My Team 2018: Version 2.2

Everyone is loving that Fantasy is back! Fantasy teams are being tweaked daily (hourly for some!) and there is still 40 odd days until the first lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • Blakely and Laird


    Dangerfield/Adams/Merrett and Shaw

    Current defenders and mids are
    Def: K.Simpson, J.Crisp, X, J.Sicily, C.O’Shea, T.Doedee
    Mid: T.Mitchell, G.Ablett, X, T.Rockliff, D.Armitage, J.O’Meara, L.Davies-Uniacke, T.Kelly


    EAM NAME: Eumans Premiership Tigers 2018. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,524,000 (99.4%), Remaining: $76,000 (0.6%) On Ground: $11,110,000 (88.2%), On Bench: $1,414,000 (11.2%)
    Expected Total: 2086, Site Expected Total: 2080
    Def: R.Laird (102), J.Sicily (90), P.Hanley (88), A.Brayshaw (87), N.Coffield (64), L.O’Brien (63) (T.Doedee (57), I.Cumming (57))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), T.Adams (116), J.Kelly (116), D.Beams (113), T.Rockliff (115), A.Brayshaw (70), P.Dow (67), L.Davies-Uniacke (69) (T.Kelly (66), N.Freeman (60))
    Ruc: T.Nankervis (98), M.Gawn (100) (S.Draper (45), D.Cameron (51))
    Fwd: I.Heeney (99), T.McLean (94), J.Stringer (81), A.Christensen (78), C.Rayner (68), P.Ahern (58) (D.Venables (55), L.Keeffe (52))

  • i think the rooks youve got more than make up for JOM if he is not for you…i see where you are coming from not having him.

    nank is a good selection if hampson doesnt play. there was suggestion that hampson is fully fit but again if you know what you are doing then go for it.

    the only other issue is that rayner wasn’t known for big scores as a junior. impact player.

    otherwise i really like your team.

    • CHEERS, jsut read comments form last years winner he said LUD and Brayshaw are locks for him and he is going with Omera, i may have to rethink, but would mean i need to play say a Doedee or similar at D6

    • will run 2 teams one with JOM one without easy

      • So you are the guy who always say my “other@ team, lol.
        Think it has been said before, use your knowledge and gut and go with what you think is best. That way no excuses, no one else to blame.

        2 Teams? give it away if you cant make a decision, save leagues having ghost ships after 4 rounds.

  • Finally settled on a team that I am happy with, would love some input from the community !! I am happy to keep Naitanui until he is completely crossed out for round 1 also.

    6k remaining
    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Sicily, Brayshaw, Coffield, Doedee (Mirra, Murray)
    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Kelly, Beams, Rockliff, JOM, Brayshaw, LDU (Worpel, Freeman)
    RUC: Gawn, Naitanui (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Heeney, Robbo, Petracca, Christensen, Higgins, Ahern (Venables, Rioli)

  • Fooz

    Has anyone generated a niggle list from the Intraclub games, AFLX lists? It’ll also open up a few selection issues

    So far, there’s a few potential highly selected players that have come off for a rest:
    e.g. Billings (hammy), Fyfe (“Managed”), Hurley (Wrist), Frawley (Hammy – who get’s his role, albeit a lock-down job), etc.

    Stay strong…

  • Jelwood yay or nay? $670k very tempting for a player of his calibre.

  • thoughts/feedback on my team

    j.llyod – tuohy – rich – mcgrath – o’shea – doedee

    z.merret – danger – treloar – shuey – hanley – o meara – rayner – wigg

    gawn – nic nat

    heeney – mclean – sicily- petracca – stringer – christensen

    • are you taking the piss its absolute wank

    • Hi mate

      DEF – i cant see Rich improving so is probably not the best pick for that price your could have Hanley or even jump on Brayshaw at 464k. Unless you see him moving to mids but doubt it. rest look ok.
      MID – first 3 ok, i think Shuey is injured better check if he is hten you have $696k to spend (plus your cash which you did not say) plenty value around that price Cripps, parker, kennedy and so on. Oh theres Hanley maybe swap Rich for Hanley and see what you can buy in mids.

