My Team 2018: Round 15

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 159740.91620.53.61.2

Points for and against – Last 3

ADE 1498.72.30.31656.73.70.3

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  • Sidebottom over Kelly so I don’t have to play Ahern at F6? I also reckon that the Pies’ run home is way tastier than GWS’

  • Rice to Billings
    Curnow to Kelly?

  • Angus Brayshaw a good option to bring in defense. Can’t afford Yeo or Crisp

    • Simpson probably better long term option, but Brayshaw should be bigger this week..

    • Brayshaw is a good option after an off week against the pies…Simpson too at same price as Alan mentioned – he is just everywhere on the field the last 2 weeks. Saw the pies v blues live on the weekend & he was ridiculous

  • Is it worth it to drop DBJ or hold?

  • Sidey or A Phillips?

  • Thoughts on DBJ and Seedsman both out (possibly both carrying injuries and down on form plus high BE’s)

    And bring in

    Simpson and Franklin

  • I completed my team last round but I still have a few dodgy ones and injuries. My current trades are:
    1. Christenson to Buddy
    2. Treloar to Fyfe/Sidey
    Anyone got anything better?

  • Which forward to bring in? was thinking Menegola

  • Fun fact, Fristch is worth more than Dusty now haha

  • Thinking of going Holman to Redman and
    1. Liam Ryan to Buddy – good long term but a tough week against Rance
    2. Liam Ryan to any mid (thinking Fyfe, Cripps, Jelwood, Gaff or Danger, have most other good mids)
    3. Liam Ryan to any defender via Sic DPP, most likely Crisp or Hurley
    4. Same as 3 but trade out Austin instead, and Sic stays in defence
    5. Austin to any mid, which lets me regain the def to mid DPP bia Brayshaw that was taken in the Holman>Redman trade
    Thanks lads

    • 5, Austin has to go now that Jakey Carlisle is back, I’d bring in Fyfe despite his high BE, he is unreal at Optus and good when not playing in WA

  • Beams, Phillips, Pendlebury, Ross, Cripps, wines or M crouch?

    • I like Ross as a POd, pendles is good too

    • Never again Beams!

      Captained the piece of shit during the bye rounds and he produced a score that was outside of my top 18….50.

      Don’t ever count on that guy to be consistent.

  • Am I the only person having trouble with fantasy website,Its been a struggle to get on since Thursday I got trades done individually but took 20-30 attempts to get fantasy to open properly

    • I haven’t tried to login tonight (used app to checl results etc) – but I had problems with the website all last week. Each night it took me at least six goes to login successfully – seriously. And, like you, I had to do each trade individually.
      Very irritating but par for the course this year it seems.

  • Oh for three trades this week.

  • who goes first
    tuohy or seedsman

  • Trade Parker or josh Kennedy (syd) ?

  • Phillips, Pendlebury, Ross or M crouch?

  • Thoughts on getting Walters or Shuey in for Ballard to complete my mids.

    • Tom, not sure about shuey just yet. Hasn’t he just came back from a long sting on the sidelines. Personally I’d rather see another week or 2 from him first before I consider. Mabye playing limited game time too I’m not sure. What do you think of my question below

    • Shuey NO
      Wlaters only if moving into your forward line as there are better mids around

  • Thoughts on Hurley ??????
    Thinking of going big o – Abbott and Austin to Hurley … then my back line will be ;

    Laird, Simpson, crisp, brayshaw, lloyd and Hurley (Yeo is my M8)

    Think Hurley looked good on Thursday night after slowish start and return to his all australian form of last year after injury.

    • I’d 100% go for Hurley if you can, will be a T8 defender come end of the year

    • Who could you afford in the mids in stead of Hurley?

      Not much point upgrading in the backs when you’ve already got pretty close to the top 6 defenders.
      Who could you get to if you go Austin out, and DPP Yeo into the backs?

    • Hasn’t had a 100 since Rd 5, I’d be avoiding until he shows a bit more.. Goddard would be a better option if you need a D6, but why not slot Yeo back, completing your DEF line and look at a Walters for your M8?

