Team Sheets – Round 19



Not a great deal of carnage to the premiums (outside of Jordan De Goey), but a lot of popular cash cows bit the dust this week.  It was one-and-done for Darcy Cameron, and Alex Morgan could only manage about three quarters more than him before going down with an injury.  Brayden Sier and Jamaine Jones were popular pick-ups in the second half of the season, owners may have to look elsewhere for reliable coverage now.  And if they’re still kicking around your team, Tom Doedee and Billy Gowers have been reliable servants for you this season but are both out injured this round.

Not a great deal of excitement in the inclusions either.  Will WalkerJordan Dawson, and Liam Baker, are candidates for downgrades, and Marcus Bontempelli and Jaeger O’Meara are back into their respective sides.


Essendon: Conor McKenna, Jake Stringer, Aaron Francis

Sydney: Heath Grundy, Jordan Dawson

Richmond: Jacob Townsend, Liam Baker

Collingwood: Darcy Moore, Callum Brown

Geelong: Lachie Fogarty

Brisbane: Luke Hodge, Harris Andrews

GWS: Sam Taylor

St. Kilda: Nathan Brown, Jack Lonie, Blake Acres, Nick Coffield

Gold Coast: Brayden Fiorini, David Swallow, Jack Bowes

Carlton: Dale Thomas, Ciaran Byrne, Darcy Lang, Sam Rowe, Jed Lamb

Adelaide: Taylor Walker

Melbourne: Nil

North Melbourne: Will Walker, Mason Wood

West Coast: Tom Barrass

Western Bulldogs: Marcus Bontempelli, Fergus Greene, Lewis Young, Fletcher Roberts, Patrick Lipinski

Port Adelaide: Tom Jonas, Steven Motlop, Paddy Ryder, Kane Farrell, Riley Bonner

Fremantle: Stephen Hill, Sean Darcy, Andrew Brayshaw,

Hawthorn: Jaeger O’Meara, Shaun Burgoyne

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Essendon: Travis Colyer (Omitted), Shaun McKernan (Injured), Ben McNiece (Omitted)

Sydney: Harry Marsh (Omitted), Darcy Cameron (Omitted)

Richmond: Callum Moore (Omitted), Connor Menadue (Injured)

Collingwood: Brayden Sier (Injured), Jordan De Goey (Injured)

Geelong: Jamaine Jones (Omitted)

Brisbane: Cedric Cox (Omitted), Tom Cutler (Suspension)

GWS: Lachlan Keeffe (Omitted)

St. Kilda: Ed Phillips (Omitted), Hunter Clark (Managed), Bailey Rice (Omitted), David Armitage (Omitted)

Gold Coast: Charlie Ballard (Injured), Callum Ah Chee (Illness), Brayden Crossley (Injured)

Carlton: Zac Fisher (Injured), Levi Casboult (Omitted), Matt Shaw (Omitted), Nick Graham (Omitted), Liam Jones (Injured)

Adelaide: Tom Doedee (Injured)

Melbourne: Nil.

North Melbourne:Alex Morgan (Injured), Luke Davies-Uniacke (Omitted)

West Coast: Lewis Jetta (Injured)

Western Bulldogs:Billy Gowers (Injured), Luke Dahlhaus (Injured), Roarke Smith (Injured), Tom Boyd (Injured)

Port Adelaide: Sam Gray (Omitted), Jack Trengove (Omitted), Karl Amon (Injured), Dougal Howard (Injured), Lindsay Thomas (Omitted)

Fremantle: Michael Johnson (Rested), Cam McCarthy (Omitted), Ethan Hughes (Omitted)

Hawthorn:Harry Morrison (Omitted), Daniel Howe (Suspension)

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Essendon vs Sydney

Richmond vs Collingwood

Geelong vs Brisbane


GWS vs St. Kilda

Gold Coast vs Carlton

Adelaide vs Melbourne

North Melbourne vs West Coast

Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide

Fremantle vs Hawthorn





  • MMcVeigh a chance to play 2 weeks after breaking his collarbone?

    • Unless it was a green stick fracture, I wouldn’t think you would give him a snowballs chance in Port Morseby, this week.
      You can walk comfortably around after a couple of weeks, but you just wouldn’t be able to rely on using the shoulder in an afl arena. Have you heard any suggestion he might be in consideration this week? I would be left in wonder if it was so.

  • Trade Gibbs or Tim kelly to Gaff?

