My Team 2018: Version 2.3

Everyone is loving that Fantasy is back! Fantasy teams are being tweaked daily (hourly for some!) and there is still more than a month until the first lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • anyone thinking of going extreme guns and rookies
    3 premos 3 rookies
    4 premos 4 rookies
    2 premos
    3 premos 3 rookies

    all rookies around 250k and all premos are keepers around 800k mark

  • Billings + 170k F6 or Robinson + Christensen

  • Option 1 or 2

    1. Coniglio, Stef Martin and Brayshaw/Seedsman


    2. Danger, Grundy and O’shea

    Thoughts appreciated

  • Hey Guys would love some thoughts on my squad.

    DEF Laird Crisp Burton Brayshaw Coffield Doedee (Murray, Cumming)

    MID Mitchell J Kelly Treloar Rockliff B Crouch O Meara Brayshaw T Kelly (Worpel, Freeman)

    RUC Gawn Nankervis (Cameron, Mcinerney)

    FWD Mclean Sicily Petracca Setterfield Stephenson Fritsch ( Venables, Rioli)

    6K in the kitty. Happy with the amount of PODs i have and the structure I’ve got. Watching JLT with plenty of interest.

    • I like it. Forward line is a little light on, but McLean and Sicily could both roll over the 90 average mark. I’m leaning more towards this year being a little early for Petracca to beast out, but who knows? I’m a fan and want him to explode into the midfield.

    • I dont know if I would waste a forward spot on Sicily. Defenders are usually light on points so I’d get him the defence if you can and pick a different forward.

  • DEF: Lloyd, Crisp, Hanley, Hibberd, O’Shea, Doedee (Murray,Smith)

    MID: Mitchell, Danger, Martin, Kelly, Beams, Armitage, Brayshaw, Kelly (Freeman,Wigg)

    RUC: Goldy, Gawn (English,Cameron)

    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Robinson, Rayner, Setterfield, Ahren (Rioli,Keefe)

    3k Left

  • Thoughts?

    DEF R.Laird, K.Simpson, M.Hibberd, C.O’Shea, M.Hibberd, T.Doedee (S.Murray, D.Mirra)

    MID T.Mitchell, P.Dangerfield, Z.Merrett, J.Kelly, T.Rockliff, J.O’Meara, P.Dow, LDU (J.Smith, J.Worpel

    RUCK M.Gawn, N.Naitanui (T.English, D.Cameron)

    FWD J.Billings, M.Robinson, R.Lobb, A.Christensen, J.Stephenson, D.Venables (W.Rioli, P.Ahern)

    • Nice premiums all over the ground. If Naitanui doesn’t impress then drop Lobb or JOM to Setterfield/Kelly/other rookie to upgrade him.

  • Crisp + Merrett + Setterfield


    A.Brayshaw + Treloar + Lobb

  • JOM and Coffield
    Angus Brayshaw and LDU/Dow?

  • I can’t hold it any longer , I’m actually starting menegola lol sorry hawk

  • Predicted averages for :

    Daniel Lloyd
    Cameron polson
    James parsons
    Aiden corr
    Wylie buzza
    Oscar junker

    • Can’t see those guys playing early except for Corr who is KPP for GWS, Parsons may play for Geelong some point in the year. But Lloyd 60, Polson 55, Parsons 60, Corr 50 – 55, Buzza 45 – 50 and Junker 50

    • I think you just made a list of players you shouldn’t be looking at.

  • Any help would be great!….

    Laird yeo shaw sicily doedee murray (keefee, mirra)

    Mitchell, danger, martin, treloar, coniglio, omeara, LDU, wigg (barry, freeman)

    Nic nat, gawn (camerin, english)

    Billings, heeney, lobb, christenson, bennell, rioli (venables, ahern)

    • So many injury queries with Yeo, JOM, Wigg, Nic Nat, Billings, Heeney & Bennell – pray they don’t all go down at once

    • Bennell wont play. Another calf scare along with not even knowing if Freo want him playing early.
      Wigg I would say is highly in doubt to play R1 from his ankle.
      Nic Nat’s been out 18 months with a horrible ACL – described as worse than a “Normal” one, hasn’t played footy and doubt his knee will ever be the same.