  • So far thinking seedsman to simmo and Austin to Redman, thoughts? Leaves me with 400-oddk

  • Def: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Sic Dawg, Brayshaw (mel), Redman (pearce/austin)
    Mid: Mitchell, Coniglio, Sidebottom, Gibbs, Neale, Danger, Merret, Ahern (j Smith, Fog)
    Ruc: Gawn, Stef (Cameron, Mcinerney)
    Fwd: Mclean, Smith, Heeney, Fritta, Rockliff, l Ryan (Gowers, Battle)

    Which trades – (160k in bank)
    A. Austin/Gowers OUT < j Kelly/170k rook
    B. Austin/Ryan OUT < Simpson/Ainsworth
    C. Trade out Fritta?

    Dont really want to get rid of Gowers considering his breakeven has dropped to 21 but Josh Kelly is only going to get more expensive and dont wanna miss out. Fritta now has a 83 BE and might start to lose money, although is playing the saints so hopefully he can score high

  • 1. Doedee to Simpson, or
    2. T Kelly to Sidebum.

  • J Selwood or Phillips?

    Franklin or Walters?

  • Bringing in FWD to replace Waterman finally, do I go for the best outright, or bank on an underpriced star to make a jump to Top 6?

    1. Brayshaw>Rook (playing T.Kelly at M8) lets me go Waterman to Franklin/Walters
    2. T.Kelly>Rook (playing Brayshaw at M8) lets me go Waterman to Gola/Hoff/McDonald

    Probably Walters (111 last year) over Franklin (61 last year) given their opponents this weekend, which means I can hold Kelly at M8 who should score more than Brayshaw, but the latter 3 have seemingly easy matchups..

    • Seems if I nab Walters, I can dump out Austin for any MID/DEF (Yeo DPP) rook under 190k and hold Brayshaw AND Kelly for a week they should both make $$

  • Missed the Dogs game and have 2 queries:

    What was different with Gowers’ game? Is he worth a punt on field again this week?
    Hayden Crozier??? New role with Doggies injuries?

    • Crozier played off half back a lot but I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a new role. I think he just played the game of his life. he hit his disposal PB at half time. Cant see it happening again.

      Dont know enough about Gowers usual game to comment sorry.

      • Cheers Thrice. His usual effort consists of maybe 10 Disposals, a couple marks, disappearing for 15 minutes at a time and limping to 50. More if he kicks a goal.

      • Watched that game. Gowers played more up the ground than in previous games. Cam’t say if that is a new permanent role though

  • Hey all.

    Curren team
    Laird, Simpson, Crisp, Seedsman, Sicily, Burton (Redman, Smith)
    Titch, Treloar, Cogs, Neale, Zerrett, Taranto, Dusty, Giro (Ahern, Clarke)
    Gawn, Martin (Big O, Cameron)
    Westy, Smith, McLean, Heeney, Wingard, Rocky (Wilson, Lewis)

    Team is a rabble.
    Was thinking Big O to Abbott and Seedsman to Yeo.
    Peoples thoughts please

  • Savage to Hurley/Blakely
    Curnow to Kelly?

  • rank these players to replace Holman:

    david swallow
    hayden crozier
    ben Cunnington
    de goey

  • Early trades are –
    Waterman to Devon Smith
    DBJ to Simpson
    Leaving $86k in bank

    Only rookies on field will be –
    – DEF – either Rice or Redman, other on bench
    – MIDS – T Kelly
    – FWD – Fritsch

    Got a lot of $350+k players on bench so should be easy to upgrade them in the next 2 weeks

    • I really hope redman plays this weekend but I somehow doubt it due to him being on crutches after the game played last Thursday

  • find it peculiar how the Traders and most say you should only have 1 or 2 rooks on field these days, yet I have four (Doedee, Rice, Guelfi, Gowers/Phillips), considering this my team should be trash, but I’m still ranked up around the 1200 mark.

    • There will be a few teams that only have 1 or 2 playing rookies. They will also have either dodged premo injuries, or held them for 2+ weeks. I’ve got Rice, Philips and Gowers still because I’ve traded Laird, Macrae and Darling out of necessity.

      And I’m ranked 1600 ish, so don’t worry too much. Especially when Gowers outscores 95% of the comp haha

    • It’s just referring to that general rule that you should come out the other end of the byes with an improved team – sticking your premiums on the bench & upgrading rookies. Some people might have had a good climb up the rankings by sideways trading premos, but will suffer for it in the long term.

      Not sure if this applies to you however. I did a few sideways moves myself (Coniglio & Laird), will see in the next 3-4 weeks if it paid off!

    • yeah i only have 1 rookie on the field but some of my ‘premiums’ are hardly premos such as hibberd, parker, rocky, r.gray. so maybe your top end talent is better than most peoples? and i’m ranked 7500.

