My Team 2018: Version 2.3

Everyone is loving that Fantasy is back! Fantasy teams are being tweaked daily (hourly for some!) and there is still more than a month until the first lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • I think this team could have a potential of 15 keepers, with good rookie structure to.
    I would classify McGrath and Brayshaw as DEF keepers if they can avg 85+ at D5/D6 until there is nothing left to upgrade later on in the year.

    What do you guys think?

    DEF: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, McGrath, Brayshaw, Doedee (Cumming, Murray)
    MID: Titch, M Crouch, Beams, Rocky, Cogs, Dow, LDU, Kelly (Brayshaw WCE, Barry)
    RUC: Nank, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)
    FWD: Heeney, Devon Smith, Robinson, Setterfield, Stephenson, Fritsch (Venables, Rioli)

    Nank could be swapped to Goldy, but I think Nank should avg 90+ this season and mix it with the likes of Sauce and Goldy. Solo ruck big plus with Hampton out injured.

    • DEF – yes i think at year end if you had McGrath and Brayshaw at D5 & D6 going at 85 + you would be happy.

      MID – i like it ive gone a little dearer, but again if Cogs is M8 come season end getting 100 per week is all good

      Ruc – ive gone same, will keep eye on goldy could swap for nank but doubt it unless he goes apeshit in JLT

      FWD – 3 rookies but all should play from all accounts

      overall good setup i like the no JOM can i ask why? (i dont have him but interested in your thoughts)

      • No JOM no cry
        Nah I want him in the team, but it would mean fielding Christenson at F3 instead of Devon Smith made my FWD line look to weak.
        That would be 2 mid pricers which wont be keepers, so downgraded to LDU and spent the cash to upgrade Christenson to Smith.
        I still think he is a great pick

    • Good team mate.
      I’m the same with Christensen. I get him he had to go F3. JOM is a better option. Very similar to mine.
      Do u have any leagues that need to be filled? Would live to test myself against you and your league.

      That is all

      • My leagues are full sorry.
        But happy to create a new league, KAN5UL5X
        For anyone that wants to join, preferably fanatics

  • Hi guys….any advice will be much appreciated
    thank you

    Def: Laird, Hurley, Crisp, Coffield, O’Shea, Doedee
    (Mirra, Cumming)
    Mid: Titchell, Danger, Zerrett, Adams, Rockliff,
    Brayshaw, LDU, T Kelly
    (J Smith, Worpel)
    Ruck: Sauce, Gawn (Frampton, Cameron)
    Forw: Billings, D Smith, Sicily, Rayner, Rioli,
    (Guelfi, Venables)

    • Ohhhh. 41k left in the bank

    • I would go o’brian Over o’shea As I think he will average higher scores also I would be cautious with with fielding 3 170k players but over all good structure

    • Doesn’t look too shabby.
      I’m not a massive fan of playing 3 rookies in defence but your def premo’s look decent.
      Going the big 3 of Titch, Danger and Zerret is probably costing you a bit. I would downgrade Danger to a Beams type or even an underpriced like Cogs and use it to upgrade one of your def rookies. Just a heads up Joel Smith is coming back from injury and has had a seriously hampered pre season. Good news is there’s a few decent 170k mids this year like Hamish Brayshaw and even Dom Barry looked good in AFLX but keep an eye on in JLT.
      I’d be hesitant to chuck Rioli on the ground (I’m assuming because he’s behind Rayner that we’re talking about Willie and not Cyril or Daniel), don’t reckon he’ll score very well, more of an impact player. Same goes for Rayner.

