The race is on – Ep. 214

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  • Am i doing something wrong here, but this seems to be downloading as episode 212 rather than 214…

    • I agree. The download link seems to not be updated. Could you fix it please Warnie? Cheers.

    • My bad. Sorry! Didn’t hit update when I changed the link to the download. Should be all good for now. Thanks for your understanding!

    • Out of interest, what do people download it for – as in, what do you do with it once downloaded? Just for play on PC? Is that easier than using the Soundcloud player?

      • I live in the Kimberly Warnie, as we work remote quite frequently with no reception, all downloadable content is much appreciated! Whilst on the subject, it would be great if you could look at your team on the app when you have no reception. Cheers👍

      • I download at home and usually listen at work.

      • I refuse to use Soundcloud – got heaps of spam/crap whenever I’ve tried it.
        I download stuff during ‘off-peak’ internet time (have rather low download limits) and usually listen when I’m doing the dishes. Having a good laugh really takes the edge off a truly boring household chore :)

        Go Bombers 👍

  • I listern to it when im at work (mining) when i have no recpetion, i delete once listerned to ready for the next one!

  • All good warnie. Big thanks to you boys for going to the effort to research and record the podcast for all us fantasy tragics.
    I download it onto my phone and listen while exercising, and/or doing the school-childcare-to my own workplace school drive in the mornings. You guys keep me sane while fighting my way across the tasman bridge morning carnage.
    I dont use soundcloud cos im generally allergic to new technology stuff and dont use it unless i have to.

    • Ah – ok! No podcasting app (ie, podcasts for apple… *insert whatever here* for android)? Does all the hard work for you. Downloads the stuff on your phone automatically.

      Apparently we’ll be on Spotify soon – the AFL are doing a bit of work around getting the podcast out there more for us.

      Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes they get lost in some of the crap we cop! Haha. We have fun doing what we do! Enjoy the commute over that bridge. The West Tamar Bridge I cross every day for work isn’t quite on that scale.

  • That slightly more upbeat version of the intro music right at the start is sick! Anywhere I can download that?

    • I just sped it up as I had minimal time to record the intro thing… which ended up shorter than normal. The intro music is called Torn Jeans (free stuff with iMovie from back in the day). Tonight’s intro was just 1.2 times quicker! Haha.

      • Ohhh fair enough then, was thinking it was faster because of the “the race is on” title hahaha, great episode as always by the way.

  • We can tell you, roy and cal have a heap of fun during the season. The banter is brilliant ,similat to Top Gear. 3 blokes just bagging the crap out of eachother.
    Good idea AFL getting on spotify too.
    West tamar bridge= 600 cars a day?
    Tasman bridge= 60 000 per day!

    Are The Traders guys coming down to hobart for the WCE game vs roos?

    • Probably not… NM doesn’t really grab us as a team to make the trip down the highway for. Haha. Roy’s inlaws are down there. He’s probably half a chance. I will be down week after GF for the Relive the Rilvary. I’ll be commentating that.

  • Yeah boys! Mykonos In Hobart 💪🏽

  • Well done Warnie on the great score
    There’s plenty of naysayers on this site who criticize your professionalism and knowledge
    Where are they now when you must give credit where credits due
    Even Calvin was humbled by your score
    Always great listening
    Best of luck with the rest of season

  • Forget NM warnie, come down for the Eagles mate. Yes we got pasted by Ess much to your delight I suspect, but it should be a top game. Roo fortress vs unstoppable Eagles surge to the flag (wash-up Matt and Jeppa would agree i’m sure)

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