a call on what you do.

Nick Riewoldt. Hamstring, 12-16 weeks. Basically no option but to trade. You want to be getting in a keeper… so look at Ryan O’keefe or Jonathan Brown. If you want some value, I like Shaun Higgins, Jared Brennan or Cyril Rioli. You wouldn’t want to be going much lower than that!
[click here for Chopper’s article on what to do]

Patrick Dangerfield. Neck, test. I feel that he will miss at least this week… maybe two. Would be worth a downgrade to Tom Rockliff, only if you aren’t trading anyone else out. That trade would make you some cash, but trades are precious!

Daniel Conners. Club suspension, 8 weeks. This one hurts a few – including Chopper. Has proven to be a good pick thus far, averaging 74 and doing better than those high draft picks around his value. In my opinion, you have to trade and jump on someone who isn’t going to get on the piss and screw things up for you! Think of a rookie midfielder you may have missed.
[click here for Chopper’s article on what to do]

Matt Campbell. Ankle, 4-6 weeks. A few selected him based on some quality pre-season games. He has been good, but it is time to go. Not much to do at this value though. Maybe another downgrade to Tom Rockliff if he gets another gig? Or a double trade to get two half decent players from Campbell and Riewoldt?

Josh Gibson. Hamstring, 12 weeks. This sucks majorly for the Hawks. If you picked him in your DT, gotta trade… as simple as that! Get on a Malceski if you can.

Other guys to worry about.

  • Kurt Tippett. Knee, test. See this as a perfect opportunity to get rid of this dead wood, even if he is named!
  • Lance Franklin. Suspended, 1 week. He has let us down with his scores, especially after holding him Round 1. Because he lost his contest at the tribunal, he gets and extra 75 points on his record. Silly to trades, but he owes us big time.
  • Mitch Clark. Suspended, 1 week. Trade him for Seaby. Opps, already done that… d’oh!
  • Jason Akermanis. Hamstring, 2 weeks. His body is starting to get old. If you have him… I’d offload.
  • Robbie Gray. Back, test. Ahhhh… don’t go there!
  • Heath Shaw. Back, test. I am assured that he will be good to go this week. Let’s hope so!
  • Mark McVeigh. Infected arm, test. Should be right, but like Buddy, he has let us down! Not even sure his scores will be as good as first thought. Hmm… a rookie would have been better than him!

Click here for the official AFL injury list for Round 4.

There are plenty more blokes who will mess with the heads of Dream Team coaches this week. Make sure you tune into our special DT TALK LIVE which will be on Thursday night from 8:30 EST where we will look at the teams and give you plenty of advice on who to trade and who to hold.



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