    • Not happy with the responses you’ve got elsewhere?
      It’s not an easy question and really depends a bit on your team as a whole I think

  • Most of my bench are injured or not playing. Not what you want this time of year.

    • For sure. Maintaining a healthy bench is important all the way through to finals imho. Keeps the $$ coming for so-called sideways trades that need a little bit more cash. And for the times you need an emergency Emergency lol (eg. Sier’s been my mid emergency but is injured this week – I don’t want to trade him out yet as he’s still got decent enough scores and more cash to make, so I can swap the E to my other mid bench warmer JSmith)
      Now’s not the time to have no cash and no bench cover hey

    • I had J.Smith upgraded to Witho this week, but given it’d mean I have no MID bench cover, I’m having to move on Sier and plug Smith in the MID as emergency..

      Wanted to keep Sier a bit longer, but the risk of a 0 is enough for me..

  • Team sheets are back! Great work Ollie!

  • As a stepping stone….
    1 BUDDY
    2 T Greene
    3 R Grey


  • Hey Everyone, need ideas on what trades I should do this week, got 31k in bank

    Suggestions welcome.

    Laird, Lloyd,Brayshaw, Whitfield , Simpson, Lynch( Murphy, Smith)

    Titch, Gibbs, Jelwood,Martin, Merrett,Shiels , Crouch, Kelly ( Ahern, Sier)

    Gawn, Stef( Cameron, Meek)

    Menagola, Rockliff, Gray, Mclean, Wingard, Lambert (Narkle,Petruccelle)

  • FYI Fergus Greene is not on the Bulldogs’ extended bench – he’s named on the field :)

  • Start of week was looking at options 1 and 2 now have another option to put out their

    Laird/ Lloyd/ Brayshaw/ DBJ/ O’Riordan/ doedee (j smith/ lynch)
    Titch/ gaff/ Cong/ beams/ yeo/ zerrett/ Phillips/ Heeney (ahern/ Sier)
    Gawn/ goldy (crossley/ Cameron)
    D smith/ westy/ McLean/ Taranto/ rocky/ Wingard (battle/ keeffe)

    268k in the bank

    Thought of doedee and Heeney out for

    1) witherden and Adams and 76k left
    2) Whitfield and Adams and 7k left

    Doedee and crossley out for
    3) frampton and any midfielder with Yeo DPP to def?? Which one best

    • 3 should get you the most points, adams last 5 are 135, 83, 90, 101, 80, im not sold on those numbers a premo mid would be much better, crouch last 5 ave is 111 priced at 693k, he would be pretty handy for rest of year and give u bit left for next week

  • Pendles, Dunkley, Adams, Menegola or Ross

    • I have Pendles for consistency and almost never getting the tag, but if I were to chose 1 of the other 4, I’d go with Seb Ross

  • laird, yeo,, simposn, loyd, brayshaw, irishman (smith, pearce)

    mitchell, kelly, merrett, conigilo, sidebottom, curnow, shuey ahern (sier, wilson)

    Gawn, Jacobs (abott, cameron)

    smith, danger, westhoff, rockliff, mclean, heeney (narkel, clark)

    Could go sauce and pearce to martin and lienert leaves me with 400k to get 700k+ preom in next week

    or sauce pearce to grundy/ lienert leave me with 309k

    or go pearce to lienert then sier to any mid but stuff all cash left

    or anything else?

    am in finals in my league and should win, any suggestions appreciated will give em back

    • Grundy is not in the form he was a month ago which (at that time) would have made him very much worth the extra 100k+ (at that point) over Stef.

      Over the last 3, however, form is similar. I would go to Martin and Lienert giving you the extra 100k to get that 700k primo next week – that trade could be crucial for your finals campaign and if carnage were to occur you would be better covered with cash to buy your way out.

      Your 3rd option (with stuff all cash left) just leaves you with too little leverage should carnage occur.

      Just my thoughts.

    • I’d suggest working on your mid rookies rather than the defs.

      Both your def bench warmers are playing, whereas neither of the rooks on your mid bench are.
      Also, not ideal to have a rookie on the field in your midfield. Getting Ahern off the field is a higher priority than upgrading Sauce imo
      And not ideal to have no mid Emergency.

      Without knowing how much you’ve got in your kitty it’s a bit hard …
      Can you afford to upgrade Ahern to a premo?
      Could you trade out Sier for Lienert (via JSmith dpp to mid bench)?

  • Hurn or witherden?

    • I’d be wary of Witherden with Hodge and Harris both back in the side – maybe safe to assume his high scores of the last couple of weeks won’t continue?

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