Team Sheets – Round 17


Team sheets will be released at approximately 6.30pm AEST today, with The Traders reacting LIVE on the Official AFL Fantasy Facebook page from 6.05pm AEST!

In the meantime we’ll be updating all the news and rumours here, so if you’ve heard something on the grapevine feel free to tweet at me (Oh by the way I’m Ollie, hi, nice to meet you!) or use #AFLFantasy and I’ll find it eventually!

Key Updates:



Kade Simpson (DEF, $686,000) is back in, reverse those trades!  Jack Macrae (MID, $817,000) is also back but with a breakeven near 200 I wouldn’t be jumping on just yet.  Toby Greene (FWD, $643,000) falls into the same boat, watch and wait for him to find some form before considering.  Jake Waterman (FWD, $346,000) is back for the Eagles but coaches should look to move him on ASAP as his price is on the slide.  Isaac Heeney (FWD, $630,000) returns after missing one game with a concussion, I would wait a week on him as well, if not two.  Finally, we have some new rookies this week. Colin O’Riordan (DEF, $170,000) scored 169 Fantasy points in the NEAFL last week, and Alex Morgan (DEF, $170,00) has had some strong form in the VFL.

Of the outs, Logan Austin (DEF, $408,000) and Andrew Brayshaw (MID, $466,000) are injured and should be moved out of your side.  And an annoying blow for some coaches that targeted him as a POD, Marcus Bontempelli (MID, $587,000) is out after an appendix surgery.


St. Kilda: Jake Carlisle, Rowan Marshall, Tom Hickey, Jack Lonie,  Ed Phillips, Bailey Rice.

Carlton: Kade Simpson, Jarrod Garlett, Paddy Dow, Harry McKay, Matt Shaw.

Hawthorn: Brendan Whitecross, Tim O’Brien.

Brisbane: Nil

Melbourne: Bernie Vince, Jay Kennedy Harris.

Western Bulldogs: Jack Macrae, Jordan Roughead, Mitch Honeychurch.

GWS: Adam Kennedy, Jacob Hopper, Toby Greene.

Richmond: Nick Vlaustin, Bachar Houli, Shai Bolton.

Gold Coast: Nil

Essendon: Orzaio Fantasia, Matt Dea, Darcy Parish.


Collingwood: Travis Varcoe, Darcy Moore.

West Coast: Jack Darling, Mark LeCras, Josh Kennedy, Jake Waterman.

Fremantle: Scott Jones, Ryan Nyhuis, Cameron Sutcliffe, Cam McCarthy.

Port Adelaide: Jack Hombsch, Karl Amon, Sam Gray.

North Melbourne: Alex Morgan.

Sydney: Tom Papley, Isaac Heeney, Nic Newman, Colin O’Riordan.

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St. Kilda: Paddy McCartin, Billy Longer, Darragh Joyce, Nathan Wright, Logan Austin, Seb Ross.

Carlton: Jacob Weitering, Matthew Wright, Nick Graham, Andrew Phillips, Darcy Lang.

Hawthorn: Ben McEvoy, Jonathon O’Rourke.

Brisbane: Nil

Melbourne: Joel Smith, Billy Stretch.

Western Bulldogs: Marcus Bontempelli, Hayden Crozier, Tom Boyd.

GWS: Harry Perryman, Jeremy Finlayson, Matt de Boer.

Richmond: Dan Butler, Jack Graham, Nathan Broad.

Gold Coast: Nil

Essendon: Jake Stringer, Patrick Ambrose, Jake Long.


Collingwood: Flynn Appleby, Ben Crocker.

West Coast: Nathan Vardy, Brayden Ainsworth, Brendon Ah Chee, Oscar Allen.

Fremantle: Andrew Brayshaw, Darcy Tucker, Michael Apeness, Shane Kersten.

Port Adelaide: Tom Jonas, Jack Trengove, Aidyn Johnson.

North Melbourne: Cameron Zurharr.

Sydney: Dan Hannebery, Kieren Jack, Jarrod McVeigh, Dean Towers.