      • I was thinking about getting Cogs or even Fyfe instead of Danger, but I guess if I have him now, I don’t have to get him after. Yes I heard Smith had some type of injury, but like you said, others are available for that price. I will keep an eye out in the JLT series and go from there. Yes it is Willie and you are right, he won’t score heaps not will Rayner, if he even plays. I will tweak my forward and defence lines by getting rid of Danger,hmmmm don’t know…..Wait for the JLT series and see how it will pan out.
        Thank you for your input

  • Hi guys first time poster could you leave me feed back on my team please

    Crisp,Hanley,Sicily,Brayshaw,coffield,Murray (Doedee,Cummings)



    Bank,Gawn (Cameron,mcinerney)


    Heeney,robo,Christensen,ah Chee,setterfield,Rayner (Rioli,Venables)

    Thoughts cheers guys

    • Sorry guys it’s nankervis not bank

    • You’ve gone probably a bit too mid priced for my liking, especially in the backline. Try and find a way to upgrade Hanley or Sicily to a proper premo, probably by downgrading Ah Chee.

      Mids look strong, I really like them.

      Nank is a bold choice. I had him in for a while too but he’s out now.

      I’m a little weary of Heeney, he’s had a massively interrupted pre season. People seem to be steering clear of Rayner because he’s not tipped to go into midfield and so won’t score that much so there’s probably better value rooks out there. I’d suggest listening to the Traders latest podcast, they had some good suggestions for forward rookie options which i think will benefit you.

  • Anyone think jack viney can ave 100. Hes in my team atm instead of prestia

  • This is Adams last 10 rounds

    14 111
    15 95
    16 87
    17 105
    18 106
    19 151
    20 124
    21 128
    22 132
    23 97

    Last 10 round 113.6
    last 3 round 119
    last 5 round 126.4 (number 1 in competition)
    First 12 rounds 115.6
    High 151 twice, round 1 and round 19
    low 81 round 12

    I like the low at 81

    2015 101.2 / 2016 102.9 / 2017 114.7 / 2018 129 million

    • Adams first 12 rounds at 115

      1 151
      2 99
      3 137
      4 107
      5 88
      6 148
      7 117
      8 115
      9 116
      10 97
      11 131
      12 81

      is lock

      • played all 22 games last year first time ever and is looking solid pre season by all accounts

        • I agree he’s a lock, and I’ve had him in my team basically all preseason but the other day I traded him to J Kelly. I see more improvement in Kelly (averaged around 119 in his last 9), and it can be said Adams average over the last couple of rounds is inflated due to Pendles being out of the team. I still see Adams going 115 though.

  • Who do you guys have as the 4th, 5th, 6th highest scorers in each line?
    For me its:
    DEF – Hibberd, Lloyd, Houli
    MID – Adams, Kelly, Zorko
    RUCK – Stef, Ryder, WItts
    FWD – Barlow, Buddy, Greene

  • Hi guys first time poster could you leave me feed back on my team please

    Crisp,Hanley,Sicily,Brayshaw,coffield,Murray (Doedee,Cummings)



    Nans,Gawn (Cameron,mcinerney)


    Heeney,robo,Christensen,ah Chee,setterfield,Rayner (Rioli,Venables)

    Thoughts cheers guys

  • Lads, feedback on the team would be appreciated:

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Crisp, McGrath, O’Shea, S.Murray (Doedee, Keeffe)
    MID: Zerret, Rocky, Coniglio, Blakely, Prestia, JOM, A.Brayshaw, Kelly (Freeman, Ahern)
    RUCK: Gawn, Kreuzer (Frampton, Cameron)
    FWD: Barlow, Heeney, Lobb, Christensen, Higgins, Rioli (Rayner, Venables)

    • Defenders look nice and strong, not much to comment on there.

      No Titch? Ballsy to go nearly all under priced premiums and not a massive fan of Prestia tbh. I’d try and sneak in at least one more legit premium, probably by downgrading Lobb.

      I like that you’ve gone Kreuz

      I’m a little worried about Heeney, he’s had a massively interrupted preseason. If he’s fit and firing for JLT he’s a lock otherwise maybe look elsewhere. I’d get rid of Lobb now, he’s another with a bad preseason, no guarantee for round 1. News out of Richmond is that they expect Higgins to push for selection mid season, so you need to look for another forward rookie. Also not a fan of Rioli on ground, looks more an impact player. Ahern would probably be a better bet if he’s in for round 1.

