My Team 2018: Version 2.3

Everyone is loving that Fantasy is back! Fantasy teams are being tweaked daily (hourly for some!) and there is still more than a month until the first lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • @The Chosen Won and others, going for something a little different, thoughts?

    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Scharanberg, Coffield, M.Hibberd, Smith (Doedee, murray)

    MID: Titch, Adams, M.Crouch, Rockliff, Blakely, JOM, Brayshaw, LDU (Worpel, Freeman)

    Ruck: Jacobs, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)

    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Sicily, Rayner, Setterfield, ahern (Rioli, Venables)

    • With news that Roos won’t be rushing LDU and Ahern this is a shuffle for you and myself in our sides.

      • Where’s the source on that? If that’s the case I’ll go Brayshaw or Dow For LDU and move Keefe forward for Ahern. I find it hard to believe though

      • Damn… That’s now three players I can’t play. Higgins isn’t gonna get selected for a long time either.

        • A lot of this comes from the AFL Public Relations playbook. What coaches say in a presser needs to be taken with a grain a salt. Playing down the hype does as PK said take a lot of pressure off of these youngsters starting out. LDU is Norf’s 2nd or 3rd best midfielder at the moment isn’t he? How could they not start him? LOL

          • Scott is an incompetent idiot however, so it is possible he could actually be screwing everything up.

  • Simpson and j Higgins
    Sicily and stringer

  • Simpson and J. Higgins.

    But if you want to take a risk go for sicily and stringer

  • It’s happening, starting to see a lot of the same sides. And soon as you mention someone different you get shit down. Where’s the Brad Crouch talk? Killed it late but everyone is too hung up on the same few premos

    • I just think Matt will be better. They’re both fantasy relevant, but there’s also the games play & injury talk people want. Matt played 22, 20 & 15 last 3 seasons. While Brad played 17,14 & 11. Difference of 15 games.
      Although actually looking at Brad’s fantasy scores, averaging over 90 on debut is incredible.
      Could be a great POD, I just prefer Matt. Prove me wrong if you wish.

    • At the end of the day, imo Titch Zerrett and Kelly are must haves. For me, the person ho wins the comp come round 22 will have those 3 premos in their team, so it is worth picking them rd 1 and enjoying the ride. Brad Crouch should push 110 and is a great pick, perhaps even 115 if he get the right TOG% but those 3 are proven to get 115+ and should do it again, it is just safer. I dont hink you should mess about with the Mids too much, pick the value players in the FWD and DEF lines.

      • There’s going to be 8 “must haves” in the midfield by seasons end. Same with 6 in fwd/def.
        I think you need to look at both value & the players who will score the most.

        BUT, there needs to be BALANCE. I think there will be 100% of the top couple hundred teams will have all 3 come round 22.
        Just because you start with those 3, doesn’t mean you’ll win. Doesn’t mean you’ll even come close.
        If you want to win, you need balance across all 3 lines, you need value picks, and overall highest averaging/total points picks.

        Brad should push 110-115, I agree.

        • If he goes 110-115 he’d be top 8, priced at 102, wouldn’t he be a lock?

        • It will hurt seeing those 3 dominate with 120+ scores constantly without them in your team. My strategy is pay to pay up for the big guns and build your team around them.

          • Why can’t Treloar, Crouch, Rocky & Beams not dominate and go 120? All have he ability, all are cheaper. Let’s me strengthen other lines, put more premos in. I get Billings/Heeney instead of Smith & Walters.

            It’ll hurt you a lot more to try and chase a few extra points for uber premos, than making sure you pick top of the line players for other positions as well.

          • Those 3 WILL do it every week, whereas those names can MIGHT do it. These guys are proven to do it and are expected to hit those scores every week. Also, they give you a set and forget captain. It is low risk, high reward stuff. It is worth the extra 50(ish)k to go from a borderline top 8 mids like Treloar, Beamer and Crouch to set and forget top 5 mids like Zerrett and Kelly

    • Its a blessing Pete. Back yourself in. if it works you have an edge over the sheep. It only kills if you choose to follow the herd.