      Don’t like the Lobb pick with his groin, but if you’re going Nic Nat it’s a good badkbone (as long as Lobb stays on the park or it’s a double kill). Be wary of both Billings + Heeney’s interrupted seasons, and don’t like 170k on ground, let alone Rioli – Ahern/Venables will score more.

  • Two leagues here to fill, some spots left, feel free to join:

    1) 1 spot left. Code is: UPWLSJJ7

    2) 3 spots left. Code is: YEA6EM54

  • DEF: R. Laird, K. Simpson, H. Shaw, C. O’Shea, S. Murray, T.Doedee (L. Keeffe, D.Mirra)

    MID: P.Dangerfield, G. Ablett (c), M. Duncan, J. Selwood, J. Redden, J. O’Meara, T. Kelly, L. Davies-Uniacke (N. Freeman, J.Smith)

    RUCK: M. Gawn, N. Naitanui (T.English, w. Frampton)

    FWD: J. Billings, I. Heeney, T. Lynch(ADL), R.Lobb, C. Rayner, J. Higgins (D. Venables, P.Ahern)

    With 77k in the bank, any thoughts

  • What are the general thoughts about L.McDonald? Is he a viable pick, pro/cons? Can anyone shed light? Cheers.

    • like him a lot, helped me in draft last year
      They will need mature legs in mids,especially second half of year

    • Like him a lot, said to play inside mid, wing and off Half back. And seeing how the Roos play their best scorers play through those positions, he can push forward and kick a goal here and there too. I am interested to see his tackle numbers in JLT, if he can find the ball and tackle his marks will come off the wing and half back!

      • McDonald laid 5+ tackles 9 times last year – including a monster 10! Very tempting for me. Also had 5+ marks 8 times with 9 marks twice. I’m practically talking myself into him…

    • I’m tossing up between Lloyd, Crisp and McDonald at D2, wait on the JLT to see which pies are rotating through Half back, if Lloyd can play the role along side McVeigh and to see where McDonalds playing

    • Oi! Shoosh Cal!

  • Thoughts on this GnR team…excpet Fwd line which is mid price all over

    Def: Laird, Hurley, Yeo, O’Shea, Doedee, Morgan (Murray, Mirra)

    Mid: Danger, Dusty, Merrett, Parker, Cripps, LDU, Kelly, Fogarty (Ahern, Barry)

    Ruck: Gawn, Ryder (English, Olango)

    Fwd: Smith, Petracca, Lobb, Stringer, Young, Setterfield (Ryan, Veneables)

    Still tossing up Rocky for Parker or Cripps

    $117k in the bank

    • Great defence, and you have 3 big guns in the MIDs but no Titch? Parker/Cripps nicely under priced, although rumoured Parker will spend more time FWD. Standard rucks, like the Ryder pick. I’d personally use that extra dosh to go Devon –> Billing/Heeney. Great team.

  • I’ve pretty much found I can only fit in 12 premiums, either a 3rd forward or defender. Which would you prefer?

    Ie; Lloyd/Hibbo (D2) & Setterfield (F4) or

    Billings (F1) & Coff (D4)/275k to spend on someone.

  • Alright had a couple days of leaving my team alone but was never confident in the defence rookies, so decided i’ll only run 2 fwd premiums at this point. Not happy about it, but Billings is out.

    $27k in the piggy.
    Def; Laird, Lloyd, Crisp, Brayshaw, Hibberd, Doedee. (Murray, Cumming).

    Mid; Titch, Treloar, Crouch, Beams, Rocky, JOM, Brayshaw, LDU. (Kelly, Worpel).

    Ruck; Gawn, Sandi. (Cameron, Frampton)

    Fwd; Heeney, McLean, Christensen, Setterfield, Stephensen, Fritsch. (Venables, Ahern).

