My Team 2018: Round 17

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 1588.140.916263.81.1

Points for and against – Last 4 rounds

ADE 1507.33.70.316534.30.7

Click here for Fantasy points against stats thanks to Morts from @DFSAustralia


  • Trade mihocek to
    Danger (fwd next week hopefully)

    • Heppell. Cheap as chips, guaranteed 100 average from here. The other two are having a mare this year…

  • Anyone feel like Dusty is about to go bang? Seriously considering him at such a low price. Looked awesome in the 2nd half on Friday night

    • Every premo I’ve traded has gone bang afterwards… Zorko, Zerrett, Billings, Parker, etc. I’ve held Dusty all year and not trading him yet. So wait a few more weeks.

  • Agree. For most of last week I had him traded in, but switched to Shuey so I could also trade in Gawn. We are coming to the business end of the season and we have seen before how increased intensity is Dusty’s domain. Well worth serious consideration, IMHO.

  • It’s geting serious now, scored 2431 and moved up to rank 148.

    So close to completing my team.
    Looking at:
    Mcinerney – Abbott
    Lachie Murphy – Whitfield

    Def: laird, yeo, lloyd, Bradshaw, Whitfield, hurn (lynch, smith)
    Mid: titch, kelly, gaff, cogs, zerrett, crouch, Neale, Phillips (sier, Wilson)
    Ruc: Grundy, Gawn (Abbott, Cameron)
    Fwd: Smith, hoff, Sicily, McLean, rocky, fristch (Clarke, battle)

    Next week will be fristch to heeney.

  • Trade ed curnow for heppel?

    • Take out Heppell’s concussion and he’s averaging 104. Not bad for someone priced at less than Ed Langdon (92.2 ave), Callan Ward (93.1 ave) and JPK (92 ave). If you have nothing else, I reckon go for it.

      Heppell, Pendles or Oliver should win the “most under-rated premo” award for 2018.

  • Best mid, but can’t afford Gaff or MacRae…??
    Currently have Mitch, Coniglio, JKelly, Neale, Parker, Zerrett, Westhoff.
    Considering Crouch for value, Shiggins for POD, Whitfield so I can fix my last def spot next week, or Dusty or Heppell for value… open to any other ideas!

  • Currently sitting 444 overall after a couple of decent but not spectacular weeks (stung by captaincy choices two weeks in a row). My team currently looks like this:

    DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Whitfield, Ryan (Burton, J. Smith)
    MID: Mitchell, J. Kelly, J. Selwood, Z. Merrett, Cripps, McLean, Rockliff, Mundy (Ahern, Sier)
    RUCK: Gawn, Martin (S. Jones, Abbott)
    FWD: D. Smith, Westhoff, Menegola, Heeney, Fritsch, Wingard (Florent, McInerney)

    My current thinking is Luke Ryan and Oliver Florent for Angus Brayshaw and Jamaine Jones, which leaves me with about $100k. Hopefully then I can downgrade McInerney, Burton and Ahern in the following weeks, which should leave me in decent shape injuries permitting – my only real weak links are Mundy, Fritsch and Wingard.

    Alternatively, I could look to upgrade Mundy or Fritsch to Gaff, but I’m more confident about their scoring power than Ryan at the moment.


    • Wingard had a 5-round average north of 105… hardly a weak link.

      Both proposed trades are solid. Check BEs for tie breaker.

  • Brayshaw or menegola?

    • Not Menegola

      • Why’s that, Simon?

        • Because I’m not sure there’s much improvement in his scores left. His ceiling’s a lot lower and he’s competing against the best midfield in recent memory for a spot on the ball.

          Ideally you’d get both, but given the choice I say Brayshaw.

          • Yep, there’s just something stopping me grabbing Menegola for my forward line. The Cats have so many top quality players through their midfield and forward half competing for the ball and fantasy points.

            The one bloke I am sure of is Jelwood – absolute gun! Always a pleasure having his mug in my line-up (though I really do think he should have a bandaged head in his pic)

  • whats better

    fritsch > lambert (underpriced player who is scoring well lately)
    j.steven > beams/oliver
    + 60k


    fritsch > sicily
    j.steven > whitfield
    + 20k

  • Marc Murphy’s 69 on the weekend sure helps with completing everyone’s team in time for finals…

  • I need help…

    Banfield > Beams and Guelfi > Long or 170K FWD rook
    Banfield > Pendles and Rice > Lynch

    All rooks are on bench.

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Yeo, Seedsman, Brayshaw, JSmith (Redman, Ridley)
    MID: Titch, Rockliff, Gaff, JKelly, Coniglio, Merrett, Crouch, TKelly (Ainsworth, Sier)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Big O, Cameron)
    FWD: DSmith, Westhoff, McLean, Franklin, Billings, Fritch (Ahern, Battle)
    76k remaining.

