JLT1B Fantasy Review – Ep. 179

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  • Rocky? Best to leave for now, and wait and see?

  • Can anyone name 1 Def under $460k they would pick with confidence!! So much doubt with every single one under that amount!!

  • Thank you for another awesome podcast guys. I commute 90 minutes each way everyday, so your podcast is a godsend every week!!

    • Yes they would, no good for me I commute 11 minutes each way so a whole 22 minutes, its a drag

      • You Bastard!!! I’m jealous of your commute.

        • Sorry boys, but 5 minute commute for me. Does that even count as a commute?
          And back to AF: anyone rate jacob hopper for POD break out or am i being daft to even contemplate this?

    • It’s a 5 second walk to my office. One advantage of working from home…

      • You win Fooz😀 can’t bear that. I pity the fools who have to drive for houts to get to work for a day. But thats why the fantasy gods gave us The Traders podcast. Amen.

    • yes Mills is interesting. Read an article back in November stated he would be the break out player. Had great JLT 1 with near full strength line up. Scored 65 from 59% game time. Note too that’s 59% of game-time of a shortened format.

      He was in my team for awhile then out, but With not much on offer if JLT 2 is reasonable then I would seriously consider.

  • Roy, do you think Nick Graham is worthy of playing in Carlton’s best 22? (Not a SuperCoach question)

  • Love the podcast as always. Maybe for the one next week after JLT 2 you guys could predict the best 22 and then compare at the end of the season with how you guys went.

  • Remembering funny times intermingled with this week’s podcast:

    Things Fantasy Coaches don’t say – Roy “I just don’t think I’ve picked enough Port Adelaide players…”

    Will he pick Rocky for R1 even though he’s not going to play JLT? “60 % likely”

  • Pick 2 of Brayshaw, Dow and Kelly xx

  • Is Menegola worth the cash this year? @RoyDT @WarnieDT @CalvinDT
    I have him in at the moment but just don’t know if a Buddy or a Barlow is a better option or just using the cash elsewhere.

    I was almost convinced to use the extra cash in the backline but after you lads mentioned that loading up the fwd line was a better idea, I’ve started to think Menegola is not a bad option.


    • Average last year without one of Danger+Selwood playing = 120
      Average last year with both playing = 90

      then you add in a guy like Gaz

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