    • +1 … being different makes more enjoyable league games… and luck is a major component of this game

  • Def: Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Brayshaw, Coffield, Murray (Mirra, Doedee)

    Mid: Mitchell, Kelly, Rockliff, Fyfe, Congolio, O’meara, T.Kelly, Davies-Uniacke (Freeman, Wigg)

    Rucks: Gawn, Nic Nat (English, Cameron)

    Fwd: Heeney, Billings, Mclean, Ah Chee, Ahern, Venables (Keeffe, Rioli)

    50k left
    Any thoughts?

  • Def: R.Laird (100.21), K.Simpson (97.52), J.Crisp (88.16), N.Coffield (36.29), C.O’Shea (32.74), T.Doedee (24.10) (S.Murray (24.10), D.Mirra (24.10))

    Mid: T.Mitchell (127.00), Z.Merrett (116.94), T.Adams (114.53), M.Crouch (106.59), S.Coniglio (93.98), P.Dow (37.70), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42), T.Kelly (31.75) (J.Worpel (25.80), M.Poholke (24.10))

    Ruc: S.Jacobs (99.22), M.Gawn (85.75) (T.English (26.51), D.Cameron (24.10))

    Fwd: J.Billings (94.40), I.Heeney (91.99), J.Sicily (74.13), W.Setterfield (37.56), J.Stephenson (36.85), P.Ahern (24.10) (D.Venables (24.10), W.Rioli (24.10))

    Any suggestions or opinions would be great fellas!

    • Surprisingly similar to mine. Backline is identical, midfield has Adams too whom I’m likely as a unique high ceiling POD. Good rookies across all positions. I love it mate, naturally, but you’ve got some very sound picks I wouldn’t change much now and ride that team into preseason watching Billings and Henney to see how they pull up going into round one

    • had same backline few weeks ago but got scared with 3 rookies on field as JS for defenders is shit. I have changed completely only have 3 of those players now

    • 5 rooks in the backline, of which most likely none play r1. Good luck with that.

  • Hanley (D3), Billings and Heeney


    Hibberd (D2), Mclean (F1) and D.Smith (F3)

    I know Billings has the hammy strain but I think I’d stick with him round 1… Currently leaning toward option 1

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Crisp, Mills, Brayshaw, Doedee (Murray, Smith)
    MID: Kelly, M Crouch, Beams, Rockliff, Cripps, O’Meara, Kelly, Wigg (Freeman, Ahern)
    RUC: Gawn, Naitanui (Cameron, Pierce)
    FWD: Heeney, Petracca, Lobb, Young, Christensen, Higgins (Venables, Rioli)


  • What do you guys reckon are the top 8 midfielders:
    My top 8:
    1. Mitchell
    2. Merrett
    3. Kelly
    4. Dangerfield
    5. Adams
    6. Martin
    7. M.Crouch
    8. Zorko

  • Laird, Lloyd, Mcdonald Brayshaw, Cumming, Doedee (Murray, Smith)

    Titch, Kelly, Beams, Parker, Coniglio, Armitage, LDU, Lyons (Freeman, Barry)

    Jacobs, Gawn (Pierce, Cameron)

    Heeney, Billings, Walters, Christensen, Keefe, Rioli ( Ahearn, Venables)

    Thoughts everyone?

  • Man my team looks so much nicer with Nic Nat as R2…..

    Guess we can only hope that he is in fact in decent enough shape come R1, or i’m gonna to have sacrifice a premo in Laird/Heeney/Billings to go to a Sandi at minimum.

  • Def: Laird, Hibberd, Crisp, Brayshaw, O’Shea, Joel Smith (Doedee, Murray)

    Mid: Titch, Danger, Josh Kelly, B Crouch, Rockliff, O’Meara, LDU, Tim Kelly (Freeman, Wigg)

    Ruc: Jacobs, Gawn (Cameron, McInerney)

    Fwd: Heeney, Lobb, Christensen, Rayner, Setterfield/Stephenson, Rioli (Venables, Lachie Keeffe)

    Would love any thoughts you may have

  • Zerrett and Coniglio
    Kelly and Cripps?