    I’m in desperate need of a D6 so I’m thinking
    Big O > 170k Ruck
    Redman > Crozier (has gone 95,101,75,107 since bye, b/e 36)
    1k left
    Redman > Lynch (play at D6)
    Fritch > Dusty (Via Rocky DPP)
    102k left

    Crozier very tempting but missing Lynch’s cash increase will hurt. Thoughts?

    • Tough one. I’d be more inclined for 1. Just because I’m not convinced Dusty will turn around.

    • I’d probably go with the latter but with Lambert instead of Dusty. Lambert has a last 3 avg of 102.3 and is 37k cheaper than Dusty, you actually make money from Fritch, may be a bit of a risk though. I would be getting him in this week but am 10k short, may get him in next week if I can’t afford a more expensive premo that I want.

  • Crouch’s 67 in round 12 vs Freo @ Optus – what was the story there?

  • DEF & FWD lines are complete so looking to bring in an uber MID..

    Kelly/Gaff are the obvious choices, but will leave me with less then 5k in the kitty..

    Beams/Gibbs/Cogs/Crouch offer better savings for future upgrades…

    • I’m loving having Crouch in my side although I do have Gaff & Kelly too.

      If you need to do another big upgrade then Crouch, otherwise I’d get Gaff.

    • I’ve had Crouch twice this year already… not game for a third. Heppell good value, as is Dependlebury

    • Cheers PK & Simon.. I’ll probably chase value and find the lowest BE with the “easiest” run

  • Thoughts:
    Ahern -> FWD Rook playing
    Fritsch -> Yeo (Sic to FWD line)

    DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simmo, Brayshaw, Whitfield (Joyce, Cumming)
    MID: Titch, Kelly, Sidey, Merrett, Cripps, Cogs, Pendles, Danger (Sier, JSmith)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Abbott, Cameron)
    FWD: Smith, Westhoff, Sicily, McLean, Heeney, Walters (Rook playing, Wilsonp)

    Bank: 50k

    • Its a big call, I can see why you want/need Yeo to finish your team. But i wouldnt want to ditch Ahern as he is travelling so well and could make another 100k easily. If your happy I say go for it, but if Heeney is named but ends up being a late withdrawl then you’ll be bloody spewin you dont have Ahern on the bench!

      How bout fritch to rocky? Means you can keep Ahern..

      • i was looking at that but defenders are scoring more than forwards so it would be wiser to get sicily into the forward line which leaves walters only fwd to upgrade to rocky or menegola if danger doesnt get dpp

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Whitfield, Ryan (Redman, Smith)
    MID: Mitchell, Kellly, Sidebottom, Coniglio, Cripps, Merrett, Crouch, Sier (Banfield, Narkle)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Wingard, Rockliff, Ahern (Guelfi, Ronke)

    Cash: $204k

    Currently have gone Ryan to Sicily and Redman to Lynch, leaving $137k for next week, Thoughts?

  • Selwood or Beams?

  • Who needs to be traded first out of Buddy And Robbie Gray?

  • do we think dusty can go bang from here on end? I am considering going fritsch >lambert ( avg 99 in his last 4 with prestia back in the side he averages so much more, also a BE of 43) and then doing lachie murphy to dusty who will be my M8. This also leaves me with 1 rookie on field. or should i consider getting robbie gray out and leaving 2 rookies on field?

    what do we think guys? would love to know some thoughts

    • Highly considering Dusty myself

      Looking at Curnow to Dusty
      Savage to Wingard

      Dusty looked a lot better on Friday night, looked back to his old self. Still risky but could legit average 110-115 from here

  • who to get in for Ronke?? Have $640K to play with

    • Your question’s a bit too broad!
      My general recommendation is to always be improving your team by getting the best players, not the best you can afford. And buy ’em cheap!

  • Brayshaw or Lloyd?

  • First trade is locked – Florent to Mrouch. This leaves Ahern as my last rookie. Not sure what to do with the remaining 145k.

    OPTION 1: Stef to Grundy. This was the original plan but Stef v Hawks without McEvoy and Grundy v NicNat means that their scoring might be similar this week.

    OPTION 2: Goddard to Lloyd. Goddard doesn’t do enough while Lloyd is racking up 100s with ease. However, Goddard has a potentially easy game this week against the Suns.

    OPTION 3: Austin to Billings/Lynch(Crows)/Jack Martin/McCluggage. This has the advantage of taking Ahern off the ground but the options aren’t exactly trustworthy.

    • Option 2.. Bizarrely enough, looking at the stats, Goddard plays better against the harder teams..

      In the last 8 weeks he’s averaged 59 against Pies, Lions & Blues but 95 against Roos, Eagles, Tiges, Giants & Cats

  • Armitage a cheap short term rookie upgrade option to get an ‘all premo’ team? After coming back from injury he’s gone 96, 110, 105, BE 30, $489k…

  • matt crouch, olivef, westhoff, mclean?

    what is of main priority?