      RUCK – im off Nat but hope he goes ok for you, cant see it, upgrading would change you whole structure but. My thoughts on Nat are IF he plays will be 2nd ruck and will be managed i recon you are looking at 65-75 at best and for this experiment you want 80 plus personally, i know he is priced at 57 though so wont lose money but will be slow burn. Problem is if he gets injured who can you swap him to? especially as chances of a rookie ruck playing are slim, is ok if you have spare $200k. Is jsut IMO

      FWDS – very strong $333k at F6 is luxury this maybe where you downgrade one and upgrade Nat if you need too

      good luck (TM) dude

      FWDs –

    • I’m so terribly sorry for hurting your feelings chich, don’t rate rich and not sure on tuohy but other than that your backline is ok. having hanley at m5 is shit but shuey is an interesting pick. ruck is alright if nicnat gets up but agree with euman. forward line is way too strong but i like the mclean and sicily picks. love from gawny and the boys xx

  • Redden, LDU/Kelly, Nic Nat
    Any 2 of Brayshaw/LDU/Kelly and Jacobs

  • LDU or Braysahw or Kelly

  • Galluci or Rayenr

  • Who would you guys say is the top 5 mid rookies under 270k (don’t really know too much about them), considering scoring potential, job security and everything. Some names to consider – Rayner, LDU, Dow, Kelly, Brayshaw, Higgins, Coffield, Setterfield, Stephensen
    My order (from what i sort of know – which is not much)-
    1. Rayner
    2. LDU
    3. Brayshaw
    4. Higgins
    5. Kelly

  • Billings and Nankervis
    Devon and Jacobs?

    • tough, i just dropped Billings after scare of hammy, but if 100% is gun, so up until i dropped him for McLean i had Billings and Nank so thats my answer

  • Bit of a change up, would love some feedback on it.

    Def: Laird, crisp, McGrath, Brayshaw, Mirra, keefe (doedee, Murray)
    Mid: titch, zerrett, m crouch, rocky, cogs, Blakely, jom, kelly (freeman, Ahern)
    Ruc: Gawn, Nic Nat (Cameron, mcinerney)
    Fwd: Billings, Robinson, Sicily, setterfield, Higgins, Venables (Rioli, waterman)

    $18k left


  • What does Christensen, Higgins, Rayner, Young, Petracca, Stringer, Lobb or other juicy mid-pricers avg in 2018?
    My thinking –
    Christensen – 75
    Higgins – 66
    Rayner – 68
    Young – 71
    Petracca – 84
    Stringer – 77
    Lobb – 83

    • Christensen: 75-80
      Higgins: 65-70
      Rayner: 60-70
      Young: 65-80
      Petracca: 80-85
      Stringer: 75-80
      Lobb: 80-90

    • Christensen – 75 sounds fair
      Higgins – 66 (0 for first 6 rounds as HE WONT PLAY)
      Rayner – 68 – yeah sounds good
      Young – 71 – maybe
      Petracca – 84 – maybe
      Stringer – 77 – 85 plus will take Watsons role lookingat pushing 90
      Lobb – 83 – looks about right

      all is IMO and based on specualtion

  • Why is Tom Lynch from Adelaide so unique? Averaged 94 including finals and without his injury effected 30. So he is under priced and could easily be a top 6 forward yet he’s in only 1.64% of teams?

  • Hi Guys first year of fantasy and would really love some help!

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Witherden, O’Shea, Cumming, Doedee (Mirra, Murray)

    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Kelly, Crouch, Blakley, O’Meara, Davies-Uniacke, Kelly (Freeman, Barry)

    RUC: Jacobs, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)

    FWD: Heeney, Greene, Petrecca, Rayner, Setterfield, Higgins (Rioli, Ahern)

    Cheers Guys!!!!!

    • Hi David welcome – following is just IMo

      DEF be wary of choosing 3 rookies on field as defender rookies have lowest JS of all positions as this is where games are won and lost or the mistakes look worse or cost more if you follow. 2 are even $170k. Look to upgrade one to a Brayshaw or similar meaning you only need 2/4 rookies to play each week instead of 3/5 you will probably have to scarifice Omera or one other mid though choice is yours.