    A few things i’m not happy/safe with;

    Sandi – nothing needed to be said.
    Only 2 fwd premiums, I was so sold on Billings this year, but also Heeney.
    Hibberd/D5 rookie in general, don’t see any with real JS at this point.

    Appreciate your thoughts.

    • Great team, your whole midfield has upside to ave more than what they’re priced at. I don’t mind Sandi (Darcy is injured atm) but obviously it’s risky. Very strong DEF, similar to mine. Like the McLean pick (would prefer Billings), not sure if I can do it. Strong rooks in the FWD line, however is Christensen at F3 a little weak? Great team.

      • I agree, just with how the rest of my team structures out, it’s either an extra rookie ~250k in either the forward or backs, and I think the fwd line has better, and JS relevant rookies, so I only have 2 fwd premuims, rather than 3 with Christensen at F4.

        Simply 1 premium short to be happy with all lines, even with Sandi as R2.

    • It is risky to do that in the Forwards, but id they score well the cash will come a flowing, Setterfield will play R1 in my opinion, De Goey having a good night at the strip club will allow Stephenson to get a gig in R1. And Ftrisch is rated highly by the Demon’s, Hannah 2.0 maybe! Back yourself in Buckz I don’t mind it

  • Beamer and M Hibberd (Mel)


    Treloar and Crisp

  • DEF Simpson,Laird,Crisp,Brayshaw,O’Shea,Doedee(Mirra,Murray)

    MIDS Danger,Mitchell,Merrett,Dusty,Rocky,AhChee,Brayshaw,Kelly(Barry,Wigg)

    RUCKS Gawn,NicNat(King,Cameron)

    FWDS Mclean,Smith,Petracca,Rayner,Fritsh,Venables(Rioli,Ahern)

    CASH $31k Thoughts…Cheers…..Realise NicNat might have to come out

  • Hanley, Robinson, O’meara


    Simpson, Barlow, 170k

    • 1. Mostly due to not liking 170k fwd apart from Ahern/Venables, and Barlow’s bye puts me off. Simmo also generally didn’t score well unless Doc did too.

    • 2.. Hanley has never been a super scorer, he has a knack of suckering people in every pre season. Robinson & JOM are coming back from long injury lay offs, a bit risky for me. Plus everyone keeps over valuing Jaeger.. he will be up & down like a yoyo imo. He has missed a lot of footy in the last few years. 2 guns & a rook any day!

  • What do people think of Mullett? Is he a viable option if he gets Doch’s role?

  • Thoughts lads?
    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Crisp, Brayshaw, O’Shea, Doedee (Mirra, Cumming)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Kelly, Treloar, Rockliff, JOM, LDU, Wigg (Worpel, Freeman)
    Ruck: Gawn, Nic Nat (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Heeney, McLean, Sicily, Rayner, Fritsch, Ahern (Rioli, Venables)

    Cash: $10k

  • Thoughts lads?

    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Crisp, Brayshaw, O’Shea, Doedee (Mirra, Cumming)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Kelly, Treloar, Rockliff, JOM, LDU, Wigg (Worpel, Freeman)
    Ruck: Gawn, Nic Nat (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Heeney, McLean, Sicily, Rayner, Fritsch, Ahern (Rioli, Venables)

    Cash: $10k

  • Christensen at F3 too weak? With lack of real top dog premos and all the good forward rookies it’s something I’m considering

  • hey geezers xo
    give this one a roll thanks

    DEF: Laird, Crisp, Witho, McDonald, Coffield, Doedee
    MID: Danger, Zerrett, Kelly, Rocky, JOM, Brayshaw, LDU, Kelly
    RUCK: Goldy, Gawn
    FWD: Menegola, Robbo, Sicily, Christensen, Setterfield, Venables
    96k left i believe

  • Def: R.Laird (100.21), K.Simpson (97.52), J.Lloyd (88.16), A.Brayshaw (65.49), C.O’Shea (32.74), T.Doedee (24.10) (S.Murray (24.10), D.Mirra (24.10))

    Mid: T.Mitchell (127.00), Z.Merrett (116.94), T.Adams (114.53), M.Crouch (106.59), S.Coniglio (93.98), P.Dow (37.70), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42), T.Kelly (31.75) (J.Worpel (25.80), D.Barry (24.10))

    Ruc: M.Gawn (85.75), N.Naitanui (59.11) (T.English (26.51), D.Cameron (24.10))

    Fwd: J.Billings (94.40), I.Heeney (91.99), J.Sicily (74.13), W.Setterfield (37.56), J.Stephenson (36.85), B.Fritsch (29.77) (P.Ahern (24.10), W.Rioli (24.10))

    Any thoughts on structure and players? Waiting on JLT for Nic Nat decision!