    • Dc I agree with shaggy. You don’t seem to have a natural captain. IMO Titch and danger are the obvious candidates. I know bombers supporters & warnie are going to hate this but I’m not a dt fan of zerrett. In the second half of 2017 the tag appeared to go off Heppell and go to zerret. His scores suffered as a result. 5 of his last 9 scores less than 100. 2 others to consider Lobb is on light duties and had bad groin issues last year (check jlt) and Higgins is highly unlikely to get an early run with the tiges as there are several players in front of him from the vfl grand final team even if Rioli does not start the season. Hope my random thoughts are useful. Cheers

  • zerrett and 170k/mirra


    coffield and b. crouch

  • DEF: R. Laird, K. Simpson, H. Shaw, E. Yeo, J. Crisp, L. McDonald (T. Doedee, S. Murray)

    MID: J. O’Meara, C. Rayner, A. Brayshaw, P. Dow, W. Setterfield, J. Higgins, T. Kelly, L. Davies-Uniacke (N. Freeman, J.Smith)

    RUCK: M. Gawn, M. Kreuzer (D. Cameron, W. Frampton)

    FWD: J. Billings, I. Heeney, T. Lynch(ADL), L. Franklin, J. Martin. M. Walter (D. Venables, P. Ahern)

    First time poster any thoughts and suggestions appreciated, 8k in bank

  • Def: Laird, Hibberd, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Hibberd, Goddard (Keefe, Johnson)
    Mid: Titch, Beams, Coniglio, J.Steven, Blakely, O’meara, A.Brayshaw, LDU (Wigg, J.Smith)
    Run: Kruezer, Gawn
    FWD: Heeney, Dahlhaus, Stringer, Christensen, Clarke, Ahern (Venables, Rioli)
    101k in bank, rookies are not set

    • What’s with the T in Birtchall??

    • Just watch out for Lloyd, does not average nearly as much when McVeigh is in the team.

      I like that you’ve gone for value in the mids over uber premiums, but maybe look at using you’re piggy bank to upgrade at least one to someone like a Zerret who should be a lock to be in top 5 mids.. I know rookies are not set just a heads up Wigg recovering from broken ankle and should be maybe a downgrade target.

      Ballsy to go Stringer. Haven’t heard much about Clarke in your forward line can I ask why you’ve selected him?

  • 1.

    Brad crouch is on a modified preseason

  • I like the bloke, but can I ask what the fantasy hype around Petracca is atm? It seems that he’s going to get a little bit more mid time but what do people see him improving his average to? And if he’s worth selecting at the price tag? Cheers!

  • L McDonald or McGrath?

  • Sicily vs McDonald?

  • wtf fantasy gold has Dusty as getting 98 round 1

    last year round 1 v blues he got 139 (guess he only got 96 v them in round 14)

    • That was the first time he tonned up against Carlton ever.

    • I’m curious to see how Dusty handles the pressure this year. Having the pressure of being “the best in the comp” plus will there be the perceived premiership hangover..

  • Current team, Foward line is weak but i like the value of more expensive rookies there also better JS as a foward. 5 big Mids who i think we will be top 8 easily. Not sold on Nank but Goldy could be another option. Any thoughts on structure and players?

    DEF – Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Brayshaw, O’Shea, Doedee (Mirra, Murray)
    MID – Titch, Merrett, Adams, Kelly, Crouch, Dow, LDU, Kelly (Worpel, Barry)
    RUCK – Nank, Gawn (King, Cameron)
    FWD – Billings, Heeney, Christensen, Setterfield, Stephenson, Fritsch (Ahern, Rioli)

    • I like it.
      Def: Personally not a fan of Yeo because of limited preseason, and I feel as though his output will decline if he gets shoved into the midfield. Brayshaw has the potential to break out but he’s a big JLT watch

      Mid: Really strong mid premos and rookies. Personally I’m not a fan of Merrett as I think he will regress to 110-115, but plenty of others are backing him so no real issues there.