      MIDs- very solid but is at expense of DEF line with 3 rookies

      RUC – nice

      FWD – again 3 rookies on field same deal as def, i cant see Higgins playing and not sold on setters either that said they are rookies you can change anytime, its about structure you want to make sure gusy will play each week its job Security (JS)

      have a look at few other teams

  • Jake Lloyd and Dow (M6)


    Angus Brayshaw (D3) and O’Meara (M6)

  • Would love some feedback guys, atl fantasy, only 13k in that bank. Cheers!





    • Apologies for the spelling mistakes, should have read over before submitting lol

      • Good team overall, not sold on having 8 rookies on the park at the same time thou you could find yourself sideways trading early to avoid donuts.

        Good Luck™

  • Really want JOM in my team if fit, but can only fit 4 mid premos if I do.

    So either; 4-1-3
    or; 4-2-2

    • I have 5 premo midfielder and JOM so it can be done :)

      Good Luck™

      • You running 3 premos in back & fwd line too?

        I just don’t have the cash to go to a 5th premo I like, I could fit Beams in but have literally $0 with my current team.

        • I have 3 defenders who I believe can become top 8 in defence same applies to my forwards.

          Good Luck™

          • I think your wording here is important. Top 8, doesn’t mean 1-4 necessarily, could be you aim for the cheap players who scrape into the top 8, and get those top guns later on after byes. Hmm.

            Have been thinking of going uber in mids, while going more value in fwd/def.

    • i did it too but didnt like it meant 2 $170k def on field 1 def 1 fwd but other than that worked ok

      5 premo with Rocky M5 (by price) JOM M6 brayshaw and LUD at M7 and M8

      $44k left

  • Hey guys I’d really appreciate some feedback on this team. It’s probably a bit too mid price heavy but there’s a lot of upside to the midpricers I’ve chosen IMO.

    29k in the kitty.

    Def: Simpson, Crisp, Shaw, Sicily, O’Shea, Keeffe (Murray, Doedee)

    Mid: Mitchell, Ablett, Adams, Rockliff, Armitage, O’Meara, Davies-Uniacke, T.Kelly (Worpel, Freeman)

    Ruc: Jacobs, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)

    Fwd: Barlow, Walters, Lobb, Christensen, Bennell, Ahern (W.Rioli, Venables)

    If Bennell doesn’t get up I can trade to Higgins or someone around that price. New roles for Sicily, Walters and Lobb. Bundy Armo and JOM returning from injury and Shaw with extra responsibility.

    Rd 1 Fantasy Coach projected 1978

    • If it works then you should feature in the top few hundred coach’s by seasons end if it doesn’t pay off good luck in 2019!

      Good Luck™

  • Thoughts / Feedback – Finally think ive got my team to how its going to line up Round 1 ! Would appreciate some comments / opinions on it though





    *Banking on Armitage to return to his very best this year after missing alot of footy last year through injury
    *Everyone seems to have forgot/written of Dan Hannebery after 1 below par year?? Feel as though his past 5 years give him another chance of bouncing back this season in a big big way

  • sicily and ranyer
    hibberd (mitch) and billings

  • Hey all.

    Really feel I’m starting to complete my team now.

    Laird, Crisp, Shaw, Brayshaw, O’Shea, Murray (Doedee, Keeffe)

    Titch, Zerrett, Kelly,Rocky, Parker,LDU,Coffield, Kelly (barry, Freeman)

    Sauce, Gawn (Frampton, Cameron)

    Heeney, McLean, Petracca, Christensen, Higgins, Ahern (Rioli, Venables)

  • Is Tim Kelly to expensive to be sitting on the pine? Or would you find reassurance in the security?

    • He’s my M9, Hopefully to do 2 things, Cover if needed and make some fast cash.

      Good Luck™

    • i have him on bench lets be honest if he plays and has good JS who cares if hes dear hes making you cash as oppossed to some 170k guy who plays every 3rd week

  • You’ve got to remember, AFL is a big step up from school footy, TAC cup and even 2nd’s for mature age.
    The only player’s who’s body’s are probably up to the size to handle big Tackles are Luke Davies, Tim Kellyand Will Setterfield(only because he’s played before)

    The rest of the guys are quite small by comparison, Andy Brayshaw is a tough Bloke but he isn’t the tallest of the lot, smaller player, smaller body mass. Jayden Stephenson is a big branch, nothing like the tree that LDU is. He’s lightning quick, but even Bucks stated that he wont play even half a season based on his body size.