  • So I finally get on Twitter after all these years only to see that LDU and Ahern won’t be rushed in? Social media is so so cruel!

    • I hope that’s not really their intentions. I think they need to get games in their youngsters, I guess they do need to make sure safety and health comes first, but the side is already depleted as is. LDU would be in the top pecking order for the midfield, maybe 4th best on the team.

      I believe they will play, or some scrutiny will be put on the coaching staff after having released so much experience for youngsters, for them to not even play.

  • Def: Laird, Hibberd, Crisp, Brayshaw, O’Shea, Joel Smith (Doedee, Murray)

    Mid: Titch, Danger, Josh Kelly, B Crouch, Rockliff, O’Meara, LDU, Tim Kelly (Freeman, Wigg)

    Ruc: Jacobs, Gawn (Cameron, McInerney)

    Fwd: Heeney, Lobb, Christensen, Rayner, Setterfield/Stephenson, Rioli (Venables, Lachie Keeffe)


    • I’m a Carlton man but am not sure about O’Shea, he’s a must watch through the JLT series and come round 1 sides named, perhaps Nth’s Hibberd?

  • Lobb and Zerrett
    D.Smith and Coniglio?

  • Thoughts on Sloane?

    • Personally keeping away from Adelaide mids first up to see what the Gibbs effect may have on the other mids including Sloane and the Crouch brothers. But has been very good in the past and probably will be in the future.

    • It’s hard to say, if he doesn’t get tagged he can put together some big scores, but when he does get tagged he can be limited to 40’s and 50’s like he did last season. Considering he can’t beat a tag opposition teams may opt to tag him instead of the likes of Gibbs, crouch etc as he is easier to slow down. Not worth the headache in my opinion

  • Billings, Heeney and Christensen


    Devon Smith, McLean and Gus Brayshaw

  • Def: Laird, Crisp, Mcgrath, Brayshaw, Murray, Doedee( Mirra, Cumming)
    Mid: Mitchell, Dangerfield, Merrett,Rockliff,O’Meara,Dow,Davies-Uniacke,Kelly(barry,worpel)
    Ruck: Jacobs, Gawn(English,Cameron)
    Fwd: Heeney, Dahlhaus, DSmith, Christensen, Setterfield, Ahern( Gallucci, Rioli)

    Hey guys how does that team look? am looking at lobb in fwd line is he a lock with his likely rd 6 DPP.

  • Laird Lloyd Sicily Brayshaw(Melb) Hibberd(NM) Doedee
    Mitchell(C) Merrett Kelly(GWS) M.Crouch Rockliff JOM Brayshaw(Frem) Kelly(Geel)
    Gawn Natanui
    Billings Heeney Lobb Christensen Higgins? Keefe/Ahern
    Thoughts – how could i make this team better (11k in the bank)

  • I think he’ll go 105 and be awesome value, but for some reason I just don’t like the look of Coniglio in my team

  • 615013
    For serious RDTers

  • DEF – Hurley, Lloyd, Crisp, Hanley, McGrath, Brayshaw (Mirra,deodee

    MID – M.Crouch, Parker, Cripps, Fyfe, Redden, O’meara, LDU, Wigg (Freeman,Smith

    RUC – Gawn, nic nat (Flynne,Cameron)

    FWD – Heeney, Greene, Lobb, Christiansen, Rayner, Venables (rioli, ahern)

    3k left , pls give feedback

    • Mids are very weak. Most coaches have Titch and Merrett. Set and forget captain most week. Very heavy down back downgrade Hanley and McGrath then upgrade one of Redden Fyfe or Crippa to Titch, Zerrett and Rocky.
      Take out Nic Nat.

      My must haves in each line are Laird and Crisp. Titch and Zerrett. Gawn and Sauce. Heeney and Sicily.
      Forward line there is slot of value.

      Hope that helps.

      That is all

    • Good team except for Nic Nat. You’ve avoided rookies in the back line that are going to catch a lot of coaches out.

  • Thoughts on sam gray?