      Ruc: Looks fine. Everyone’s R1 will be determined by JLT it seems

      Fwd: Billings and Heeney are solid but both have had their setbacks. Billings seems to consistently have good patches followed by poor patches but should even out do mid 90s again.

      Overall looks solid

  • Hi Guys,

    first chance to look at AFL Fantasy for the year, go easy on my team, any thoughts or feedback??

    My impressions is that my midfield is weak and not 100% on NicNat at R2 yet
    $108k left so can make plenty of changes before rd1

    Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Ellis, H. Goddard, Doedee (Murray, Mirra)
    Mitchell, Beams, Coniglio, Viney, O’Meara, Wigg, Ahearn (Freeman, Wilson)
    Gawn, Nic Nat (Cameron, English)
    Billings, McLean, Heeney, Petracaa, Christensen, Lobb (Venables, Rioli)

    Hoping to make $ on NicNat then Lobb will get DPP rd 6

  • Well it looks like someone played with their Willie a little too much.
    Now Willie has a sore hammy.
    What I’m trying to say is Willie Rioli has strained his hammy.

  • Petracca or Robbo. The extra 40k allows me to go Fritsch to Setterfield or Stephenson

  • Ok i got some good responses before
    But not enough on my team, should i downgrade one of my 5 premium mids and upgrade a fwd or should i leave it the way it is?

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Burton, Sicily, Cumming, Murray, (Doedee, Mirra)

    MID: Titch, Danger, Kelly, Adams, Rocky, JOM, Telly, LDU (Freeman, H. Brayshaw)

    Ruck: Gawn, Witts (Cameron, English)

    FWD: McLean, Stringer, Christensen, Rayner, Setterfield, Frisch (Venables, Rioli)
    71k for changes.

    • DEF, MID and RUC all solid as.
      Not sure I would trust 2 x 170K defence rookies on the field tho.

      But yea the FWD line with Stringer as F2 looks a bit weak.

      Do you like Brayshaw from Melbourne as a DEF mid pricer?
      Even if you were to drop Stringer, shift Sicily to the FWD line at F2 and change Stringer to Brayshaw it would look a lot stronger.

    • Yeah maybe play around with downgrading Danger Kelly or Adams and upgrading Stringer

  • 1 more leagues spot left in the following league, feel free to join. Code is: YEA6EM54

  • Thoughts

    Option 1 McGrath and Brayshaw (Mel)
    Option 2 Simpson and Coffield

  • Hey fellas, would love some feedback on my current team, both good or bad. Would be greatly appreciated!

    DEF: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, Coffield, Cumming, Doedee (Murray, Morgan)

    MID: Titch, Danger, Beams, Rocky, Prestia, JOM, Dow, Kelly (Freeman, Worpel)

    RUC: Gawn, Jacobs (English, Cameron)

    FWD: Barlow, Heeney, Smith, Christensen, Setterfield, Fritsch (Veneables, Rioli)


    • I’m about 60/40 on that defence. I think Coffield is the best rookie priced (below 270K) defender, but 2 170K rookies on field in the one line is not for me.
      I think you should only have 1 of Prestia and JOM. Personally I’d downgrade Prestia to LDU and then upgrade either JOM or one of those 170K defenders.
      Rucks and forwards are solid.

  • McGrath or A Brayshaw?

  • I’m pretty happy with this team at the moment, and will probably carry it into JLT. What do people think of it?

    DEF: Laird, Crisp, McDonald, Sicily, Brayshaw, Doedee, (Cumming, Murray)
    MID: Titch, Kelly, Rocky, Coniglio, Blakely, JOM, LDU, Hamish Brayshaw, (Ahern, Freeman)
    RUCK: Gawn, Lycett, (Cameron, Frampton)
    FWD: McLean, Walters, Robinson, Christensen, Setterfield, Fritsch, (Rioli, Keeffe)

    Liking the look of Lycett with Nic Nat injury news.

    The Blakely pick is there in case he gets the half back role, if not I can just downgrade McDonald down to McGrath and put him up to a better premium.

    Forward line is lacking a big premium, but it sounds like there isn’t much to choose from so tried to be a bit different. If Walters is playing Mid he will be huge.