Adelaide vs Geelong

St. Kilda vs Carlton

Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Gold Coast vs Essendon

GWS Giants vs Richmond

Collingwood vs West Coast

North Melbourne vs Sydney

Fremantle vs Port Adelaide



  • Hi Ollie, cheers for doing the team sheets – looking good so far!

    We’ve been fairly lucky to avoid major carnage lately and haven’t heard any rumours so far this week so fingers crossed we don’t get any curve balls tonight!

    • Cheers Bjorn! Was hoping for some juicy gossip for my first week but straight bat so far…

      • Will

        GREAT job mate, the team sheets were dearly missed since Shags and you’ve done just as good of a job. Thank you!

  • You did it Plugger!

    • We all did it Rkovsfu through our valuing this forum. But I hear you, fellow appreciator, and it is good to hear your voice

  • What a very much appreciated early opening of the Team Sheets and an excellent pre-team drop summary of what to expect. All this made available at 3.43pm Thursday.

    This is as good an opening of Team Shhets as it could get. Thanks.

    Hope the team drops are able to be announced here in parallel with the Traders live session.

    Discussion by forum post as well as by podcast-listening is optimal

    All the very best in stimulating the discussion here Ollie.

    Your effort seems inspired. Again, thanks.

  • Crouch or Beams??

  • Hi Guys.. Heppell & Laird OR Crouch & Whitfield? Sadly can’t quite afford Laird and Crouch.

  • Duncan or O’meara

    • O meara, his not getting tagged and is racking up had a quiet game last week and ended up with 96

  • Who would you prefer?

    a) Curnow and Grundy + 38k

    b) Selwood and Nankervis + 170k

  • A, B, C, D please help

    A. Selwood and Farrell + 51k
    B. Oliver and Lynch + 21k
    C. Beams and Lynch + 25k
    D. Sidebottom and Lynch + 14k

  • Who do I trade out of E.Phillips, Seir and Giro?

      • Will

        ed philips is back this week, averages 75 and has BE of of 20. i reckon he still has some very important cash to make and could allow you to trade out a 100avg player to a 110avg player in a few weeks

  • need a fwd rookie. So i can afford lloyd

  • Andrew Brayshaw’s omission was the curve ball for me. Wasn’t expecting that so it’s prompted a rethink of my trades this week. I don’t like the sound of “groin” lol
    No worries, teams selections all good so far

  • Wow, no green lights for players who have been selected… til after partial lockout.

    • This is the same company that made no effective changes (other than backwards ones) for this year, took until round 16 to update ‘2017’ to ‘2018’ on the stats page and put the chat boxes back in for leagues (completely unchanged from previous years of course)…. yet you sound surprised? ;p

  • I put the vc on danger and the c on titch …i have sier or ahern as my bench cover… is there anyway to take dangers score or im up the creek without a puddle ?? Pls help

    • You can use any line for placing a non-playing captain and reallocate the C off from Tich. Who do you have currently on the bencheach of each line that is not selected? I VC’ed Danger and had Tich as captain. Am now putting Flynn (Ruc) who is not selected on the field, and placing the ‘C’ on him and S.Martin on the bench (with the ‘E’ on him). Do you have something like that? You would be stiff if you had no options.

    • Luke

      The only way is to place the C on a non playing player
      They can be in any position as long as you’ve got an emergency
      Do you have Smith or Redman 🤔
      If you got a full 30 squad then slaughter a trade
      Only if you want the 302 points
      Good luck 👍

      • Redman would be the ideal candidate – ruled out for the rest of the Fantasy season. Then guys like Joel Smith or Austin, who are listed as injuries for this round but it is unclear how severe those injuries are – i.e., they are unlikely to be brought in as a late in, but statistically more likely than Redman.

        I wouldn’t risk playing Russian Roulette by putting the C on someone like Darcy Cameron or Sier, who are still in the extended squad.

  • Took Danger as vc last week. One week too early.

  • Impressive stuff Ollie
    Best teams sheets for quite awhile 👍😊😉

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