  • JOM M6 and OShea D4
    Dow M6 and Angus Brayshaw D4?

  • DEF: McDonald, Sicily, Hanley, McGrath, Clarke, Brayshaw, (Doedee, Cumming)
    MID: Rocky, Cogs, Steven, Blakely, Redden, Prestia, JOM, Hamish Brayshaw, (Freeman, Ahern)
    RUCK: Gawn, Sandi, (Cameron, Frampton)
    FWD: Devon Smith, Walters, Robinson, Christensen, Setterfield, Stephenson, (Keeffe, Rioli)

    I know this team is the definition of mid priced mayhem, but it could work.

    What do people think of it? Did I pick the right mid pricers?

    • I see you listened to the Podcast Aye, you need Laird, Mitchell and a Billings/ Heeney/ McLean up forward, to much mid prices, but if it pays off we will be chasing you

      • I agree tiger tits, sorry I meant tiger jugs but other way around. I actually like the POD mids especially Steven my eye is on him as well. But imagine how the team would look with menegola in F1 in capitals. I tell you what if ever they had QDP (Quadriple Position players) menegola would be the first. That dude can play believe me . He would smoke every position like ned kelly does cock in every position. Menegola +115 get him in

        • All good Hawk, talking about tits how is your Mum corner work going? I think yo tried to cover it up by calling her a Zebra crossing lady?

          • Yeah going well mate, doing a bit of overtime now but I’m sure she is doing handover now to your mother on nightshift. I thought she would of informed you that she is discounted now ever since she got the clap.

          • Oops sorry I almost forgot.

            Vote 1 menegola 115+

    • Theres a chance that every player in your side wont be top 6 in their line. No cash generation from all the <270k rookies that your missing. Thats why its midpriced madness.

      You might have a fast start but its a marathon not a sprint…

  • Dow or Rayner?

  • Here is my side so far!

    Backline: R.Laird – K.Simpson – L.McDonald – A.McGrath – L.O’Brien – T.Doedee
    Bench: I.Cumming – D.Mira

    Midfield: T.Mitchell – J.Kelly – A.Treloar – L.Neale – J.O’Meara – A.Brayshaw – P.Dow – LDU
    Bench: T.Kelly – H.Brayshaw

    Ruckman: P.Ryder – M.Gawn
    Bench: W.Frampton – D.cameron

    Forwards: I.Heeney – D.Smith – J.Sicily – A.Christensen – W.Setterfield – J.Stephenson
    Bench: W.Rioli – D.Venables

    22K Leftover, Thoughts team?

    • I have admired how far you have come this season jugs, looks like a professional output and bound to get plenty of continuity. Backs solid love the McDonald pick I think you done well with possibly 3 – 4 keepers there if McGrath goes well and hits the mids.
      Midfield solid and all promos are keepers , is that Angus brayshaw as I have him at M6 too and the rooks bound to plenty of game time. Neale I believe will come out hard and achieve same if not better than 2016. Rucks are good Ryder should improve again from last year and plenty of upside with a bolstered midfield. Can’t fault forwards too, 3 keepers and a couple of stepping stones. Bundy had a good AFLx let’s hope he can build on it. Love your stuff jugs. Just always remember . Vote 1 menegola 115+

  • What’s better

    JOM M6, Hibberd(NM) D4

    Brayshaw D4, Dow M6?

    • Probably Brayshaw and Dow, because Hibberd at D4 sounds too weak.