  • My 2018 RDT

    Def: Laird, Yeo, Simpson, M.Hibberd, O’Shea, J.Smith (Doedee, Murray)
    Mid: T.Mitchell, M.Crouch, D.Beams, Rockliff, P.Cripps, O’Meara, A.Brayshaw, Tim Kelly (Freeman, Ahern, Wigg)
    Ruc: Gawn, Naitanui (Cameron)
    Fwd: Billings, Heeney, D.Smith, Robinson, Christensen, J.Higgins (W.Rioli, Venables)

    56.7k left in the bank? Thoughts everyone?
    Fev? Chosen One? Ofcourse rookies are subject to change but I’m liking my medium and premium selections!

    • Not a bad team champ you are on the right track.

      I hear no Wigg/Ahern or Higgins early so keep an eye out for those.

      Welcome Back.

      Good Luck™

    • I’d have Doedee on ground for Smith, I think an injury issue.

      Don’t see anything wrong with the mids.

      Nait is a watch through JLT, could work out well.

      Not sure about Billings not playing any JLT games and selecting him, Higgins I don’t feel is best 22 in a premiership side.

    • Thanks for the insight lads 🙏

  • Been chopping and changing a lot, thoughts greatly appreciated

    Def: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, Brayshaw, Hibberd, Cummings (Doedee, Murrary)

    Mid: Titch, Merrett, Kelly, M Crouch, O’Meara, Brayshaw, LDU, Kelly (Freeman, Ahern)

    Ruc: Jacobs, Gawn (English, Cameron)

    Fwd: Billings, Heeney, Smith, Christensen, Rayner, Ryan (Rioli, Venables)

  • team version 13894. thoughts?


    titch/rocky/m crouch/kelly



    understand LDU might not be certain starter but I reckon his spot in my team will be taken by a similarly priced rookie.

  • Def: R.Laird, E.Yeo, J.Crisp, N.coffield, M.Hibberd, C. O’Shea (T.Doedee, D.Mirra)

    Mid: Titch, Zerret, Rocky, D.Beams, P.Cripps, J.O’meara, LDU, P.Dow (J.Smith, H.wigg)

    Ruc: M.Gawn, N.Naitanui (T.English, D.Cameron)

    Fwd: M.Barlow, I.Heeney, D.Smith, C.Rayner, J.Stephenson, P.Ahern (D.Venables, W.Rioli)

    25k in the bank

    First year actually putting more than 5 minutes into my preseason anyone got advice

    (Rookies are subject to change)

  • What’s everyone’s thoughts on Bont this year?
    Can he improve to uber premium??

  • Def: R. Laird, E. Yeo, J. Lloyd, N. Coffield, M. Hibberd, T. Doedee (I. Cumming, S. Murray)

    Mid: T. Mitchell, Z. Merrett, J. Kelly, T. Rockliff, M. Bontempelli, A. Brayshaw, LDU, T. Kelly (D. Barry, N. Holman)

    Ruc: M. Gawn, N. Naitanui (D. Cameron, W. Frampton)

    Fwd: M. Barlow, J. Billings, I Heeney, J. Gallucci, C. Rayner, W. Setterfield (W. Rioli, P. Ahern)

    Thoughts on my team would be really appreciated!!
    Thanks Lads!!

  • Def – Laird, Scharenberg, McGrath, Hibberd (NM), J.Smith, Doedee (Keefe, Murphy)

    Mids – Titch, Zerrett, Adams, Kelly, Rocky, Fyfe, Armitage, LDU (Brayshaw, Freeman, Powell)

    Rucks – Kreuzer, Gawn (Cameron)

    Fwds – Heeney, McLean, Robinson, Gallucci, Setterfield, Rioli (Ahern, McCartin)

    $42,800 left

    Rookie players and placement not set yet, all feedback appreciated, cheers

  • Beams & Laird or Kelly & Lloyd?

  • Hey lads, thoughts on the side I have come up with ? Have tried to include a couple PODs and I feel its the most balanced one I’ve made.