    • After trades, I’ll have two rooks + Fritsch. I also have a bunch of guys like Wingard, Fritsch etc that I would rather not have in my side when finals start. So I think the more usefull “rule of thumb” shouldn’t be about how many rooks you have onfield, but how many top 22/finals players you have.

      With this in mind, I still have 6 on field positions that I want filled with keeper-premos/uber premos

    • Ill only be fielding 1 rook this week after trades…but some of my ‘premiums’ aren’t scoring like they should…I’m in the 600s so not sure anyone’s team would be complete at this stage with ‘top 8/10’ premiums across all lines…so don’t be concerned – all our teams still need a lot of work lol!

  • Backline: Laird, Lloyd, Crisp, Yeo, Whitfield, Austin (Molcheck, Smith)

    Midfield: Mitchell, Trealor, Sidebottom, Coniglio, Kelly, Fyfe, Zerrett, Martin (Giro, Wilson)

    Ruck: Gawn, Martin

    Fowardline: Smith, McLean, Hoff, Heeney, Ronke, Fritch (Ahern, Keefe)

    Already done my trades this week which were:

    Guelfi > Hoff
    Brayshaw (freo) > Kelly

    What do you guys reckon? can upgrade to anyone and chose these two, thinks its the best option.

    Cheers guys.

  • Will dusty get tagged this week?

    • Not sure Ben, but the Swans aren’t the easiest team to score on at the best of times.

      I finally dumped Rusty over the bye, after starting with him and watching his stocks slide miserably. They say he’s playing well, I’m not sure, but he doesn’t seem to be dominating games as he did last year. Whether it’s structure or form – bit of an unknown to me!

  • Hey champs how did everyone go in the final bye rounds?
    Teams looking stronger now?

    I managed 1709, moved up to rank 332.

    Looking to downgrade the Big O – Flynn or Abbott, hopefully one is named.
    Finally ditching the Bont, to Tom Phillips. Was going to go Trelaor but looks like he is injured? Didnt catch the game.

    Team is:
    DEF:Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Sicily, Hurn (Smith, Murphy)
    MID:Titch, Kelly, Gaff, Cogs, Phillips, Neale, Zerrett, Crouch (Ahern, Wilson)
    RUC:Gawn, Nic Nat (Flynn, Cameron)
    FWD:Smith, Heeney, McLean, The Hoff, Fristch, Rocky (Battle, Clarke)

    Looking forward to seeing what a full team will do this week.

    • That’s a great ranking. Jealous.

      Wouldn’t stress if Flynn or Abbott isn’t named, not likely you’d be using another trade on an R3 anyway.

      Gibbs is an option over Phillips – he’s been ultra consistent this year.

  • Thoughts on Walters? Averaging 96 from 9 games if you cut out the game where he got 11 from injury. Only had 2 bad games this year out of 9. Had a 2 week break, and should be fresh to go

  • which players this week should I trade out of Touhy or DBJ.

  • Thinking of bringing in either Brayshaw or Yoe

  • i have one rookie (Austin or rice or j. smith) left on field but i have DBJ. With 224k in the bank, what should i do?

  • hepel or viney or cunnington

  • Is Degoey an option??
    DeGoey in for Rioli (40K)
    Nank to Stef (100K)?

  • Bit stuck on trades this week:

    DEF: Yeo, Brayshaw, Whitfield, Sicily, Savage, Doedee, (Redman, Ridley)
    MID: Titch, Gaff, Treloar, Neale, Danger, Zerrett, Parker, T Kelly, (Ahern, J Smith)
    RUCK: Gawn, Nank, (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Smith, Heeney, McLean, Westhoff, Taranto, Wingard, (Waterman, Apeness)
    $210k remaining

    Most likely going Waterman to Battle with my first trade, but don’t know which underperforming premium to fix up, which option would you go?

    1) Nank –> Grundy (leaving $112k)

    2) T Kelly –> Phillips (leaving $143k)

    3) Parker –> Phillips (leaving $255k)

    4) Doedee –> Crisp/Laird/Simpson (leaving approximately $90k)

    5) Savage –> Crisp/Laird/Simpson (leaving approximately $190k)

    Thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!

    • I got rid of savage last week for Simpson and felt great about it. Savage was really posing me off the last few weeks with slow starts so if you can get simmo or crisp it’s good to watch

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