    Would love suggestions for improvement.

    • G’day Mad Fish

      Jeeeeeeesus you bat deep in your defence.

      Your mids are ok without being incredible, but I can see why you’ve picked these guys and it’s not a bad idea. Hamish Brayshaw on the ground is ballsy.

      I can see your reasoning but I still don’t like the Lycett pick. He’s going to be ok, but he’s always going to share rucking duties with Vardy and Naitinui and so probably won’t improve his value. Get rid of Sicily or Brayshaw and get a decent ruck,

      You’re brave to go Walters, reckon Devon Smith would be a safer bet. I really like your forward rooks.

      • Personally I like the Walters pick. He has a high ceiling “if” he gets midfield time as Fyfe plays more forward. From the preseason drills it seems as if more midfield is coming his way. Watch JLT and if that is the case, there is far worse bets than Walters considering what else is on offer up forward.

        • Do we trust Ross the Boss to give him decent midfield time week in week out? I definitely don’t. He’s a killer of fantasy teams that bloke. Devon Smith is a lock for more midfield time so that’s why I’ve gone him. Sure there’s worse bets than Walters but there’s far safer ones that will probably give you less headaches.

  • Didn’t want to change to much as I think Hanley, Sicily and brayshaw can put up great scores for their price but have altered fed rooks feed back please

    Crisp,Hanley,Sicily,Brayshaw,coffield,Murray (Doedee,Cummings)



    Nank,Gawn (Cameron,mcinerney)


    Heeney,robo,Christensen,ah Chee,setterfield,Stephenson (Clarke,Venables)

    • Much better forward rooks mate! And stick to your guns, if you reckon all those mid priced backs are going to fire then for your sake i hope fortune favours the brave!

  • McGrath or Brayshaw?

  • Right fellas I need some feedback.

    Def: Laird, Gibbered, Crisp, McGrath, Coffield, Doedee (Mirra, Cumming)

    Mid: Titch, Kelly, Beams, Rockliff, Coniglio, JOM, LDU, Kelly (H. Brayshaw, Worpel)

    Ruc: Witts, Gawn (Frampton, Cameron)

    Fwd: Billings, D. Smith, Christensen, Stephenson, Setterfield, Fritsch (Rioli, Ahern)

  • Got stuck on the previous page. Thoughts?

    Def: Laird, Simpson, Crisp, Sicily, O’Shea, Doedee (Murray, Cumming)

    Mid: Mitchell, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Armitage, O’Meara, Brayshaw, Kelly (Worpel, Freeman)

    Ruc: Goldstein, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)

    Fwd: Menegola, Barlow, Christiensen, Setterfield, Fritsch, Keeffe (Ahern, Rioli)

    Only 14k in the kitty. Rd 1 projected 1936 Fantasy Coach. I’m a bit stuck with R1 and so Goldy made the cut due to salary restraints. All suggested improvements to the side are appreciated

    • Like your defenders, fairly stock standard but solid picks.

      Interesting you’ve got both Ablett and Danger, not necessarily bad but I haven’t seen it much. Not a fan of Armitage in at M5.

      Goldy pick is left field. Good things coming out of kangaroos camp though so I can see why you’ve gone him. Not sure I’d have the balls to.

      Hawk will be having kittens seeing someone else put Menegola in their team. Personally I’d downgrade him or Barlow to a Devon Smith or a Toby McLean and use the cash to upgrade Goldy or Armitage

      • Really not a fan of Devon Smith. Won’t go above 85 imo. The only other guys I’d look at in that price bracket are Walters and Robinson

        • Out of those two then go Robbo

        • Devon’s gone over 90 before without the midfield time, or is it his body you don’t trust?

          • Yes but that was four seasons ago… I think he’s a trap. Won’t actually get much midfield time and won’t get any more ball up forward than he did at GWS. Walters has more upside with his potential midfield role and Robbo was averaging 90+ before injury.