    1k remaining
    DEF: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, Brayshaw, Coffield, Doedee (Mirra, Murray)
    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Kelly, Rockliff, Blakely, JOM, Brayshaw, Kelly (Freeman, Barry)
    RUC: Jacobs, Gawn (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Heeney, Robinson, Stringer, Christensen, Setterfield, Venables (Keefe, Rioli)

  • No Higgins, No Ahern, Possibly No Venables/Rioli/Ryan to start round 1. Which forward rookies are we starting with? Does this mean we’re rocking a really expensive forward line eg. Setterfield F6!

    • Where are you getting that info… I’m an eagles supporter and confident at least 2 if not all 3 will start. Only reason Ryan isn’t named for AFLX is because he has a baby due this weekend. Ahern is still a possibility, he played the intraclub and will feature in the JLT still a good chance, don’t believe everything you hear. Higgins was always going to be a long shot for round 1 given the abundance of small fwds at Richmond already and the only reason people jumped on him was because of his junior numbers. There are heaps of options in the forward line. Settfedfield being one, yes. Also Keefe is a chance.

    • I would not have played a 170k basement on my field anyway. Hopefully Stephensen, Bennell, Partington, Galluci, Rayner and Setterfield are among some we can pick from come lockout of R1.

  • Chosen won (Greg)
    Can you reveal who is your D2 please?

    That is all.

  • Draft question –

    Which of these rucks would you pick (will be starting ruck)..


    • McEvoy unless Nic Nat is good come R1.
      Goldy could be a slider, but I don’t think he’ll be solo

    • in order and just IMO and based on conjecture

      – Zac Smith (great finish to last year)
      – McEvoy – boring but solid
      – Goldy – cant get a read on this guy, if could get back to best is lock, had personal issues and some niggles apparently last year and supposedly hes back
      – Nat made of glass and wont score well as second ruck and will be managed if plays at all expect 70 max

    • after Gawn, im not investing big dollars in rucks… god knows whats going to happen. toughest year for ruck choices yet

      • agreed, that’s why im going Nank cheap and as long as Hampson don’t play which I don’t think he will he should be good for 90

  • GO MAD

    TEAM NAME: Euamn Tigers ALT. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,491,000 (99.1%), Remaining: $109,000 (0.9%) On Ground: $11,131,000 (88.3%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.8%)
    Expected Total: 2093, Site Expected Total: 2089
    Def: R.Laird (102), J.Sicily (90), P.Hanley (88), A.Brayshaw (87), C.O’Shea (65), T.Doedee (57) (S.Murray (55), I.Cumming (57))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), T.Adams (116), J.Kelly (116), D.Beams (113), T.Rockliff (115), J.O’Meara (89), L.Davies-Uniacke (69), T.Kelly (66) (H.Wigg (64), D.Barry (57))
    Ruc: T.Nankervis (98), M.Gawn (100) (D.Cameron (51), M.Flynn (47))
    Fwd: I.Heeney (99), T.McLean (94), J.Stringer (81), A.Christensen (78), C.Rayner (68), L.Keeffe (52) (P.Ahern (58), D.Venables (55))

    • Love the Nank pick, really considering him. Saves 90k over Sauce. What do you see Nank averaging? Probably has the most upside of all the rucks

      • no reason Nank cant go 90-95 (last 3 round was 109 was highest of all rucks) he seemed to get better as year went on, he is only 23 and rucks mature later. while not best tap ruck is good around ground and that was his first full eyra of AFL before that he had 5 & 6 games in first 2 years, not from injury but opportunity.

        I recon 90 is safe as a minimum but could push higher, could be break out

        if can average 90 until byes and hold his value albeit small price rise then you can use your built up cash to select the in form ruck whoever that maybe.

        if he can average 95 plus well you may keep him, not sure

    • isnt Wigg injured ? … easy swap for Freeman

      • yeah Wigg is in and out, read a SC article said wont play JLT or AFLX but maybe ok for round 1, meh as you say will just swap him easy

  • Hi I still need several players to join me in RDT 726282 Cheers.

    • cheers mate am in

      • Thanks Mate some in from this website already but need A Few more but only if they like a little bit of shit stirring nothing worse going through the year with no banter that’s why The Chosen Won ( Greg ) was invited to spice things up so come on only nine spots left guys and gals number again 726282 RDT.

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