  • I like him, if you could swing the trade he is a great temporary M8

  • I know how much Neale handballs and doesn’t do much else, but I’m still surprised that he’s fourth in the AFL for disposals. It’s probably slightly less surprising than Luke Breust being third for the Brownlow though cos he hasn’t been good for a while. (And Breust already has more goals than he had last year)

    • Third for the Brownlow? WTF? He wouldn’t be third in his own club’s best and fairest… lay off the bongs, hombre

  • how do I recover from 2371 with the Simpson donut and posting the second highest score in my league only to have been matched up against the highest score in the league 2420 who got the Austin cover for Simpson, which now leaves me 2 wins out of the top 8 …. (this is in RDT)

  • Bulldogs fans, does Macrae’s return affect Dunkley’s role?

    • Dunkley has been tagging, so I’d say no. However if they decide they dont need a tagger then he might push forward, which will be bad for scoring. Too much risk imo.

  • Sound advice good sir. I will take it in board

  • Have 279k in the bank, who to trade out and who to trade in

    Laird/ yeo/ Lloyd/ Seedsman/ DBJ/ doedee (Ridley/ keeffe)
    Titch/ gaff/ Cong/ Phillips/ zerrett/ rocky/ Wingard/ Stephenson (Sier/ j smith)
    Gawn/ goldy (crossley/ Cameron)
    Westy/ d smith/ mclean/ Heeney/ Sicily/ Taranto (ahern/ battle)

    Thoughts people please

  • Pretty happy with my team at the moment, will be looking to get rid of my underperforming premiums in the next couple of weeks.

    DEF: Yeo, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Whitfield, Hurley, Savage, (Doedee, Ridley)
    MID: Titch, Gaff, Zerrett, Neale, Phillips, Danger, Parker, T Kelly, (Sier, J Smith)
    RUCK: Gawn, Nank, (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Smith, Westhoff, Sicily, McLean, Wingard, Taranto, (Ahern, Apeness)
    $40k remaining

    Looking at two options this week and just wondering which one is best. Opinions would be great thanks!

    Option 1:
    Savage –> Lynch (play Doedee)
    Nank –> Grundy

    Option 2:
    McInerney –> Abbott
    Savage –> Laird (leaving Doedee as emergency)

    Nank has been pretty good after his bye so leaning towards option 2 at the moment.

    What option do people think is better? Or is there something better I could do?

  • Gday Guys. My team has been screwed around due to players becoming injured, however I’m happy with how it is at the moment. My current team is as follows

    Bank: $606k

    Defenders: Lloyd, Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Whitfield, Crisp (Smith, Mihocek)

    Midfield: Mitchell, Coniglio, J.Kelly, Sidebottom, Merrett, Martin, Brayshaw (fremantle), Narkle (Giro, Wilson)

    Ruck: Gawn, Martin

    Forward: Smith, Heeney, Mclean, Hoff, Fritch, Ronke (Ahern and Keefe).


    1st trade: Ronke > Wingard or Rockliff (leaning towards Rockliff)

    2nd trade: Need help with this one.
    Crisp > Brayshaw (sideways trade)
    Fritch > Menagola
    Brayshaw > Gaff.

    Options would be handy lads. Cheers

  • Heppell and Lambert
    Dusty and Wingard?

    • Probably 2 – Mostly due to Lambert’s 4 scores below 60. You’d have to be really confident that recent form is a role change that is likely to be permanent before going ahead with that one.

  • Back: Laird Yeo Lloyd Brayshaw Howe Goddard ( Redman/Smith )
    Mids: Titch Cogs Cripps Phillips Crouch Wines Merrett Rockliff ( Sier/Mutch )
    Ruck: Gawn Jacobs ( Cameron / McInerney )
    Fwd: Smith McLean Heeney Wingard Christensen Ahern ( Ryan/Wilson )

    Bank = $60k

    Double Downgrade
    Redman > Lynch
    Ryan > 170k playing fwd


    McInerney > Abbott
    Ryan > Shuey

  • I find it hard to pick a captain. This round I took Tich who under-performed. (Cost me most of my league games) The previous week I didn’t take him and he scored big. He seems to be a gamble week to week.

  • Brayshaw or Lloyd ??

  • Who’s going not average more for draft?

    Ross or Tom Phillips

  • nic nat and mihocek to Martin and heppell/dusty
    fritzch and mihocek to brayshaw and heppell/dusty?

    advice guys

  • Def: Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Goddard, Burton, Lynch (Duman, Ridley)
    Mids: Mitchell, Sidebottom, Beams, Merrett, Coniglio, Wines, Dangerfield, Rockliff (Clarke, Phillips)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Frampton, Cameron)
    Fwd: Smith, Westhoff, Heeney, Wingard, Taranto, Gray (Ahern, Battle)

    Thinking Duman & Phillips > Hurley and Porter if named as a 170k rookie. Leave me 60k left over. Any input would be good. Upgrade Burton next week. Happy for now as D6.

    • If you feel confident in Matt Crouch, why don’t you swing rocky fwd and trade out Gray for him. Maybe Duman-> B Lynch?

  • nic nat and mihocek to Martin and heppell/dusty
    fritzch and mihocek to brayshaw and heppell/dusty?

    advice guys?

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