    Cam Rayner is quick, agile, and has some decent muscle Definition. He is also playing at the lions, a team like the roo’s who have a team very much filled with young players, plenty of opportunity to solidify a spot permanently.

    Paddy Dow is like Andy Brayshaw, he’s straight out of school footy. He’ll perform well at training and intra-club matches but whether he can withstand a few heavy tackles from 24 year old buckets of steel is the answer to how many games he will play, I’m thinking somewhere between 12-15 across the season,

    Coffield is coming in as the Top defender from the draft besides Arron Naughton and Aidan Bonar, the latter of the two is injured and Naughton has to compete with Marcus Adams.
    He seems battle ready and there are spots from Saints Defenders dropping like Flies last year. I think he is a lock for the short term because he most certainly will play, Defenders like him are less likely to be injured early unlike an onball Inside Midfielder.

    Finally we have Jack Higgins, the slider on the draft and has by far some of the greatest potential. The high praise he receives is 110% deserved based on his games in school and local/ regional footy. He is a genuine gun but playing at Richmond will be a struggle to ascertain a spot for the whole season, especially for the Reigning Grand Finalist.

    Yes many people have stated that he is better than the guys who kept their spots throughout the season and the Finals Season, but you need to know the Damo Hardwick wont just drop Butler, Rioli, Graham, Menadue or a few other guys just because Higgins is an impressive young guy with his whole career ahead. At the moment i would rule him out To play round 1, a Rayner or Setterfield has more chance based on their Teams having vacant spots from trades and retirees.

    To sum this up, most rookies dont last through the season, some come up with injuries, some get soreness adjusting to the intense Physical Pressure and there are a few who make it through the tunnel and see the outside. Don’t start too many first year rookies on your ground because normally a few aren’t cut out for it in their first year and only a few will pull through.

    • The biggest thing we need to remember when it comes to rookies, it we don’t need them all season. We only need them to play 6-8 games and generally that’ll be enough to max them out in cash, and send them on their way.

      I like the overall concept though, we need “AFL ready” players, guys who are mature age, or are physically capable of taking the step up to AFL.

      I think Kelly & LDU are locks, either on field or on the pine. Coff should be okay for a R1 call up, and hopefully we get some other new on rookies or others who are cheap.

    • i noted no mention of Higgins in recent AFLX article on tigers team and not much being said about him on web site at tigers

  • Where can this improve?:
    DEF: Lloyd, Simpson, Laird, Coffield, M.Hibberd, Murray (Doedee, Smith)
    MID: Danger (C), Dusty (VC), Rockliff, Wines, Fyfe, JOM, Brayshaw, LDU (Wigg, Freeman)
    RUCK: Gawn, Nat (Hayes, Cameron)
    FWD: Dahlhaus, D.Smith, Lobb, Rayner, Christensen, Ahern (Venables, Keefe)

    $335K in the bank

  • FevsBingles

    Had a bit of a play with the side, let me know what you think, haha.

    Laird, Crisp, McDonald, Coffield, Murray, Doedee, Mirra, Smith.

    Mitchell, Merrett, Kelly, M Crouch, O’Meara, Brayshaw, Davies-Uniacke, Setterfield, Kelly, Worpel.

    Ryder, Gawn, English, Cameron.

    McLean, Smith, Sicily, Lobb, Christensen, Venables, Ahern, Rioli.


    • Overall I like the team. Plenty of PODs and good PODs at that. Only thing I don’t like is the lack of Rocky…

    • Too many basement rookies IMO. We don’t even know if Murray/Doedee will play come R1.

      Looking at doing something similar with my fwd line, not sold on Billings/Heeney as of this point in time, and Sicily up fwd is interesting.

      Don’t like Ryder’s bye, but I guess every player has a bye, and it’s easier to cover 2 compared to 5 or 6.

    • Nice team Fev, be wary of Mirra, not certain but think he is rookie listed. Maybe swap him for Keefe, he can then interchange with Sicily who I think is a very good pick. Don’t worry about Ryder having the round ten bye, you have plenty of time to make sure you can cover him. Good luck.