    • Sounds like the same problem I’ve got. If I’m to ditch the 3 defence rookie set up, it’s going to be at the expense of JOM. The way I look at it is JOM if for will go 90-95, Brayshaw hopefully 85-90, Brayshaw has more chance to be a keeper in defence than JOM does in the mids. Dow is a better rookie than your Hibberd/O’Shea type rookies too I believe

      • I took out JOM Trent and put Dow in at M5 and McGrath at D4.
        Don’t like my ruck set up with Nank R1. Hoping Nat plays JLT and will solve a lot of problems

  • Pick 2,
    Luke Davies, Andy Brayshaw, Tim Kelly…..

  • thoughts on my side
    def: laird crisp mcgrath hibberd doedee mirra (murray finlayson)
    mid: mitchell danger merrett kelly rocky blakely dow ldu (kelly freeman)
    ruck: ryder gawn (cameron flynn)
    fwd: billings heeney rayner setterfield stephenson venables (rioli ahern)

    • It would be so nice to have a midfield start like that mate. Unfortunately if that was my team I wouldn’t be happy with the defence or forward like with potentially 2 keepers in both lines. I wouldn’t have a choice but to downgrade a mid to a JOM type and split the cash to upgrade a forward to at least a Robbo for now. But that’s my opinion and hope it helps. Keeping in mind the rooks will be determined by how they go through JTL

  • Is there anyway the people who own this site to get people stop talking nonsense or crap that is irrelevant to what the forum is about please.
    I to have a son who is Minor and giving the fantasy a crack. I don’t want him reading this please guys please. !!!!

  • Rayner or Setterfield

  • I think I’ve done it fellas!

    Laird, Lloyd, Siciliy, McGrath, Mirra, Doedee (Cumming, Finlayson)
    Mitchell, Danger, Ablett, Merrett, Rocky, JOM, Brayshaw, Kelly (Worpel, Brayshaw)
    Jacobs, Gawn (English, Cameron)
    Robinson, Walters, Christensen, Stephenson, Setterfield, Ahern (Venables, Keefe)

    Bonus points for having Keefe and Sicily flexibility to help cover the weak forward line if needed.

    I don’t really buy Hardwick’s pessimism over Higgins’ chances for round 1, so i’m expecting to have to downgrade Danger to Beams in order to afford Higgins if he is named round 1 :)

    • Backline – good
      Midfield – I would downgrade Danger and Ablett to a cheaper premium like M. Crouch or Beams to help upgrade FWD line. Downgrade O’Meara to a Dow or LDU if u need more money.
      Rucks – good
      Forwards – Needs some work… make some cash I mid and upgrade Walters and Ahern to a premium (Heeney) and mid priced player (Lobb or Young).

  • DEF: Simpson, Crisp, Sicily, McGrath, Coffield, Mirra (Doedee, Cumming)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Beams, Rockliff, Blakely, Dow, LDU, Kelly (Ahern, Freeman)
    RUCK: Jacobs, Gawn (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Billings, Smith, Lobb, Christenson, Setterfield, Stephenson (Venables, Rioli)

    • Solid team, like beams and blakely this year could be big upside! Sicily said in a post AFLX game interview he’ll be playing mostly as a defender so i love the pick.

  • Hey boys, would love some feedback on my current team, both good or bad. Would be greatly appreciated!

    DEF: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, Coffield, Cumming, Doedee (Murray, Morgan)

    MID: Titch, Danger, Beams, Rocky, Coniglio, Prestia, JOM, LDU (Freeman, Worpel)

    RUC: Gawn, Nic Nat (English, Cameron)

    FWD: Barlow, Heeney, Smith, Christensen, Rioli, Ahern (Veneables, Keeffee)

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  • Fantasy Classic:
    DT Talk 2018 V: M4WDXS3X
    DT Talk 2018 II: ZT3A72KS (1 Spot Left)

    Real Dream Team:
    DT Talk 2018 II: 205242

    DT Talk 2018: 343920
    DT Talk 2018 II: 593592

  • Fyfe and oliver or beams and coniglio?

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