Round 19 Lockout Chat

Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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Round 19 Guaranteed Contests

  • AFL $5,000 Essendon vs Sydney
  • AFL $250 All Of Round (ex Thu)
  • AFL $1,500 Richmond vs Collingwood
  • AFL $4,000 Saturday Special (All Games)
  • AFL $1,000 Geelong vs Brisbane
  • AFL $1,500 GWS vs St Kilda
  • AFL $1,500 Gold Coast vs Carlton
  • AFL $1,500 Adelaide vs Melbourne
  • AFL $1,500 NME vs WCE
  • AFL $4,000 Sunday Special
  • AFL $1,500 WBD vs Port Adelaide
  • AFL $1,500 Fremantle vs Hawthorn
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  • Start O’Riordan vs Bombers or Leinert vs Bulldogs?

  • Is Lachie Weller a viable option??? Asking for a friend

  • Playing RDT and covering for injuries this week – choose two out of Snag Higgins, Ahern and Holman on ground

    • Ahern and Holman seems safe – Ahern is averaging more and Holman has an easy matchup.
      Rookie roulette isn’t easy to predict

  • Finding it hard to choose between Macrae and Danger. Thinking the extra 60k by going Danger will come in handy for a luxury trade or Doedee upgrade next week.

  • Taranto to Danger/Devon or Crisp to Witherden?

    Can only do one.

  • Laird/ Lloyd/ Brayshaw/ DBJ/ O’Riordan/ doedee (j smith/ lynch)
    Titch/ gaff/ Cong/ beams/ yeo/ zerrett/ Phillips/ Heeney (ahern/ Sier)
    Gawn/ goldy (crossley/ Cameron)
    D smith/ westy/ McLean/ Taranto/ rocky/ Wingard (battle/ keeffe)

    268k in the bank

    Doedee and crossley out for

    Frampton and which premium midfielder ??

  • Danger and Lienert
    Devon and Farrell (new debutant)?

  • Adams or Martin or Shuey?

  • Whats best

    A) ahern + liam ryan to hurn + lienert
    B) english + rice to witherden + abbott

    Cant get lienert + withers together


  • Pros/cons of bringing in Fergus Greene vs Kane Farrell? Either would sit on my pine anyway.

    • You’d better watch who you’re calling a child, Lois. Because if I’m a child, you know what that makes you? A Pedophile. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be lectured by a pervert.

      • Sadly, this idiot is obscuring our fantasy-relevant posts, so to re-iterate:

        Pros/cons of bringing in Fergus Greene vs Kane Farrell? Either would sit on my pine anyway.

  • Best players under $560k any position

  • I have 7 forwards. One playing in the mid. Who to upgrade to top 8 mid? Wingard, McLean or Menegola?? Or do I upgrade Neal and give it another week to decide which forward to cull

    • Wingard has topped out from being a mid-season mid-priced stepping stone, I’d say. Even though Cal reckon’s Neale’s stats are bad vs Hawthorn, I’d give him one more at home. A low hundred and you can trade him next week, or a big 130+ and you’ll be laughing.

  • Who goes first out of Taranto and Billings?

  • What’s with these losers on this site. Get a life and some friends. Need to lock these pea brains out. Losers!!!

  • Is Howe from pies worth a punt

  • Hey Everyone, need ideas on what trades I should do this week, got 31k in bank

    Thinking of going Sier- F. Greene via dpp then
    Murphy- Lienert leaving 197k for next week to upgrade Lynch ans do another downgrade

    Suggestions welcome

    Laird, Lloyd,Brayshaw, Whitfield , Simpson, Lynch( Murphy, Smith)

    Titch, Gibbs, Jelwood,Martin, Merrett,Shiels , Crouch, Kelly ( Ahern, Sier)

    Gawn, Stef( Cameron, Meek)

    Menagola, Rockliff, Gray, Mclean, Wingard, Lambert (Narkle,Petruccelle)

  • If they are not teenagers, what a worry for them. Sad.

  • Jacobs to Grundy or Crisp to Whitfield ?

  • Witherden & Grundy OR Whitfield & Steph?

  • Is lance franklin doing tagging duties again tonight ?????

    • Unfortunately not :(

      But I’ve just seen Horse saying on SEN that he has barely trained all year, which I wished he’d declared earlier than before the game today..

  • Troll (Norse): A human-like being banished from society, often ugly, lonely, dim-witted and rarely helpful to humankind. Resentful of rejection they seek to harm humans. While very strong the mere touch of the sun turns them to stone.

  • Hi guys.

    There seems to be a few people who have nothing better in their life to do than ‘troll’ people on our website.

    I’m blocking IP addresses, email address… to try and stay on top of it (it has been hard to do with a small human now in my life to look after). Unfortunately there is an issue with the registration stuff.

    Good news is that I am going to work on a new site design… and with that, hopefully a much improved commenting system. If there are any wordpress gurus, hit me up on email!

    Hopefully the DT Talk experience can improve for all!



    • Great Warnie, look forward to it.
      These trolls are ruining the ability of the rest of us to use this site to discuss fantasy.

    • Thanks for that Warnie. It’s a great site and the trolls are certainly not wanted!!

    • b.Its one troll and you’ve bin sleeping on the jo

      • Across the last few weeks – there are multiple. I’ve been blocking a variety of people. Even that yesterday was at least two different losers.

    • Cheers Warnie!
      Don’t mind a bit of banter, and it’s always good to have a laugh.
      But stuff that’s personally abusive, misogynist and homophobic is bloody awful.
      Carn the mighty Bombers!!!

    • Thanks Warnie, that’s much appreciated.

      I used to think having accounts tied to social media might curb the trolling but judging by the way people are on Twitter that might not necessarily be the case…

    • thank god havnt used this site in weeks cause of all the idiots in here about bloody time

  • Having Hurley and Howe is beyond grim, FMDT

  • Dirty day coming up for Stef Martin owners

  • Thanks Warnie- that’s a huge relief and great news!

  • Can anyone tell me why I can’t create an account on here, it says email confirmation sent to me but hasn’t arrived and I’ve tried many times Warnie

  • Hmm Jamie Cripps has somehow become good at Fantasy.
    His last 5 are 90, 104, 98, (30), 101 (so he’s clearly still inconsistent).
    And if he keeps up his current pace in the North v WCE game he’ll get 150 (realistic prediction: 100)

    • The funny thing was that he was good early in the season too, but he dropped off once JJK and Darling got injured. Now that they’re back he’s good again. Hmm…

    • NOTE: this is just interesting. DO NOT GET HIM in any form anytime in the next year, as he does have a history of getting big scores sporadically. It’s just that it looks like he’s found some form as he has 5 very good scores from 6 games in a row.

  • If if you have two emergencies in the same position (e.g. mid) which one counts

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