  • Had a fiddle with my team. Basically looking at my options if I decide to drop Billings with the news of his minor hamstring issues. Let me know what you think!

    TEAM NAME: Feb 13 still fiddlin. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,558,000 (99.7%), Remaining: $42,000 (0.3%) On Ground: $11,144,000 (88.4%), On Bench: $1,414,000 (11.2%)
    Expected Total: 2100, Site Expected Total: 2081
    Def: R.Laird (100), J.Sicily (90), P.Hanley (88), A.Brayshaw (92), M.Hibberd (65), S.Murray (60) (T.Doedee (60), J.Smith (60))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), Z.Merrett (120), M.Crouch (110), D.Beams (115), T.Rockliff (115), J.O’Meara (84), A.Brayshaw (68), L.Davies-Uniacke (68) (T.Kelly (70), N.Freeman (65))
    Ruc: M.Kreuzer (105), M.Gawn (98) (B.Frampton (55), D.Cameron (55))
    Fwd: I.Heeney (100), D.Smith (92), A.Young (80), C.Rayner (75), J.Higgins (65), P.Ahern (60) (W.Rioli (55), D.Venables (60))

    • solid team. backline is great and i like the sicily pick. i especially like the midfield. set n forget rucks. fwd line might be a tad weak but are all picks that could pick up cash

  • Cripps/Coniglio and O’Shea
    Simpson/Lloyd and Andrew Brayshaw?

    Now I think one will get more points, but 2 allows me to only have 2 rookies on field. Also feel the 2 premo defenders are top 6 in their position where as Cripps/Conigs probably aren’t

  • Not a fan of the defenders, especially the two basement rookies on field.

    Midfield is strong, however I think it’s too strong and takes away from your other lines. I’d ditch cogs for LDU and upgrade Nic Nat and use the rest on either your FWDs or DEF.

    It’s not a bad side but I think you should really start without Nic Nat. Not a fan of McGrath either.

  • Brayshaw (Melbourne) or McGrath (Essendon)


  • Brayshaw, McGrath and Sicily (fwd)

    Brayshaw, Sicily (def) and Lobb

  • DEF: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, Brayshaw, Coffield, Murray (Doedee, Mirra)
    MID: T.Mitchell, Merrett, Kelly, Rocky, Blakely, O’Meara, LDU, Kelly (Worpel, Poholke)
    RUC: Jacobs, Gawn (English, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Robinson, Ah Chee, Christensen, Setterfield, Venables (Ahern, Rioli)

    Thoughts? I’ve taken out billings and heeney so I can fit sicily and o’meara in. Idk how I feel, thoughts?

  • Is Devon Smith a keeper?

  • Def: R.Laird, E.Yeo, K.Simpson, N.Coffield, C.O’Shea, T.Doedee, (D.Mirra, S.Murray)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, Z.Merrett, T.Adams, M.Crouch, D.Beams, P.Dow, L.Davies-Uniacke, T.Kelly (J.Worpel, M.Poholke)

    Ruc: P.Ryder, M.Gawn (S.Hayes, D.Cameron)

    Fwd: J.Billings, I.Heeney, R.Lobb, J.Stephenson, J.Higgins, P.Ahern (D.Venables , W.Rioli)

    Tried sticking to guns and rookies as midpricers have burnt me the last couple years.Not fully sold on the fwd line at all, billings was the only player i did like but now is also a slight risk, also any other opinions would be great thanks!

  • JOM or Brayshaw? Can only afford one?

    If JOM it will be 5-1-2.
    If Brayshaw 3-0-3 but O’Shea not classed as rookie.

  • Thoughts appreciated

    Def: Laird, Crisp, Sicily, Brayshaw, Hibberd(Nth), Cummings (Doedee, Murrary)

    Mid: T Mitchell, Merrett, J Kelly, Crouch, JOM, Dow, LDU, T Kelly (Freeman, Ahern)

    Ruc: Jacobs, Gawn (English, Cameron)

    Fwd: Heeney, Mclean, Petracca, Lobb, Rayner, Higgins (Rioli, Venables)

    12k leftover. Fowards too strong??

  • Lobb or Brayshaw? Got 2 ruck keepers so its genuinely a value mid price pick… Swinging Sicily between either way.

  • Who averages more
    Michael Hibberd or Simpson

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