            Your justification for picking Devon would be like me saying I’m picking Armo with the expectation he’s going 107 again. Mind you… a healthy Armo could easily crack 90

            The only reason people are backing Devon is because Warnie keeps talking through black and red tinted goggles.

      • Oh mate it’s working, everyone is finally believing, probably due to the fact when I had a chat to Chris Scott and simmonds stadium the other day he’s put words t the media that danger will be spending more time forward and the golanator more mid time. Like I told you before 115+ is on the cards and ownership is rising at a fast rate. Get him, get him now.

        Vote 1 menegola 115+


    DEF: Laird, Sicily, Hanley, McGrath, Coffield, Doedee (Murray, Mirra)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Rockliff, Coniglio, O’Meara, Dow, Davies-Uniacke, Kelly (Wigg, H Brayshaw)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Frampton, Cameron)
    FWD: Franklin, Billings, Heeney, Christensen, Setterfield, Stephenson (Fritsch, Rioli)


    Thoughts would be appreciated!

    • I wouldn’t be starting with Hanley or McGrath as I’m not convinced that they will get that magical mid time.
      Mids look like they offer value, maybe a bit light on though. I don’t think either of those mids on the bench will be r1 starters.
      Starting with Grundy… Interesting. You’re the first I’ve seen with him. You’ll be hoping Cox goes down for the season in JLT.
      Forwards look fine, personally i wouldn’t have Franklin but that’s just me.

  • McGrath and Heeney or A brayshaw and Billings?

  • Thoughts on Lachie Neale?

  • Anyone got thoughts on why Petracca is a good selection? Cheers

  • Anyone slightly considering michael walters? signing of Matera and a few of their draft picks every chance he could pump out similar big scores in that wing/mid role he played in a few games.

    • I’ve got him at the moment. If he does get that mid role he will pump out huge scores, but there is always that risk that he might play forward and churn out a 40 every now and again.

  • 615013
    Trying to fill a league for serious RDTers. Feel free to join

  • Zerrett and Robbo
    Kelly and Devon?

  • Billings and Crisp


    Heeney and Hibberd (Mel)

  • Hey lads feel I have found the perfect structure pre JLT and would love some feed back !! I know my fwds are weak but that’s where I feel comfortable with playing the 3 rookies.

    2k remaining
    DEF: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, Brayshaw, Coffield, Doedee (Murray, Cumming)
    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Kelly, Beams, Rockliff, JOM, Brayshaw, Kelly (Worpel, Freeman)
    RUC: Jacobs,Gawn (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Heeney, Robinson, Christensen, Setterfield, Stephenson, Fritsch (Ahern, Rioli)

  • Hey fellas, more chopping & changing so would love your thoughts! Like the look of the likes of Devon Smith & Walters but forward line feels really week if i throw either of them into F2. Would love to fit O’Meara in but affects the balance of other lines and think Brayshaw, Dow, LDU & Kelly could easily be the best 4 rookies. Also feel defence is much stronger with McGrath at D4. Keep coming back to Kruezer in the rucks but getting tempted by Goldy.

    Def: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, McGrath, Hibberd (Nth), Doedee (Mirra, Murray)

    Mids: Titch, Dusty, Kelly, Beams, Rocky, Brayshaw (Freo), Dow, LDU (Kelly, Worpel)

    Rucks: Kruezer, Gawn (English, Cameron)

    Fwds: Billings, Heeney, Christensen, Setterfield, Fritsch, Venables (Ahern, Rioli)

    $18k remaining

    • Everything looks solid. I’m unsure if Dusty and Kruezer can back up last season, but who knows. We’ll find out I guess. Also not liking Fritsch. Personal opinion.

      • Thanks very much Peter! I’m tossing up about Dusty but $7k off Merrett & Dusty helps balance out my byes a little. Understand your doubts about Kruezer but i keep getting drawn back to his ceiling esp when he’s only $40k more than Jacobs (although sometimes that $40k could be helpful elsewhere lol). Don’t know much about Fritsch myself other than he’s been talked up by the Dees but could easily become a cheaper rookie once we have a better idea about rookie JS.

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